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Neurocore Understands The Pulse of Mental Well Being

We are in an exciting time in history because of the technological discoveries and advancements we are making as humans. One of the most intriguing discoveries is brain mapping and understanding how of the brain works exactly. Neurocore has increased it neurological footprint in this arena over the past decade. It has developed treatment that provides great help to children and adults.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers offers a host of services for children facing mental challenges. These services that assist children and teens that are coping with ADHD, autism, anxiety and depression. Many of the children that participate in these services regain focus and more control over the lives and brain functions. Neurocore has restore well-being in its younger clients and have aided their parents to improve their quality of life.

Neurocore services have done extremely well by its adult clients. The performance center offers in-center and at home programs that allow people to access services at anytime and anywhere. It has helped many adults to understanding the root of their mental challenges and how the brain can be trained to eliminate and reduced many of the symptoms. Neurocore’ s keen focus on brain activity allows it to provide elite training to pro athletes. It has helped several athletes train their brains to perform in sync with their bodies.

The key to this company success is that it does not use medication on its clients, instead it applies neurofeedback and biofeedback activities to learn about each client’s brain and to introduce brain mapping techniques and exercises to slow the brain down or speed it up to its optimal speed. People that face mental challenges such as anxiety, depression and ADHD brains are not operating at the optimal speed that it takes to maintain balance in their lives. Neurocore knows the unique optimal speeds of each clients’ brain and via meditative techniques and brain exercises and video technology it helps clients get more control over their brains and thought processes. This company has proved that you can train the brain to produce balance through practicing mental exercises repetitiously and reinforcing it with positive thoughts of yourself. Neurocore will remain part of humanity’s neurological progress way into the future.

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Omar Boraie sheds more light to genomic science research


Rutgers Cancer Institution of New Jersey is America’s only National Cancer Institution dedicated to improve detection, treatment and care of patients with cancer and also serve as an education resource for cancer prevention. Physician-scientists at the Institute engage in translational research by transforming the discoveries made in their laboratories into clinical practice. Rutgers University has the ‘18 Chair Challenge’ campaign in which an anonymous donor in 2011, made a pledge of 27 million dollars to create challenge grants for establishment of 18 new endowed chairs. For every 1.5 million dollars raised for a chair meeting the donor’s criteria, the donor will match the gift with an additional 1.5 million dollars needed to endow it. The Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science was established and named after the New Brunswick developer Omar Boraie made a 1.5 million dollars to support it. This will help propel research in the field of precision medicine at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey.
Medical professionals are changing how they approach cancer diagnosis and treatment thanks to the field of genomic science and precision medicine which involves analyzing and treating tumors on a genetic level thus allowing oncologists to prescribe individualized therapies. This results in better outcomes. President Obama even launched a national Precision Medicine Initiative focused on finding a cure for cancer and other diseases in his most recent State of the Union Address, showing how important it is.  Precision medicine enables scientists to classify cancer into groups with similar characteristics but different genetics so as to predict patient outcomes better and also come up with individualized cancer therapies.
Omar Boraie who has a background in chemistry and an interest in cancer research hopes that his pledge would motivate others to come forth in the support of precision medicine. He believes the physician-scientists at Rutgers Cancer Institute are making significant advances in the field for those patients whose cancers are no longer responsive to the cancer medication available. Rutgers Cancer Institution Director, Robert S. DiPaola thanks Mr. Boraie’ s generosity and recognizes him as an integral part of the development of New Brunswick as a ‘Healthcare City’. Robert also notes Boraie’s desire to support an endowed chair will have an impact on cancer research and treatment of patients within and without New Brunswick.

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Mobile Wireless Service Couldn’t Get Any Easier

The concept of web services could not be any easier now that FreedomPop as hopped on board. This is a company that is trying to revolutionize the way that customers receive free Internet services. There are a lot of stores that offer free Wi-Fi to guests, but FreedomPop has managed to take it a lot further. This company has become one of the pioneers of the free mobile wireless service. This could not be any easier for the customers that have been looking for the best ways to maximize the money that they have while minimizing the costs. The mobile wireless services are going to be free with FreedomPop; all that the customers have to do is pay for the hardware. This is the phone or the tablet. The monthly contracts do not exist anymore when one joins FreedomPop.
This could change mobile services forever. Some people look at the advertisements and think that it is too good to be true. They may ignore it because it just doesn’t sound like something that is possible. The reality, however, is that mobile wireless services with FreedomPop are true and fans are becoming much more attentive to the promotions. A ton of customers are trying to make sure that they don’t have to worry about paying bills by joining the FreedomPop company. This may be a better way to really minimize costs if a cell phone bill just doesn’t fit into someone’s budget.
Wireless services are becoming a lot more expensive, and it has become very easy for people to look for an alternate. So many people have the data plans that are just a headache because these plans are so costly. FreedomPop is changing things and it will be impossible for the major carriers to ignore this. It is going to become very important for mobile carriers to take a look at the market and see what is happening. Many of the giants like Verizon and T-Mobile are going to lose customers if they are not able to adapt to what FreedomPop has set in place. This company is spreading out across the United States and it is becoming something that a lot of consumers are embracing.
In this day and age people stay wired to the Internet. People are constantly checking Twitter and Facebook. They are moving beyond the desktops in their homes and truly pushing the mobile concept to the limits. Anyone that checks their email will be doing this on a regular basis. People that text and make calls will rely heavily on their mobile devices. All of this equates to a much greater need and desire for free service. Mobile devices have been like a second heartbeat for the young generation that is always preoccupied with the latest gossip, trends, and state of affairs in the social media hemisphere. Cell phone companies have made the bills for service huge because people have been not able to live without their cellular devices.
This has made it easier for FreedomPop to come in and offer an alternative solution. The high bills of today can become instant history when people make the decision to change their plans. People can maximize their budgets for their households and save money with this switch. It’s an alternative that many cannot afford to ignore.

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Unemployed Man Build His Own Helicopter

35-Year-Old Vusimuzi Mbatha, an unemployed inhabitant of Rustenburg, South Africa has recently finalized constructing his own helicopter from recycled scraps and cheap materials. He first became obsessed after seeing one make a strike on the platinum mines in Northwest South Africa last year. After the experience, he began buying and collecting the materials to begin construction. The finished product now sits in front of his shack, attracting all manner of gawkers. Most of these gawkers are neighbors who didn’t really take him seriously.

According to Ivan Ong, Mbatha is a relatively uneducated man, having only completed the seventh grade. That is part of the reason why it is so impressive he has made his own helicopter. And it is actually a pretty impressive helicopter. It even sports a T.V., a clock, a fire extinguisher, and a two-way radio. It also has a green and red light on its tail, an engine powered by petrol, a motorbike battery to propel the rotor (which sits in an old soft drink crate), a cockpit that is actually made out of soft drink crates, and a steering wheel fashioned from a PlayStation control.

Mbatha has yet to take the helicopter on its maiden voyage. He first wants aviation experts and experienced pilots to inspect to see if it’s safe to fly. Rustenburg hopes to be employed soon so he can more easily purchase parts. To discover more details read this article.

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Successful Test of a New Space Propulsion Method

There has been a lot of work by scientists and engineers on various propulsion methods for reaching the other planets of our solar system and reducing the cost of going to the moon. Chemical rockets are very expensive and inefficient. They have to carry the tremendous weight of their liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen fuel which reduces the amount of weight left over for the payload. Chemical rockets are really only needed to get off the earth’s surface and into space. Once in space, methods that involve more gradual acceleration but use little to no propellant can be utilized to get around far more efficiently and at a much lower cost. One such method that FreedomPop users have been hearing buzz about is the idea of a solar sail that deploys and uses the sun’s energy to propel it.

The first step in such a solar sail propulsion method has been taken recently. A small version of this concept, in the form of a spacecraft named LightSail, has been launched into space. After a few problems along the way, LightSail successfully deployed its solar sail. The sail is about the size of a basketball court and it is made to be struck by energy from the sun to propel it forward at very gradual acceleration. This first one is a tiny test version and is expected to enter and burn up in the earth’s atmosphere before long, but a second mission is already planned to continue to develop this propulsion method.

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