Carry-On Changes

Air travel is expensive, there is absolutely no denying that. It seems though that there have always been a few tips and tricks that people utilized to help them save a buck or two. One of those, was bringing a carry on instead of having to pay a fee to check a bag. Carry on luggage has always been a pretty decent size, and perfect for those who were going on a short trip. With a few folding hacks, and downsizing, flyers were easily able to bring their luggage on the plane.

Well there may be some bad news for those who are used to cutting it close to the correct size. According to Reddit, airlines will be shrinking their carry on’s by one inch on every side. This is to free up some more room in the overhead bins, but it’s causing some concern among frequent flyers who are used to being able to check the same bag.

Some might have to purchase new luggage, and others might have to frequently pay the fee now. It’s surely making airlines a little bit more money as many have mentioned on The typical fee for checking luggage is around 25 dollars, which isnt much but it’s an inconvenience.

It looks like there will soon be some angry flyers on the horizon. On the other side, there could be some happier ones as well. These changes are being made so that everyone can find room overhead to stash their luggage.

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