Archie Parnell Gets the Support of End Citizens United for Congress

End Citizens United, a PAC which is opposing the unaccounted money flow into the politics and election process, has decided to support Archie Parnell for the Congress race from South Carolina. Interestingly, Parnell completed almost 70 percent of the primary and confirmed that he is planning to fight against big money into politics with the implementation of financial reform. “He proved that he has grassroots level support and expected to garner more when moving to the general election,” said Tiffany Muller, President of End Citizens United. The support of the PAC is part of its agenda to send maximum pro-reform legislators into the Congress and the Senate to make legislation that controls the unaccounted and uncontrolled money flow a reality.



“I am excited about the support that is given by End Citizens United as it works dedicated to the campaign finance reform which derails the natural democratic processing in Washington. For a long time, many politicians are part of vested interests and try to represent the business groups rather than the electorate they receive, and I assure an independent and different voice of South Carolina in the Congress,” said Parnell in a statement. The large donor group and volunteers of the PAC are expected to work in favor of Parnell and would support with the resources for the Congress race. The latest reports confirm that the PAC has more than three million members with at least 29,000 from South Carolina alone.



End Citizens United is formed in 2015 to fight against the negative trends created in the politics and election process after the Citizens United verdict by the Supreme Court in 2010. Citizens United verdict recognized the corporations and unions as citizens and allowed spending without limits and accountability. Though the PAC is just two years old, it has grown as a mass volunteer organization to voice against the unfavorable trends in politics. During the first three months of this year, the PAC has collected more than $4 million in a mission to support the favorable candidates during 2018 midterm elections. The group is planning to make the total amount to $35 million before the elections, which is a significant rise from its previous record of collecting $25 million for 2016 Presidential Election.



Close to 100,000 people made contributions during the initial quarter and out of this around 40,000 of them are first-time givers, confirmed Muller. The average contribution stands at $12 and this shows that more people are showing interest to support the cause. It should be noted that End Citizens United were the third largest federal PAC for the year 2016. Interestingly, the PAC has made a limit for the contributions to $5000 per individual considering its fight against unlimited finance in elections.


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