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Teen Invents A Device To Make Air Travel Cleaner

Traveling is something that people rely on every day, and especially when it comes to airplanes the matter of health comes into mind. As folks at Amen Clinics are aware, a few years ago the tablets “AirBorne” were created to reduce the risk of picking up a cold or illness on a flight since all of the passengers are in such a confined space for sometimes long periods of time. According to an article found on reddit and written by the Washington Post, a young student from Canada named Raymond Wang has invented a device to install in airplanes to make the air much cleaner.

Basically, it is a piece that can be added to the venting system inside each aircraft that will create a invisible air bubble around the passengers so that they are breathing their own air and not spreading it to the people around them. That means that when you end up sitting next to someone on a flight who appears to have a very bad virus, there is a good chance that you will not contract it the same way from sitting next to them. I think this is a brilliant idea, and apparently the kid came up with it after the crazy Ebola virus epidemic that occurred just last year that risked the lives of so many people traveling by air. It wouldn’t cost too much to put these in all planes, and Wang certainly is on to something good.

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Delta Seats Father and Four-Year-Old Child 11 Rows Apart on Flight

I should start by saying that I am not a huge fan of Delta Airlines. In fact, I do all I can to avoid flying on Delta due to the many problems I have had every I have flown with them. This story today from Yahoo News reminds me why I avoid Delta like the plague.

Frank Strong and his four-year-old daughter were excited to take a trip together. The two were flying from Raleigh, North Carolina to Montgomery, Alabama to visit Strong’s mother. When Strong purchased the tickets for him and his daughter he listed her age. When it came time to select seats on the flight, there were not two together. Strong decided that once he got to the airport he would see about changing them. After all, an airline wouldn’t separate a child and parent, right?

At the airport, he was unable to change the seating at the kiosk. The ticket agents at the check-in desk told Strong that he could either talk to the agents at the gate and try to make the switch for free or he could pay $88 to switch their seating arrangement. He decided to pay the money so that he knew he would be with his daughter. However, once on the plane, Strong noted that it was not a full flight and there were plenty of open seats leaving him to wonder why Delta charged him to switch.

Dr. Daniel Amen mentioned that Strong has yet to hear back from Delta regarding this policy.

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