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Waiakea Water is the New Eco-Friendly Brand That is Really Different

Today there is no shortage of bottled water brands to choose from. Walking down the beverage aisle of your local supermarket will present you with no less than a dozen major brands and many more local band options. With so many bottled water brands to choose from, you may be wondering what if anything makes any of them different than the rest. After all, to hear the makers tell it, they are all the absolute best option that has ever been bottled and put up for sale anywhere in the world. They want to make you believe that if you will only drink their bottled water than you will be able to be richer, trendier, more popular, sexier, more athletic, more energetic, and more fun. They will try to sell you that a healthier, more organized, less stressful, and more successful life can come from drinking the water that they processed through their ultra special super secret filtration method. The truth is though that for the most part all of these bottled waters are the same. Waiakea Water is also available on

There is one brand, however, that has become an emerging player in the bottled water sector of the convenience packaged food and beverage industry, based largely on the fact that they really are different than the rest. Waiakea Water, the first major brand bottled water to come out of the State of Hawaii, is making waves, pardon the pun, in the industry and it has nothing to do with fancy flavors, or secrete scientific engineering that will give your life more purpose. What makes Waiakea Water different is the people behind it, the pureness of the natural product, and a thoughtfulness toward the future that we all have a share in.

Waiakea starts out with all natural artesian water that is pumped up through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock. The lava rock around the active volcano Mauna Loa, on the big island, is one of the best purification systems possible. The natural process not only cleans pollutants out of the water, but infuses it with natural minerals that have been long believed by the people of Hawaii to be key to their long and healthy lives. However, it is not the unique properties of Waiakea Water that make it so decidedly different, however. Visit BevNet to know more.

Waiakea is committed to being a fair trade business and a concerned and socially aware employer. They pay a living wage, provide above standard benefits packages, and go out of their way to make everyone who works for the company feel like they are family. But, this still isn’t the thing that makes Waiakea Water so different than the rest.

The truth behind Waiakea Water difference lay actually in the bottle rather than what’s inside. Beginning in 2018 Waiakea Water will become the first food and beverage brand to begin utilizing a 100% biodegradable packaging for their products. This is made possible thanks to the development of what is known as nanochemicals. The technology behind nanochemicals allows plastics such as those used in the making of bottled water bottles to break down totally in as little as 15 years rather than over a century with traditional plastics. The great news is that the nanochemicals have no effect on the recyclability of the bottles so whether the bottle ends up in a landfill or a recycling bin, it will still be environmentally friendly. In addition to the use of the new biodegradable plastic in the bottles, the company also uses more energy efficient equipment that uses less power than comparable machines in other facilities, as well as using a transportation fleet that is comprised of low emission vehicles.

Waiakea Water is a truly different brand of bottled water. The company is committed to being an innovator, a leader, and most of all a game changer in the bottled water sector for many years to come and it seems as if they are well on their way to making that goal a reality.

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Incorporation of Olympic Valley Fails

Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley, a resort that is found at Lake Tahoe. Apart from being a hard working leader in this company, Andy is also a popular skydiver. He was appointed into this position several years ago, and since then, he was worked hard to make the place a good site for tourist attraction in the world. He has been working towards developing the area all, though.

For some years now, the CEO has had some problems. The resort is no longer working as usual due to some problems experienced for some time. First of all, the area did not get any rains for several seasons, and this resulted in a serious drought. Rains play a very important role in the Tahoe business, and this means that things have not been operating as normal. There are businesses that belong to people living in the communities close to the resort. These businesses depend on the resorts for their survival, and they have been affected too.

Apart from the drought, Andy Wirth had to deal political issues. The area that hosts several resorts, known as Olympic Valley was to be incorporated, and this was causing sleepless nights for Andy. His company had to spend a lot of money trying to battle the incorporation. If the incorporation of Olympic Valley was successful, the residents of the area would have to pay higher taxes. Services offered to the community would be impossible, and if they had to happen, they would be fewer than expected.

The New Year has started with some good news for Squaw Valley and the whole of Lake Tahoe community. The community is currently enjoying good rains, thanks to Mother Nature. Early storms were experienced, and they were accompanied by cold temperatures. This climate is favorable for the businesses, and this made them open before their normal time. This had never been experienced in the past.

Early storms are not the only thing the community is enjoying. The political tension that was ongoing due to the incorporation of Olympic Valley is no longer there. The people backing this idea were not successful, and the people can now settle in their businesses without worrying about paying extremely high taxes.

Andy Wirth is a popular skydiver. In October 2013, the player was involved in a skydiving accident that almost took his life. He landed on a vine, and this made him injure his arm serious. He lost a lot of blood in the accident, but he was rescued in time. After several surgeries, him arm was reattached, and after a lot of therapy, he was cured. He started an organization to help accident survivors to get their lives back.

Published on the Reno-Gazette Journal.

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NASA Uncovers Interesting Aspects of Ceres

Christian Broda tells me that fascination with the possibility of life on other planets has permeated popular science fiction for generations. The chance that an alien civilization could exist lurking just out of detection range of human beings has been a thought that has crossed the mind of more than just casual observers. Therefore, whenever some interesting unexplained potential evidence creeps up from distant worlds, the thought process picks up again to contemplate the possibilities.

According to CNET, NASA has found white discolorations and a three-mile high pyramid formation on Ceres, which is a distant asteroid between Mars and Jupiter. While the discoloration is largely considered to be a result of the reflective properties of ice or water, the huge mountain type object remains a mystery. NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has been studying Ceres taking a number of pictures, but so far no images of extraterrestrial life has been found. The formations are likely natural, yet strange, rock and geographical phenomenon.

While the pictures from Dawn do not support any real conclusion without additional data to back up potential theories, the chances of one of the different spacecraft exploring the reaches of the solar system uncovering evidence of life is intriguing. While it is hard to say if such information would ever be released to the general public, the photos from Dawn serve up some interesting observations of a place nobody has visited before or likely will. That means science fiction fans can relax because the genre is safe—for now.

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Visit Other Countries Using Skout

Skout is one of the newest virtual travel site. Launched less than fifteen months ago, Skout has obtained over ten million hits and reaches 180 countries and is available in fourteen different languages. Skout creates a social circle throughout the world. It has shown the number one virtual travel for all around the world is Hong Kong.

This site has virtual tours through various cities throughout the world. It lists various different places for a vacation. This will give idea of hotels to stay in, reviews of beaches to visit, or hotels to stay. If you like historic places, it will list various different cities that played a role in world history. In the brief fifteen months that this site has been open to the public, studies have shown women are more likely to take a virtual tour. These virtual tours give you the feel, look, and financial details with the destinations listed.

If you are connected to the internet and love to surf it for information, check out Skout. It will offer you all the information you desire with the touch of a button. Signing up is easy to do. After the completion of confirming your account, you can virtually visit anywhere in the world. On days that you are home, daydreaming of new places, just log into Skout. By the end of the day you will feel like you sailed on a monster wave, stood in the Colosseum of Rome, saw the green isle of Ireland, saw the catacombs of Italy, set foot in the Vatican, seen the oval office of the white house, or traveled through the castles of Scotland.

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