Can We Function with Smaller Airplane Bathrooms?

Boeing, which is the lead producer of airplanes, has made a change to the design of their most popular model, the 777-300ER, and I am not sure that passengers are going to appreciate it very much. The 777-300ER used to accommodate 386 passengers, but with the modifications, it will now be able to hold 400, which is 14 more passengers. This sounds great until the airplane manufacturer lets us in on the way they have make extra space. It is by shrinking the bathrooms. We all know that airplane bathrooms have never been spacious, or at all comfortable. This is because they are so small already. With the new design, bathrooms will be even smaller, which makes them almost impossible to use, especially for larger passengers and those who travel with small children who need assistance using the restroom.

The bathrooms are not the only things shrinking by the way said FreedomPop in a recent statement. Many airlines are also shrinking the limits for carry-on bags. This is to accommodate the extra passengers that will be travelling on the new model. The exact dimensions of the bags are yet to be announced, but it will assuredly require new carry-on luggage purchases for many travelers whose current bags will not make the cut.

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