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The Aspire – New Luxury apartment complex by Boraie Development LLC seeks to improve downtown New Brunswick’s reputation

On January 13th, 2015, the NJ Spotlight published an article detailing how the once downtrodden downtown New Brunswick was taking strides to improve its reputation. For decades, it had faced struggles such as declining property values, increased immigration, and general neglect.

Numerous attempts were made to help the city out of its rut. The most major attempt was made by Johnson and Johnson in 1975, who insisted on keeping their company headquartered there. This decision restored people’s confidence, and gradually, the city began to improve.

However, that was 40 years ago, and sadly the city isn’t in much better shape than it was then. There are still some notable upscale attractions downtown on, the majority of the city is inhabited by a low-income population.

There is potential for change, however. Rutgers University, the mayor, the New Brunswick Development Co. (Devco), as well as numerous other private firms such Boraie Development are collaborating to transform the city. By building off of previous successful urban renewal projects, they aim to add some new utilities and attractions all may benefit from.

Among the developments are new college dorms and residency for Rutger’s university and housing on four acres of land near the train station. The most notable project however, is the new luxury complex by private contractor Boraie Development LLC.

Named the Aspire by Boraie Development, the new complex aims to improve the overall impression of the once downtrodden city. The new high rise is 17 stories tall, easily distinguishable within the city’s skyline. It contains 238 comfortable and spacious apartments, available in studio, one bedroom, and two bedroom sizes. Residents are conveniently located near downtown’s best attractions, and in the hotel have access to amenities such as wife, a resident’s club with a full kitchen and dining area, a fitness center, a library, and green roofs with comfy furniture to enjoy the majestic view of the city.

Each room has a modern design, made with beautiful, yet high quality materials. The rooms additionally offer balconies with great downtown view. An efficient concierge system on will give residents instant access to services, by letting them pay rent online, receive messages and deliveries, and keep up to date on the latest local offerings. Rent starts at $1650 per month for studio apartments, $1,800 for one bedroom apartments , and $2700 for two bedroom apartments.

Without a doubt, the Aspire by Boraie Development has great potential to brighten the city’s future. It is already bringing in new tenants who also want to improve the city. Already, it makes the once bland skyline unique, and perhaps someday everyone will recognize the skyline of New Brunswick. 

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The Weathering Decline Of Property Boom In New York City

TOWN Residential is a top tier real estate firm that deals majorly with selling, leasing, marketing of luxury apartments as well as leasing property developments. Its offices are located in convenient and accessible areas in New York City’s neighborhoods. TOWN Residential Company was founded in the year 2010 by Andrew Heiberger and is co-chaired by Joseph Sitt. Over the years TOWN Residential has established a culture of excellence making it unrivaled in the real estate industry on in New York. This is seen by the number of accolades the firm has received, notably among them Top 50 best places to work for in New York City and also Best Firm to work.

TOWN Residential representatives are qualified professionals, and excellent service is assured to all clients served by them. They have a wealth of knowledge in real estate industry matters informed by proper and current research. The management of TOWN Residential is excellent creating a positive work atmosphere for employees and welcoming atmosphere for clients. Clients looking for apartments in New York are now in luck because coupled with excellent service of TOWN Residential; vacancies are on an increase.

According to a Zero Hedge release Submitted by Tyler Duden on 12th November 2015, there is a surge in vacant houses in New York unlike any surge seen in the last nine years. A survey conducted by Miller Samuel Inc. and brokerage firm Douglas Elliman shows a rise in vacancy rates to 2.87 percent in November 2015, higher than a rate of 2.31 percent reported at around the same time last year, the highest rate ever reported since August 2006. The average rent price also rose by 3.9 percent to $ 3361 in November while leasing prices shot up by 18 percent, the highest in June 2009.These statistics show that tenants are increasingly unaccepting of costly rent. While there has been no difference in conditions causing rent prices to go up, customers are now more unwilling to pay higher prices. Landlords have been forced therefore to choose either between decreasing their rent and continuing to have vacancies, and the highest number of concessions has been seen since 2011. On the other hand, the average price of luxury apartments fell by 1.4 percent to $ 8537. TOWN Residential uses a unique formula for marketing and leasing property whatever the price point by use of online and print media and industry syndication and, therefore, the firm would serve their clients efficiently at this critical time in the industry.

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Utilizing LondonEscape For Your Traveling Needs

LondonEscape may be one of the best places for people to go if they have the desire to actually find some apartments for an extended stay in London. There are quite a few people that come to the area that have a desire to stay in London for more than a couple of days when they visit. This is what makes LondonEscape one of the better websites for discovering the budget studios or the rental homes that are designed for your holiday stay.

People that are traveling to London will realize that there are lots of options. There are some hotels that are considered luxury holiday spots. There are other bed and breakfast places for people that are interested in traveling to London and spending less for accommodations. There are an abundant number of options.

Visitors that come to London may have a desire to stay in an apartment with a service kitchen. The LondonEscape gives people access to areas that have kitchens. This allows the visitors that come here to save money. These apartment rentals will also give people access to better locations. Many of these holiday rentals that are found on LondonEscape are located in the heart of the city of London. There are rental spots in the high society area of Notting Hill. There are others in Camden Town and Earls Court. There really are a wide variety of places that can fit just about any budget. This is the beauty of utilizing LondonEscape. It caters to a spectrum of different travelers.

Those tourists that would like to visit and London and stay in a hotel will also have a plethora of choices available as well. Some people choose to stay in the Waldorf Hilton if they desire the upscale hotels. There are others that may want to visit the family friendly Continental Hotel if they are on a budget. The London area totally provides a wide listing of options that will make it easier for a plethora of tourists and business professionals to visit London. There are some properties near the Gatwick Airport while others are near the Heathrow Airport.

London is big, but most people will find that they do not have to worry about traveling very far. They can get rental apartments that are located next to many of the shops and restaurants if they plan their trip well before they make any reservations.

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Neighborhoods of New York — Which Neighborhood is Right for You?

New York City is the largest city in the United States, and one of the largest in the world, but it’s more than just a collection of skyscrapers. It’s a collection of neighborhoods. Murray Hill is as different from TriBeCa as Boston is from San Antonio. Chelsea, SoHo, Greenwich Village — they all have their unique appeal, and finding the right neighborhood for you can be confusing at first.

How do you find the right neighborhood? How do you find NYC apartments for rent? You need a native guide. You need a professional realtor. You need Town Real Estate.

Town Real Estate lists over 5,000 properties for sale and over 8,000 units for rent. Whether you’re looking for a mansion in the Hamptons, renting office space in the Flatiron District, or finding that perfect apartment in Chelsea, Town Real Estate can help you.

Greenwich Village has a Bohemian reputation, long having been a favorite of artists and musicians. Restaurants to suit every culinary taste, bars, and shops mingle with luxury high-rise apartments and old-fashioned townhouses.

Chelsea is full of brownstones and tree-lined streets, unique shops, friendly cafes, and exciting nightlife.

Murray Hill is home to the Pierpont Morgan Library and Museum, once J. P. Morgan’s mansion. It’s a quieter, less crowded neighborhood, though easily accessible to all the urban excitement found in the rest of the Big Apple.

The former Hell’s Kitchen, now called Clinton, has outgrown its sordid past and is now a safe, attractive neighborhood, much favored by trendy New Yorkers. The ethnic diversity of Clinton has led to a plethora of restaurants of every nationality.

SoHo has the largest collection of cast iron buildings in the world. It is known for its lofts, but there are also art galleries, cafes, and designer shops. Some of the streets are still paved with cobblestones.

Gramercy Park is one of New York City’s most luxurious upscale neighborhoods. Tree-lined streets and historic residences abound. Pete’s Tavern is the oldest saloon in the city, dating back to the Civil War.

TriBeCa, the Triangle Below Canal Street, is full of warehouses converted into lofts and high-rise apartments. It is well known for its restaurants and its annual film festival.

The Financial District is more than just Wall Street. It is home to Trinity Church, built in 1697, and many other historical buildings, including Faunces Tavern, now a museum.

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