California Drought Conditions will Continue

The state of California is in its fourth year of drought conditions, and it does not look like there will be any real relief anytime soon. Meteorologists say that Californians can expect a small amount of precipitation in the form of an Atmospheric River, but it will not be enough to fill the void necessary to bring them out of the drought.

This type of storm has been successful in the past in bringing California out of desperately dry conditions. Unfortunately, the newest storm will only drop a small percentage of what is necessary to help out. Such storms in the past created more problems than they solved because of severe flooding in numerous areas. It may be some time before Californians can truly be reminded of what it is like to live without the fear of problems relating to droughts.

The Morins noted that in the right conditions, the lack of rainfall in the area could spark wildfires. This is a state known for extreme wildfire conditions. If high winds begin to blow through, it could result in the growth of wildfires and the danger to citizens in the area. It is a situation that officials are aware of and have prepared for.

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