Banks Tightened Grip Spells Profit for Equities First Holdings

Disruptive securities lender Equities First Holdings has just gotten a huge leg up in the lending market thanks to stingy banks. Since 2002 the stock-based loan provider has been an advocate of alternative securities. Stock loans are easier to gain and simpler to operate. They allocate value on the worth of a borrower’s stocks. This allows them to offer more options and provide fixed interest rates. The company has had a big hand in disrupting traditional markets by luring borrowers away.

As banks are rolling their red carpet up, EFH is gaining a wider net of consumers to entice. The roll up is the product of increasingly stringent qualifiers that banks are mandating. It is also spurned by the difficulty in holding a loan as well. The ability for EFH to provide solutions for this was the vision of Al Christy Jr. The founder and current CEO opened Equities doors back in 2002 to aid borrower most lenders ignored. Now, it is the top of its game and business only gets better.

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