Carsten Thiel is a Pharmaceutical Leader

Carsten Thiel is a leader in the pharmaceutical industry. He was born in Berlin, where he studied chemistry prior to earning a Bachelor of Science degree at The University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. He ultimately earned a PhD in Molecular Biology at the Max Planck Institute before beginning his prestigious career. He is the President at EUSA Pharma and has previously served as CEO of Abeona Therapeutics, as well as Executive VP Chief Commercial Officer for Alexion.

Thiel starts his days with routine, setting goals for how he should spend his time while working. He prioritizes day to day tasks but also directs energy toward creating changes for the future. He encourages collaboration within his teams and has credited the launching of various projects to the passion of individuals working together. He is also passionate about the incorporation of technology in the healthcare industry stating that this is an important time in the history of medicine where we can combine technology and science to treat and eliminate disease.

In order to stay productive, Thiel credits inquiry as a key component in work. He prefers questioning his work, as well as his colleagues, as he goes along instead of finding a problem or gap at the end of a project. Although this may seem to make the work take longer, he knows that in the long run it is more productive because it reduces the need to start over.

Carsten Thiel believes that a “boots on the ground” approach is needed in business. He says that communication with customers is key to getting the most valuable feedback. Thiel chooses to stick to his morals and stay transparent with consumers even if it means reduced profit for the company. He also sees innovation and attempting to solve problems for under-served groups as the best way for companies to be successful in the future.

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