Billy McFarland Finds a Solution for the Millennials

According to Bloomberg, Billy McFarland was raised in New York. Billy started his first company as early as young as at the ages 13years which purposed on matching clients to designers. Billy acquired his Education from Bucknell University. Billy McFarland is an expert entrepreneur and a talented leader who is committed to transforming thinkers into creators.

At 23 years, back in 2014, Billy McFarland started the Magnises. The company received tremendous success with many brands gaining interest in the services of Magnises. Billy was featured in several Medias with some like the Chic Metropolitan and the Bloomberg labeling him as the “Tech Wiz” and “The Money man for Millennials” respectively.

Magnises uses a black card whose payments are done at the rate 25 dollars per month. The card is metallic. It has links to your credit card. Magnises is an exclusive club that connects all the people who interested to improve their lives by accessing the experiences that drive them to the heights.

On joining the Magnises club, one is first approved by the other members of Magnises. Magnises allows its members to attend different events and besides it offers special deals to them. To access the Magnises services you just have to flash the card and there you get all the services you need.

When creating the Magnises Idea, Billy concentrated on the establishment of a proud that would be very appealing to the Millennials. According to Billy Magnises targets, youth from the age of 21years to 35 years and best applies to the people working in fashion, finance and technology industries.

The interested people can access the Magnises card through an online application. Before the establishment of Magnises, Billy had previously established the Spring.Inc which is an online content sharing center. The company gained several and important customers comprising of the Discovery, Universal, and the Hearst.

Currently, Magnises has grown and is holding over 10000 members around the New York City. The company also serves members from the Washington DC. And it’s expanding its services and products to Atlanta, London, Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston.

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