Brokers Go Ape over Town Residential Real Estate High End Sales

Entrails do not hamper the fast paced growth in the meatpacking district. Town Residential has become so impressed with the attraction to this area blossoming with new residential neighborhoods. It could be the banks of the Hudson or the price ranges but the brokerages are doing back flips with how excited buyers are and how many keep closing deals with them.


Andrew Heiberger describes the tendency of brokers to show potential buyers around in the “High Line.” Since 2010 the tendency has spurred on more of the same with purchases of spaces that are in the common vicinity of story-high park. Confidence in the growing trend resulted in the setting up of a brokerage office up on the second floor of a 7,100 square-foot office space on West 14th street. The lease will end in fifteen years so this Town Residential brokerage really has bought in to this area down by the Hudson meatpacker’s old jaunts. No one will boast as much about the airy sixteen foot high ceilings where thoughts of hanging puffy pillows for a cloud effect might cross the minds of visiting buyers. They are also made very comfortable in agent client meetings on the private office under the sky up on the roof deck. This deck is situated atop a three story office structure where surveying the landscape is a natural thing to do.


Andrew is making the brand he calls ‘Town,’ and easy feeling phrase when combined in its Town Residential brand name while being associated with the high sticker price tags on the homes that are being sold from this brokerage in the district. Agents, brokers and clients will fit right in as they convene to find the most attractive deal in housing. “This is the kind of space that really differentiates us from other firms,” says Heiberger. The outdoor space for meetings is the pride of this agency that feels its atmosphere sets it apart by far from other competitors in the greater New York West Village area. With that in mind, the plans into the future involve bringing in the West Village sales offices that exist as Thomas & Ingram brokerage. Teh merger is also taking place in offices from Horatio Street as Andrew is closing that office and reopening it under the same roof of the new lofty Town Residential at 446 W. 14th Street.


The vision at Town Residential according to Andrew Heiberger is one that has the entire West Side neighborhood banded together with the brokerage seated slap in the middle like an ant hill where the activity is determined, prosperous and refreshing. Agents are very up on the area surrounding them, known as the Hudson Yards all the way to TriBeCa.


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