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Alec Sellem The Energy Conservation Expert

Alec Sellem is a European businessman who is the founder and chief executive officer of Sellem Industries LLC. His firm is currently based out of London, England. The success Alec Sellems company is based off of strategy and his strong partnerships with other energy conservation professionals. These partnerships has opened up doors for Sellem Industries LLC to garner profitable deals in Latin America and Africa. Alec Sellem is extremely knowledgeable about mining and energy on a global level. He also has vast experience in doing business in Africa because of this experience he was chosen to speak about environmental issues of energy development and the exploitation of African resources. Alec Sellem will be speaking on these issues at a United Nations meeting in New York.

Alec Sellem will give a short presentation on human rights in countries that are trying to grow and develop. He would do this presentation in front of every leader that will be attending this United Nations conference in New York. Once he gives the presentation to educate everyone in the room he will take questions and the room will be opened up for discussion on the top. The reason why Alec Sellem is speaking about this topic is because he was chosen to speak by Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne University and the United Nation. He was honored to be chosen but at the same time he was proud to speak on the topic because he thinks the African people human rights should not be violated and he wants to bring solutions to change or at least improve the conditions of mining in Africa. The goal of the conference is to assess how the current energy law that is in place in Africa is effective and if it is not effective they want to try to bring better solutions.

Alec Sellem has built a large mining company that operates in Latin America and Africa. He built this company without trying to violate the human rights of the natives of the land. He was successful with doing this. So the United Nations wanted Alec Sellem to educate the other leaders of the world at the United Nations meeting in New York on how to do the same.

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Businessman Alec Sellem joins discussion at the United Nations to speak about Energy Law in Africa


Alec Sellem is the CEO of his own company named Sellem Industries as they are based in London. Over time, the businessman has been able to work with some partners and accredited businesses. Some that he has partnered with are located in Latin America and Africa.

Prior to creating his own company, the individual worked and led some successful startups. He was educated in Switzerland before spending a lot of his career throughout Africa. Alec Sellem, though, is from France.

In an article with Geeks News entitled, “Artisanal And Small-Scale Mining With Alec Sellem”; Sellem discussed artisanal and small-scale mining differs from large scale mining primarily with lower levels of investment and less use of mechanization and its overall effectiveness and possible solutions to protect human rights.

Also, according to an article from PR Newswire, businessman Alec Sellem joined a discussion about energy law in Africa that took place in May of this year.

The event was held at the United Nations headquarters in New York City as Alec Sellem offered his expertise on the matter as a mining expert. The businessman had his very own presentation at the panel on human rights in other countries, followed by questions. The individual commented that he was grateful to discuss energy law with ideas to improve situations abroad.

Alec Sellem is passionate about the topic in general. The panel was held to mainly discuss what Africa can do with their energy laws and if it is efficient enough. As stated prior, possible solutions were drawn about what can be done.

As stated in the article, the panel was split into two sections to discuss human rights while the other was focused on the environmental aspect to it. The event was free to the public with limited space as the audience was allowed to follow up with questions to the experts. See This Page for related information.




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Carsten Thiel realizes that empathy is important to succeed in treating patients

It is true that a businessperson needs to rely heavily on analytical skills and decision-making based upon logic. However, many times empathy and human understanding can be just as essential. Carsten Thiel found this to be true in the pharmaceutical marketing field.

Thiel has had a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry and is responsible for multiple successful launches of products within the pharmaceutical market. However, one specific incident had taught him the importance of empathy within a patient-centric approach. This episode has stuck with him ever since.

The incident occurred in 2015 when Thiel was launching a new product designed for treating hypophosphatasia, which is a genetic bone disease which starts manifesting in utero, causing babies to be born without proper bone structures. This resulted in children not being able to breathe without ventilation support due to a lack of a functioning ribcage.

The new treatment for hypophosphatasia required an injection which needed to be administered to the patient three to six times weekly. However, it was essential for all injections to be completed in a timely manner in order for the treatment to be successful. The challenge was that many children are scared of needles which can make it difficult to administer the treatment.

Thiel began to experiment with a psychological technique to overcome this issue. He had a nurse team use the “buddy concept” to help a young boy overcome his fear of needles. The team brought in a younger girl and administered the treatment in front of the boy. This helped the boy realize that if the younger girl can tolerate the treatment, he can as well.

This incident helped Thiel come to an important realization which would help him in many more of his business endeavors. He had realized that having empathy for patients and tending to their psychological needs could be just as important as having the right drug to treat an ailment.

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Sharon Prince Believes That A Hopeful Place Will Boost Perspective

Sharon Prince posted a blog sharing her thoughts about the importance of hopeful spaces. As Sharon reflects on milestones from the previous year she gets a reminder of the power that hopeful spaces can bring. She remembers how they can communicate as well as bring more good into the world. Sharon and her team are on a mission to eradicate contemporary slavery as well as gender-based violence.

Sharon moves on to describe buildings where there feels like a direct connection between humans and nature is made. She describes a couple of places with high ceilings and tons of glass exposing people to birds overhead or beautiful landscapes. These spaces are meant to inspire and bring about a welcoming and peaceful environment. The experience as she describes it can be quite stimulating for new perspectives.

The spaces taken on a hopeful quality because the setting really removes all human barriers and encourages people who visit the site to put away their phones and feel inspired to communicate face-to-face with others. They can enjoy their surroundings and appreciate the beautiful view. It’s about taking a moment to put the day aside and just take-in a lovely sight which is nature. Hopefully, this environment sparks the imagination and helps people come up with new perspectives and ideas.

While Sharon Prince wants to hope that space can help boost inspiration she does understand that it’s up to the individual to have the dreams, goals, and ambition. Still she believes that a restorative place can help advance good. Sharon is working on many big initiatives but the five staple ones are faith, community, justice, arts, and nature.

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Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides role in Healthcare

Healthcare has improved significantly in the recent years. People are now aware of their rights, and they will always prefer to work with healthcare companies that will give them excellent services that are not too expensive. InnovaCare Health has improved its services thanks to the changes that have been registered in the market. The institution has set the record straight, getting the first position in the competitive market. The healthcare plans from InnovaCare Health are very affordable, and they have been approved by the American government. Leadership has always determined how healthcare companies thrive. The people in charge of InnovaCare Health are experts and highly experienced.

Richard Shinto holds the most prestigious role in InnovaCare Health. The executive has been serving as president and chief executive officer for a while, and the success of the institution is accredited to him. Rick Shinto has a primary goal of ensuring that healthcare is improved in the United States, and that people from low income backgrounds are well taken care of. Patient satisfaction has always been his greatest goal in life. The business executive is a medic who has practiced for a very long time, working with patients in many parts of the country and learning how they are coping with life. Because he has served in healthcare for many years, Rick Shinto knows what the patients and doctors need so that they can work without pressure. Apart from being a medic, Shinto has been in leadership before joining InnovaCare Health. Being able to lead the team, he is in charge of has brought many achievements in the company.

InnovaCare Health doesn’t discriminate against women leaders who want to take prominent roles in the institution. Penelope Kokkinides is serving the healthcare company as the chief administrative officer, and she has delivered nothing but excellent results. The executive has never missed to fulfill her responsibilities, and she is one of the pillars that is holding the healthcare industry together and introducing positive changes in various departments. Working in healthcare for many years has given Penelope Kokkinides the kind of skills that are needed to run a public healthcare facility. 

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The Work of Alec Sellem

Alec Sellem has made a name for himself as a successful businessman. Sellum is s the CEO and founder of Sellem Industries LLC, a London based firm. Alec Sellum is responsible for the unique vision of this company. Over the years he has worked to build with energy conservation and business-minded professionals strong partnerships.

Alec Sellem is a native of France where he has received most of his education. He has also spent lots of time studying in Africa. Through numerous trips to this continent, Sellem has developed a connection with African countries because of their people, culture and unique landscape. Sellem has spent lots of time in Sierra Leone where he has been instrumental in building up the area. His company is responsible for mining and and refining locally sourced gold. Sellem places a great value on building relationships and boosting the economy over the long term.

Recently Alec Sellem sat down to discuss what it has taken for him to become successful. Sellem has always had a desire to be an entrepreneur. For years he has been interested in gold and the state of gold trade. Over the years he has worked hard to find ways bring together new and modern ways to mine and refine goal. Sellum has been intrigued with Africa since an early trip there while in school.

Sellem’s company Sellem Industries stands apart from similar groups in the industry. While working in Sierra Leone the company has developed infrastructures that have improved the daily lives of residents. His company has developed relationships with clients and has become a trusted part of the community.

Alec Sellem’s: Twitter.

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Impressionable Facts to Know About Richard Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time. His career has flourished over time due to the efforts and dedication he has put towards it. He started his journey when he invested in a firm based In Japan. While carrying out his activities in the country, the successful duo associated with well-known individuals that helped him overcome various challenges that he used to face in the industry. His career is one of the most outstanding ones and he continues to impress people through the things he does. In his first investment, Richard Liu transformed the company into a great venture with many chains that generated huge funds.

The career of Richard Liu has shaped him to the man he is today due to the high-end strategies he has continued to rely on for his successes. He has always kept is a vision on sight and he continues to rely on the great things that impact his career. The ideas that he has on the ways he can develop his business have always served as his guidelines when he faces challenges. He is also dedicated to eliminating the negative perspectives most people have towards workers. He believes that every worker has their rights and employers should use humanistic approaches when handling them. He encourages firm owners to pay attention to the things their workers bring up as by ignoring them, they end up being less effective in the firm’s development agendas.

He insists that workers who get to work in a conducive environment continue to help a company achieve its set goals based on the plans set ahead. Richard Liu has brought flexibility in his venture through the great approaches he uses in its running. Whenever he sets his plans, he ensures that they are backed up by great marketing strategies and models of winning clients. He knows the right time to implement his tactics and he involves other people on matters concerning the venture as he gets to come up with fast solutions to handle every issue he experiences in the venture. He is a respected entrepreneur due to his intelligence and focused nature.

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Lincolnshire Management Finalizes The Sale Of Holley Performance Products

It’s done! Lincolnshire Management has just sold Holley Performance Products to Sentinel Capital Partners. Lincolnshire Management is a class-leading private equity firm that majors in investing and acquiring lucrative middle-market companies. Holley Performance Products which designs, manufactures and markets aftermarket automotive performance products was one of the private equity firm’s top performers. This company had grown to become a market leader under the management of Lincolnshire Management. Holley had reached the epitome of its success under this private equity firm and succeed even more it needed to move to the next level. This was mentioned as one of the reasons for the sell of Holley by Lincolnshire Management. This next level will be under its new owner Sentinel Capital Partners.

Moving to the next level

Sentinel Capital Partners who bought Holley Performance Products are also a private equity firm. This private equity firm owns Driven Performance Brands which is also in the aftermarket automotive performance products sector. This private equity firm plans to merge Holley Performance products with Driven Performance Brands. According to Lincolnshire Management, this is precisely what Holley needs to move to the next step of its success.

Despite being the market leader in the United States, there still lies a lot of potential for the Holley Performance Products in the global market. This merger facilitated by Lincolnshire Management will put this company in a strong enough position to tackle the global market. The aftermarket automotive performance global market is very competitive. By the Holley joining its forces with Driven, it is likely to have enough muscle to stand out from the competition. In addition to this, the merger will give Holley the ability to meet the demand for the international market.

About Lincolnshire Management

Lincolnshire Management was launched in 1989 and has had a very admirable performance throughout its existence. Lincolnshire Management now has $1.7 billion in private equity capital under its supervision. The private equity firm has excelled in the acquisition of private companies, corporate divestitures, management buyouts, recapitalizations and public and private company’s growth equity. Lincolnshire Management focuses on promising companies across different industries in its business.

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Hyland’s Teething Tablets Impact To Health Sector

Its treatment features

Hyland’s Teething Tablets offers the medication of cold, cough and flu treatments. Later they advanced their medicine to provide a remedy for people who needed treatment. Some of the relief the tablet contains are pain and discomfort. Additionally, they eradicate the irritability in the mouth to swelling. Hyland’s Teething Tablets came up with those medications from their research institutions. Through hard work and persistence to satisfy their patients’ needs, they were able to find the solution. By developing the treatment, they have assisted parents in soothing their children when they feel pain.

Significance of the treatment

Hyland’s Teething Tablets came up with a treatment to curb gum sensitivity and oral discomfort. A mouth is a significant part of kids hence the need to innovate better remedies for them. The tablets they came up with was able to dissolve fast. Additionally, they offer a quick solution for oral discomfort. After consuming the drug, they allow kids to have an adequate sleep which is beneficial to recover. Hyland’s Teething Tablets contain Arnica Montana which treats swelling and relieving pain. Also, it contains coffee which curbs irritability and offers sleep. They do not contain Belladonna, dyes and Parabens hence being useful in terms of health.

Its background

Hyland’s Teething Tablets firm was formed in 1903. It is a segment of homeopathic which creates health drugs for people who consume more supplements. Some of the problems the firm curbs include such as nausea, oral pain relief, and allergies. Recently, Hyland’s Teething Tablets firm was awarded for its contribution to the health sector. Drug Store News Excellence gave it the award. Over the years, the firm has improved its customers to thousands in a short duration of time. It has been made possible by the staff and management for producing better products. Their vision is to continue innovating better treatments for symptoms people suffer.

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An inside look at the acquisition deal between Fortress Investment Group and Softbank

The past year has been one full of changes for New York-based alternative investment giant, Fortress Investment group. The company which is led by three principals, has been undergoing significant transitions following the closing of the $3.3 billion acquisition deal between it and Softbank in 2017. Even though Fortress will remain independent, being under Softbank is quite a big deal, and most of its activities in 2018 revolved around the integration of the firm into Softbank’s growth strategies.

Based on the comments of the leaders, both Fortress and Softbank seem to have been satisfied with the terms of the merger. Commenting on the matter, Softbank founder and chief executive officer, Masayoshi Son said that his company is excited to have a market leader like Fortress on board. Masayoshi also went ahead to add that he looks forward to benefitting from the expertise of its three principals who for the past two decades have displayed top shelf expertise by molding the company into a world-class investment firm. Besides having a respected asset management firm as part of its holdings, Softbank will also get to tap into Fortress’s top-notch management capabilities. Through the merger, Fortress Investment group now becomes the first hedge fund to go public and go private on the NYSE.

Even though they remain two separate entities despite the acquisition deal, both Fortress Investment Group and Softbank share a similar goal. They both plan on working together to strengthen their strategies and as a result, take over the private equity industry which is currently dominated by companies like Carlyle and the Blackstone Group. Both companies also benefit each other big time as Softbank inches closer to its goal of creating the most significant tech ecosystem while Fortress gets to tap into Softbank’s vast network of partners while at the same time operating in the private equity realm.

About Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a well-established alternative asset management firm which commenced its operations in 1998. Within its two decades in existence, Fortress has grown into a market leader, and oversees global assets worth over $40 billion and has over 1700 investors spread out across the world as its clients.

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