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Igor Cornelsen Drills Down Into Companies

Igor Cornelsen is an investor has been present in investment banking. Don’t think that investment banking is an easy sector. Igor Cornelsen will state that it has many different interesting solutions and challenges that may be compelling to some and not so much to others.

As such, Igor Cornelsen sees that he is fascinated by the industry and has been able to find success by following simple principles.

This overall ecosystem is one that we will not be able to look past as it will help to catapult humanity into a different era.

When solving a compelling problem, a company will always have detractors, naysayers, those who don’t think about the long-term and the challenges, and always think in a negative manner.

Ignore them. They will contribute to the bottom line. They are not the customers, they are the critics, they only matter if they can provide solutions to help solve problems on the way, besides that, they don’t matter.

As such, if an entity that is interested in solving large problems, starts out simple and creates a product that addressed a specific group of users, they can quite likely begin to see some good progress.

The key is to make certain that one is tackling a specific group of users who are ready, willing, and able to buy. At the end of the day, for a company to truly progress and become a company that means something and that matters, an entity must have solid revenues, a solid base of customers and it must solve something for its customers. These are solid aspects of building a company and must be looked into.

Large missions and slogans are great but one must make certain to have a strong cohort of users that are drawn and compelled to the mission.

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Highland Capital Management Captures Business with Result-oriented Services

Highland Capital Management, a Dallas-based alternative investment management firm, is acquiring more business with result-oriented services. The firm is known for efficient services in structured investment, hedge, and distressed investment funds. The investment areas of the Highland Capital include fixed income markets, hedge markets, global public equity, and more. The firm has dedicated research teams to understand the movements of the market and to tap the opportunities using various investment tools. Additionally, the highly-experienced management of the firm is equally skilled to handle any stumbling market conditions. Since the Highland Capital founded in 1993, it has registered a steep growth in the market and recognized as one of the most-trusted investment firms in the industry.



Highland Capital currently handles assets of $18.7 billion and has expanded business across the continents. It has offices in New York, Singapore, Seoul, and São Paulo apart from the Dallas office. The investment firm is considered to be largest collateralized loan obligations (CLOs) specialist in U.S. It is also one of the oldest alternative credit managers in the world considering the credit cycles. The investment areas of the firm also include natural resources, long/short equities, real estate, healthcare emerging markets, and more. The client base of its products include corporations, foundations and endowments, pension plans, high-net-worth individuals, governments, and financial institutions. The firm is focused on to provide unique products and solutions to its clients.



Most of the Highland Capital Management funds are making excellent performance in the market, and the investors are rushing to pump their money into the firm’s funds. Last year, Highland Small-cap Equity Fund got tripled in S&P 500 Index by effectively making careful energy-stock picks. Also, its Floating Rate Opportunities Fund won the Lipper Fund Award for the third time last year by becoming the best loan participation fund. Additionally, its Global Allocation Fund won Alt Credit Intelligence Awards – 2016 for becoming the best-performed hedge fund in the year. The firm is deeply committed to philanthropic activities, and it set up a special wing for it called Highland Dallas Foundation. In October 2016, Highland Capital made a collaboration with Family Place, an organization working to help victims of family violence, and offered a challenge grant to match 50 percent of any funds it raises until April 2017.


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