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Russell Gimelstob Turned Aspirations Into Reality

Not everyone that has a desire to achieve their goals actually fulfills them. Russell Gimelstob is an exception! His career path led him to the Real Estate industry. Due to his phenomenal work ethic and professionalism, Russell Gimelstob was able to work his way up in various positions within companies which is not typical. So, who is Mr. Gimelstob and how did he contribute to society?

Dedicated His Time

Mr. Gimelstob is a professional well respected throughout his career. He dedicated over 14 years with a company known as Investment Committee of Dune Real Estate Partners. Russell’s hands stayed busy by fulfilling various positions within the company as Head of Acquisitions, Partner, Managing Director, and Member.

As a strategist, Russell was able to complete difficult Real Estate transactions as a borrower, developer, lender, owner/operator, and joint venture partner, through both debt and equity. Did Mr. Gimelstob have prior experience in the Real Estate Industry prior to Dune Real Estate? The answer is yes! It would be fair to say Russell Gimelstob used his past experience with former employer Goldman Sachs Real Estate Investment Banking Division to mold himself into the professional character he developed while working for Dune.

Heart for Giving

It’s not uncommon for those who succeed in life to have a heart for giving. Mr. Gimelstob shows his appreciation for funded programs such as The Valerie Fund. He actively supports the program for its kindness in caring for children with cancer and blood disorders.

What Isn’t Russell Good At?

Most successful individuals have an athletic background. Staying in shape has been a key factor for Russell. At the age of six, Russell knew he wanted to play tennis. So, he did. Russell Gimelstob continued playing tennis while in high school and led the Newark Academy team to many state championships. His father having an athletic background clearly played a bit of a role in Russell having the ability to succeed in various sports activities. What makes one successful anyway? I’m no rocket scientist but I suspect it is the willingness to take advantage of opportunities when you see them.

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