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Matt Badiali Used His Science Background And Education To Start A Financial Career

Former scientist Matt Badiali has all the information you need when it comes to investing in natural resources. He is an avid reader, researcher, and actually travels all over the world to see these natural resources in their environment. These stock recommendations are not just based on a feeling, but deep research and knowledge.

In the beginning of his career, Matt Badiali worked on the field as an environmental geologist in Miami. He learned from this experience that this type of work is really hard, dangerous, and dirty. Matt decided to go back to school to earn his Ph.D in sedimentary geology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Working as a scientist in the field was good experience, but Mr. Badiali wanted more. He joined Stansberry Research in 2005 as a author and analyst. The financial expert also taught geology at the University of North Carolina. Visit the website to learn more.

The scientist went to school for geology and earth sciences. He attended Florida Atlantic University and Penn State University. Matt earned both a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master’s degree from these two universities. Education is a top priority for him, and so he went to school to earn a solid education. Matt Badiali has not completely abandoned his science background altogether. He joined Banyan Hill in 2017 and became their chief resource investment expert. From this position, Matt created a very popular newsletter called Real Wealth Strategist. It helps inform average people are trends, investments, and information when it comes to natural resources.

Some of the recent trends Matt Badiali is informing his subscribers to is Canadian Cannabis sector, fertilizer ETF, gold, barrels of oil and much more. They are growing tremendously right now and are smart investments. Many of his recommendations have made double to triple digit gains. How does Matt Badiali gain a loyal follower base? He provides them with much more information than they expected to get. He even gives him subscribers a free e-letter each week to read up on more information. It is a smart business move on Mr. Badiali’s part to give more. This way people keep coming back and become loyal subscribers.

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Vijay Eswaran And The Birth Of QI Group

Malaysia is a beautiful place that is largely known for being a big tourist attraction. What Vijay Eswaran has done is make this a place that is also well known for producing successful businessman. Vijay is a product of Malaysia. He has been educated in London as well as America. Eswaran has become one of the richest men in Asia, and this is largely because of his connection to QI Group.

There are actually a lot of people in Malaysia and beyond that are fans of products of the QI Group, but they may not know much about this company or the business leader Vijay Eswaran. This has to do with the fact that this company has a lot of partnerships in place with other companies. There are representative that work for the QI group that are marketing and promoting products that are sold by other companies.

Many people that have heard of Vijay Eswaran recognize his strength as an entrepreneur because of the challenges that he has faced. When he initially established this direct selling network that has made him successful it was during a time where Asia was actually going through a financial crisis.

Many entrepreneurs would have been scared to make attempts at establishing a business during those times. What Vijay did was go against the grain and look for a way to engage one company into a multitude of different things for different people.

Vijay realized that there would be a need for retail products for some consumers. Others would take interest in QI Group companies that are connected to education platforms or real estate. What Eswaran wanted to do was create a platform for a number of people that were interested in a variety of different things. He has accomplished that with the QI Group.

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Jason Hope Explains Why The Internet Of Things Is The Next Revolution

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur in the mobile technology sector. After earning an MBA at Arizona State University, he started a company in January 2004 that offered premium text messaging services. This company was very successful and enabled him to now make a living by investing in companies that offer mobile services. He is also highly interested in the Internet of Things and investment opportunities in that area. For more information read about Jason Hope on Crunchbase.

He recently said that any entrepreneur should maintain a healthy sense of doubt about their business. This makes you very aware of what is going on in your industry and what you need to do in order to stay ahead of the competition. It is how an entrepreneur handles failures that decides whether they will be successful or not. Jason Hope says that failing teaches a lot more things to you than succeeding ever will.

When it comes to advertising your company’s products or services, he says that the most effective marketing takes place on social media, assuming you have the time to use it right. He says that social media is a great way to connect your brand to people. It’s easy to share news about your company and keep it at the top of consumer’s minds. It can also lead to new business opportunities.

He’s a futurist who is always trying to see where the field of technology is headed. Jason Hope says that it is the Internet of Things that will be the next revolution. Every type of device will be able to communicate over the internet, especially once 5G is enabled. This will help everyone by using resources more effectively, providing a safer environment, and making life a lot more convenient.

Jason Hope says that philanthropy is basically a second business for him as he pursues it passionately. One of his proudest moments of philanthropy took place when he handed over a $500,000 check to the SENS Foundation. This nonprofit is researching how to extend human life. Most healthcare research is focused on curing diseases. Instead, the SENS Foundation is researching how to prevent age-related diseases from occurring to begin with.

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Bernardo Chua Passion in Traditional Medicine

As innovation in modern medicine continues, traditional supplements are being modernized too. Medical experts in the realm of traditional medicine are carrying out research to develop medicinal products from natural plants. Bernardo Chua is a celebrated medical professional who mainly deals with traditional supplements. The main use of supplements is to add value to your body by providing nutrition elements that may be lacking in your diet.

Mr Chua learned about traditional supplements from his Chinese grandparents. He has been carrying out research to develop medicinal uses from Ganoderma mushroom. This type of mushroom can be found growing on logs, trees, and wood around the globe. The mushroom is highly valued in China and Asian countries for its medicinal properties. Mr Chua developed a passion for herbal medicine when he was a young man.

Bernardo Chua attended the University of Santo Tomas where he earned his bachelor of science. He submerged himself in the work environment as a purchasing manager in a family business. The whole family worked in the garment manufacturing plant. After serving in the family-owned business, Mr Chua moved to a local Filipino travel agency where he was responsible for the management of the firm.

His management skills started to manifest as he grew the business from a small travel agency to a large travel agency. Due to his expertise, he was invited to manage Gano excel which had just opened a branch in the Philippines. Leveraging on his knowledge and skills in herbal medicine, he marketed the company’s products in international markets. Some of the popular products he was dealing with are Ganoderma infused tea, coffee, and other supplements. Under his leadership, the company experienced tremendous growth as it expanded to North America.

In 2008, Bernardo Chua decided to start a traditional medical firm to cover the niche of Ganoderma product that was existing in the market. He founded a company known as ORGANO Gold. The company is now operating in more than 35 countries around the world.

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Invention is the mother of necessity; Jojo Hedaya

It is quite surprising that many inventions made in recent years are from young persons. This cannot be an exception when it comes to Unroll.Me, an email subscription management service. It is a life simplifier for many around the globe. Jojo Hedaya is a co-founder of Unroll.Me. An invention by two close college students.

Jojo is a true role model for young people with talents and skills. It is always possible to pursue talent and skills in life. Though having not completed college, he has made an impact on society in a very helpful manner to many people all over the world. He motivates anyone with a skill to put it into practice. Clearly shows that all problems have a solution. He did start by solving his email sorting problem and ever since it has been a smooth ride with his emails.

Benefits the world got from Jojo’s skills and experience

The world always has several benefits or suffers damages from everyone who so passes on the face of the Earth. For Jojo, he has made a great advantageous impact on the world. Having grown up in New York, he flew abroad for his college education in Israel. I would like to put it as answering a destiny call. There he met a great person Josh whom they shared several similarities, and together they conquer the problem of having clattered email.

Unroll.Me has enabled many people to manage their emails. Just like Jojo had failed to manage his email communication flow, many people suffer the same problem. However, with Unroll.Me, it is possible to condense all subscriptions into one clean email to be received at users’ convenient time he/she sets to go through the emails received every single day.

He is a great leader in the society with him bearing the weight of being a CEO at a very young age.

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Nitin Khanna ‘S Revolutionary Life And Times

Nitin Khanna is one of the names that is revolutionizing the way we view the concept of medical cannabis. Through the recent studies conducted on the benefits of a certain class of cannabinoids found in marijuana plants. Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is extracted and can be used in the treatment of chronic pain, certain skin conditions and even severe epilepsy. Nitin Khanna is one of the numerous investors that are at the forefront of the cannabis and CBD industry and is determined to grow the industry to an even bigger market share. Until May of 2018, Nitin Khanna was the CEO of Cura Cannabis solutions which had high hopes of becoming the leading provider of cannabis oil and other related brands throughout the United States.

Born in India in 1971, Nitin Khanna spent a lot of time in various business enterprises. Apart from his father who served as a colonel in the army, the rest of Nitin Khanna ‘s family was engaged in different businesses and this exposure built up an entrepreneurial spirit in him at a very young age. At the age of 8 Nitin Khanna was sent to boarding school. Nitin Khanna then migrated to America at the age of 17, and while in America he got an undergraduate and master’s degree in industrial engineering from Purdue University in Portland. His brother then joined him in the United States in the year 1999.

In the year 1999, Nitin Khanna and his brother went on to start a software company named Saber software. Over the next 10 years Saber grew to become the largest standalone provider of government services in the United States. It is known for providing services such as unemployment registration, driver licenses issuing and perhaps one of the services it is well known for is the election software which is used to manage all aspects of the election process in 21 states in the country. By the time Nitin Khanna left the company, Saber had grown to 1200 employees and an estimated revenue of $120 million. Nitin Khanna is currently the CEO of MergerTech which is a mergers and acquisitions firm that caters for tech startups that are looking to sell their businesses and expand.

Read about Khanna’s insights on execution based leadership

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Bhanu Choudhrie on Why New Businesses Need to Take Risks

Bhanu Choudhrie is a popular entrepreneur and investor, who has made a name for himself in the investment space ever since he started in it in 2001. Now nearing his two decades in the industry, the 40 year old investor has obtained the kind of respect that doesn’t come easy to anyone.

Choudhrie’s story comes as a mix of different experiences. But all of which have remained positive in his life and have made him the person and entrepreneur that he is today.

Whether it was his decision to complete his early education in India, or getting his bachelor’s degree from the University of Boston; whether it was his choice to go to Harvard Business School to complete one of its coveted management programs, or his desire to start his own business in his early twenties; all of these decisions have led to Choudhrie’s personal development and made him to be the successful entrepreneur that he is today.

Currently the founder and executive director at C&C Alpha Group, Bhanu Choudhrie helps startups scale by letting his firm act as their incubator. C&C Alpha Group also acts as an injector to those late stage companies who have hit a hurdle and want to be helped with some capital and/or expertise by a firm that specializes in corporate overhaul.

Through these practices, Bhanu Choudhrie helps such companies with the assistance of his exceptionally proficient staff, each of whom excel at their respective jobs. That is why, when Choudhrie took some time to advise new businesses to take risks, it was something that turned quite a few heads. Learn more about the group’s portfolio at

Here’s what Bhanu Choudhrie had to say.

Why Businesses Should Take Risks

Businesses need to take risks because they cannot avail lucrative opportunities if they play safe.

According to Bhanu Choudhrie, three out of five investments end up failing on an average basis. But that doesn’t stop businesses from keep going with their gut. If they fail, they fail. If they succeed, then they have added a success story to their roster.

Whether it is about a certain business model, a product, or a service, make sure to take risks when appropriate (given your finances and other factors), and just go where the ride takes you. This approach would help you achieve success even if you are also prepared for failure in your mind.

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Expert analysts Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is among the elite reporters in Brazil with expertise and real-world experience in the sectors he reports. Having a unique perspective in the area of infrastructure affords Felipe the ability to formulate great insight and fact revealing reports.

It was reported by Mr. Jens the huge R$44 billion economic stimulus initiative to formulate many projects and create thousands of jobs. These funds were used to develop over 50 projects across 20 plus sectors. Felipe reported these projects are to include job creations as a result of road work projects, airport projects, ports and the selling of various government ran organizations. These projects are plans for laying -and improving roadways totaling over 800 kilometers, which significantly improve the movement goods throughout Brazil. Read more about Montoro Jens at

Belo Horizonte is the place of Felipe’s report, where he shared the success of the public lighting project. The project is projected to be completed by 2020, and when completed will have completed the upgrade of all the public lights in the city, totaling an astounding 182,000 lights to LED lights. An LED light is much more efficient than traditional lighting, and this project is reported to save millions over the years.

The Light Rail in the state of Bahia is reported by Felipe to be implementing a major project to expand and upgrade the route. Felipe reported this rail system will cover 19 miles and will enhance the lives of over 1.5 million Brazilians. The LRV network includes 21 stops and will create jobs until its projected date of completion in 20131. Felipe also reported on the construction of four new prisons located Maranhao state planned by a coalition of public and private partners.

Mr. Montoro also reported on a vast infrastructure project in Piaui state, which will bring high-speed internet access. This internet upgrade project will include the implementation of fiber optic infrastructure to over 1,500 access points.




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All about Robert Deignan and his digital solutions

It is not always that you will find a company committed to solving its customers’ technical problems remotely. Considering the expertise and the hassle that goes into this feat, not many would want to go this road. However, this is not the case for one Robert Deignan who saw a business opportunity in solving user’s technological problems remotely.

Robert Deignan is one person who learns something and never wants to let go until he applies it practically. This is exactly what he did when he learned that so many users were facing difficulties trying to solve issues related to their electronic gadgets like computers. He co-founded ATS Digital services just for this purpose. However, it would be noted that the whole plot had started way back.

Born in Fort Lauderdale in Florida, Robert was a sharp kid from a young age. His talents in sports were exemplary and would occasionally be called for special sports appearances. In fact, he attended the Purdue University courtesy of a full football scholarship. After his graduation with a degree in Organizational Leadership, Robert went on to get employed at Miami Dolphins and NY Jets in 1997 and 1998 respectively.

After having worked at the two companies, Robert got an idea to venture into business and that is when he founded his first startup, Fanlink Inc. He was to expand later to the current position at ATS Digital Services.

The idea about ATS came about after Robert worked for an Anti-Malware company. In the course of their work, some users would complain of their machines failing to install the company’s software. On further probe, the company noticed that malware had been used to stop their software from installing. This is when the company came up with the idea of using a remote connection to solve its customers’ technical problems.

When Robert finally decided to venture on his own, he saw a business opportunity in the same model of helping clients solve their technical issues through remote connection. Together with his partners, they founded ATS Digital that hopes to make digital troubleshooting much convenient and less costly to the end user.

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The Story of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert, former CEO and chairman of the company United Technologies Corporation, has had a major impact on the business world during his career. He began his career by serving as Production General Manager at General Motors for 14 years. Next, he went on to work at Pratt & Whitney in 1993, eventually becoming president of the company from 1999 to 2006. After that, he went on to work at United Technologies Corporation, or UTC, to eventually take on the role he is now most famous for. He was elected President and CEO of UTC in 2008 as well as Chairman in 2010. Chenevert also is a member of the Executive Committees of the Business Council as well as the Business Roundtable. He is also a member of the US-India CEO forum.

Louis Chenevert was able to come in and completely change the future of UTC when he took over as CEO. He was able to realize there was potential in the Pratt & Whitney geared turbofan. He was able to recognize how big of an impact this type of GTF engine would eventually have on the world while he was still president of Pratt & Whitney in 1999. Once Chenevert later began working as CEO for UTC, he had the idea to marry the two companies together. UTC invested over $10 billion and two whole decades into developing this particular jet engine. The GTF is currently flown by more than 14 airlines and on more than 70 different aircraft because it lowers emissions by over 50 percent as well as reduces fuel consumption by 16 percent.


Chenevert was able to realize the importance of investing in technology in order to help the company continue to grow and stay strong for many years to come. His ideas have resulted in many new U.S. manufacturing jobs being created. There are currently Pratt & Whitney plants in New York, Florida, Georgia, Connecticut, Michigan, and Maine. In just the next three years, UTC is expecting to create over 5,000 new positions as well as provide jobs for more than 25,000 people.

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