Axel Springer Shows Progression In 2014

The German media group Axel Springer released the results of progress in 2014 on Wednesday, reflecting the strong growing digital activities in the past year. The group also expects to continue to grow this year. The turnover of the Bild tabloid editor and owner of the French site rose 8% to 3.04 billion Euros last year, and digital activities account for 53%. The group has 72% shares in EBITDA (EBITDA) stood up 12% to 507 million Euros, according to a statement released by the Company.

The net income was 236 million Euros (+ 32%), boosted by the sale of a share in the real estate site IProperty. That’s a lot of money to Ray Lane, so he will be paying attention. Without any special effort, it still grew by 9%. “Axel Springer is truly now a digital publishing house,” said the boss Mathias Dopfner. “During this year we will continue to invest in our expansion into the digital.” This stagnation, while profits increased, was immediately punished at the stock market. It was losing 5.98% to 54.05 Euros on the MDax average values in Frankfurt at 10:45 GMT for this reason. “We must find the right balance” between shareholder remuneration and stockpiling to continue to invest, Mr. Dopfner justified at a press conference in Berlin.

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