Brad Reifler Opens Financial Market to New Investors

You don’t have to know who Brad Reifler is to benefit from the work his company, Forefront Management Group, is about to do. Brad Reifler is a financial investor and the CEO of Forefront Capital Management. For the better part of the last decade he has been working in the financial market, helping accredited investors get their feet wet with investing. Now, as reported by Reuters, it appears that he is changing the paradigm of financial investing for the bulk of the middle class.

The Security Exchange Commissions defines an accredited investor as someone who possesses more than $200,000 in annual salary or over one million dollars in net worth, not including their home. It is these investors that receive priority attention and it is these investors who have access to the truly life changing forms of investments that are out there in the financial world. Brad Reifler wants to open those same doors for the ‘99% who are overlooked’.

Reifler’s stance comes from a personal journey when his father in law came to him for investment help. His father in law trusted Reifler with his life savings and asked that he invest it appropriately into the market. Reifler soon realized that his father wasn’t considered ‘accredited’ by SEC standards and was thus incapable of investing in the truly transformative ways that were available to him. So Reifler decided to start Forefront Management Group.

Forefront Management Group aims to help any investor who can put together the minimum amount of $2,500. It is a public fund that does not rely on the stock market and is thus much more stable as a result. Of course no investments are sure thing,s but Reifler is aiming to create a safe place for lower threshold earners to invest their money and create a bigger fund for later in life.

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