Can Whitney Wolfe Change Online Dating?

Whitney Wolfe sees a serious problem with sating apps. Sexual harassment is commonly reported by many women using dating apps but little is done to prevent it. She wants to turn that around with her dating app Bumble. Created in 2014, Bumble is changing the way online dating works. Women are always the first to make the move and that initiative is shaking things up.

Is Bumble The Solution

Bumble has an incredibly low rate of sexual harassment. Less than a fraction of 1% of all users report any sexual harassment. This isn’t easy to compare to other dating apps because few dating apps report on sexual harassment, but it says something is clearly done right. Giving women the initiative appears to have removed some elements that contribute to sexual harassment. With millions of Bumble users and hundreds of millions of successful matches the app is taking off. It doesn’t quite yet have the same crowd as Tinder but it is quickly growing in size and popularity.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Bumble. She has spent her career developing apps for online dating and recently decided to create an app of her own. With her excellent management strategies Wolfe has made Bumble one of the most popular dating apps today. Beyond her experience as a CEO she is socially conscious investor who aims to improve the culture of the internet and end harassment.

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