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Ashley Lightspeed and Different Companies

Ashley Lightspeed and Uber

If Uber does pull of the feat of earning back its reputation, introduce some new products and services, and keep its riders and drivers happy, then programs like the RTD ticket sales might just prove to be worth it in the long run.

For now, the people in Denver could plan their rides through Uber’s app – whether they end up paying Uber for that is another matter altogether.

But this is a good thing in the grand scheme of things. This means that the company can bring out more use cases with its transportation platform. To know more visit at

Ashley Lightspeed and Advertising

A new advertising company is on the horizon. As one company that aims to bring about compelling solutions for through its advertising solutions, Firefly looks like it can make a difference. So, how would it do this?

They have the solution, they just need to have the right amount of capital.

The investment was impressive to say the least. But as different as Firefly’s business model seemed to be, it wasn’t that surprising to see large scale venture capital firms such as GV putting in their trust in it.

Much of that could be attributed to the startup’s idea, how it pulls it off, and how it is being received by its target market.

What is Firefly and What Does It Do?

Firefly is a digital billboard marketing company that develops and operates electronic signage for vehicles. The company’s especially designed electronic billboards are installed on top of cars, where they could run any kind of ads on their fully-colored, TV-like screens to bring their own twist of mobility to outdoor advertising.

This is what adds value. When a company adds a new twist to their offerings.


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How Isabel dos Santos Advocates for Equality at Work in Her Continent

Hailing from Angola, entrepreneur Isabel dos Santos is a strong personality in different fields. She is the first daughter of Jose Eduardo, Angola’s former president who was in office between 1979 and 2017. In research conducted by Forbes, Isabel is one of the world’s wealthiest women and the richest in her continent. She is also a devoted philanthropist and a committed business professional who shares insight regarding how African women can become successful in business. Isabel acquired her assets by becoming a member of many companies across the world. She not only invested in Angola and Africa but other parts of the world. Santos has been an excellent businessperson in the community. She has a hands-on approach to matters affecting her community.

Being a successful woman, she has taken it upon herself to mentor young women by providing them with the chance to gain access to vital resources needed to build a business. Isabel has also been recognized for being one of the world’s most influential women. She is determined to change the world by assisting young women in venturing into a rewarding business. Her wealth comes directly from her businesses. Forbes named Isabel dos Santos one of the wealthiest women in the world following her input in the world’s economy.

She has also been known for mentoring young women by assisting them in venturing into high-paying jobs. Isabel dos Santos is determined to change the way in which women in her community are marginalized and tossed aside when it comes to accessing viable work opportunities. Dos Santos owns significant shares in different companies. For instance, she has stakes in ZON Multimedia and Banco BPI. She is also a shareholder at Unitel International Holdings.

Isabel dos Santos is an alumnus of King’s College where she took engineering. She has since been able to start businesses and support the desires of women of Africa when it comes to advancing their education. Isabel implores women who have become successful in their careers to assist her in training young entrepreneurs to become successful too. She is determined to support her cause. Isabel is confident that Africa will soon be a hub for high-profile businesses.

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Ashley Lightspeed’s Creativity

Ashley is a partner at The Lightspeed Ventures, a company which has significantly transformed the digital media industry as well as consumer consumption. She believes that her creative background helps her bring ideas to life.

Ashley learned to think divergently while still young; she came from the family of an architect and a seamstress. Ashley believes that conducting a considerable amount of research and user testing is imperative when trying to convert an idea to life. To her, this helps in determining whether or not the plan will flourish when actualized and presented to the market. She believes that her ability to keep things flexible also comes in handy. Check out to read full interview of Ashley Lightspeed.

An Exciting Trend Ashley Admires

Ashley Lightspeed is fascinated by the population shift in which the Boomer generation will be retiring soon, creating enough space for more seniors to flood the market. She believes that this shift ensures increased innovation in products and services meant for the older population. What makes her obsessed with this trend is the fact that the older generation will be able to age at home as opposed to nursing homes which will in return open up more areas for investment.

To Ashley, such a shift might have been inspired by an increase in Medicare. To her, the three areas that will be well hit by this shift are financial services, which is a vital area for innovation, in-home IoT technologies, and care services. This shift will, therefore, provide several opportunities such as the provision of financial solutions.

A Habit That Ashley Believes Has Made Her Stand Out as An Entrepreneur

Ashley Lightspeed holds that her ability to keep in touch with the people she meets has helped her a great deal. She believes that from such connections, she obtains a deal flow since the entrepreneurs and friends she is in touch with as well have acquaintances elsewhere, which creates a web. Therefore, if she needs a favor or an insight into a specific field, getting one would not be a problem due to her connections.

Ashley advises other entrepreneurs to develop a natural curiosity to learn about people and create connections. She, as well, urges that one should record and take seriously customer observations and insights, an idea she learned when she was a store associate at the bookstore while pursuing her first degree. Read more:

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Desiree Perez, the Game Changer in the Entertainment Industry

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez has made a name from herself in the music industry over the years. The Chief Operations Officer of Roc Nation has worked with Jay Z for the last two decades. Desiree’s musical career has witnessed her working at different top positions. Perez has worked as head of marketing, promotions manager, and record label president. Jay Z can’t regret having Desiree Perez in his management team.

Since joining Jay Z at Roc Nation a decade ago, Jay Z has made tremendous evolution within the music industry. The unmatched material expertise of Desiree Perez saw her appear in the Billboard Power 100 list of 2019. Her name appeared in the list at position 41 alongside Jay Brown and Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, her business associates.

Jay Z started Roc Nations and hired Jay Brown as the Chief Executive Officer. Desiree has witnessed Jay z proper in the music industry. In 2018, he broke the appearance record of the On the Run II tour that saw the company make a gross profit of $254 million. His solo tour made $45.5 million and another one with Beyonce, his wife that made $235.5 million.

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez started working with Jay Z in 1996. Kareem “Biggs” Burke, the Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder, played a critical role in their connection. Perez is the force behind the signing of musical contracts associated with Jay in the company’s Tidal app for music streaming.

Besides, she is very influential in the artist’s business negotiations. Desiree and her husband Juan Perez are Hova Circle of Influence’s members. The group includes professional investors that have interests in the entertainment industry.

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How Isabel dos Santos has Redefined Economic Sustainability in Angola

Isabel dos Santos is a popular figure in international economic forums. She is one of the professionals that have reshaped the global conversations on sustainability and more importantly — on poverty eradication measures. Isabel dos Santos is a believer in policies and more significantly better implementation of economic policies. Her journey signifies hard work, determination, and love for humanity.

Isabel dos Santos is a product of the best education systems in the world. Studying in Angola and then in Europe reshaped her view on life and more notably — the importance of good leadership. During her education journey, she interacted with children from around the world. She attributes these interactions to her global view on different factors (BBC).

Although she is from Angola, her global view is still unmatched —, especially on women empowerment. The exposure and socialization during her education life assisted Isabel dos Santos to set up some empowerment programs for women and young people in his native country.

Isabel dos Santos also has one of the best views on work. As a leader in the corporate world, she is a believer in productivity. However, productivity according to her is multifaceted. First, she points out that ideal policies are critical to any productive company. A company must design policies that encourage people to work hard and more importantly motivate them. Second, Isabel dos Santos understands the importance of remuneration in the corporate space. Her speeches in different forums have pointed out the importance of good pay in the competitive corporate space. She believes that well-remunerated employees are more productive — compared to employees under the minimum wage.

Finally, she is part of different charity events in Africa and around the world. According to Isabel, taking part in philanthropy is one of her best contributions to humanity and more importantly to a better world. In Angola for example, she is one of the highest contributors to medical charity events. In the last three years, she has invested a lot of her resources on funding Malaria eradication projects. These programs assist Isabel to reach more people. In a recent feature on BBC, she was identified as one of the few women in Africa, redefining charity in the medical niche.

If you want to know more about Dos Santos´achievements please follow us at

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Isabel Dos Santos At The Heart Of Women Empowerment

Isabel Dos Santos got into the commercial operations as a 24-year old. The firstborn daughter of Jose dos Santos, Angola’s former president, developed a knack for business and has grown her empire over the years. Her first business venture was in Luanda Island where she set up a restaurant in the late 1990s.

In the subsequent years, she expanded her portfolio as she sought to diversify her investments. She has assets in the energy, finance as well as the media industry. Her ability to aptly strategize her business moves enabled her to grow up the corporate world with ease.

See more on Wikipedia.

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Não é comum cruzar-me com mulheres em cargos de topo nas administrações de empresas. Muitas vezes sou a única mulher numa sala de reuniões. Podemos mudar esta realidade? Acredito que podemos! Temos de olhar para as nossas empresas e implementar medidas concretas que transformem mentalidades. Como gestora, incentivo desde cedo o empowerment das mulheres, seja na contratação em igual número, na igualdade salarial ou na evolução das suas carreiras. Este é o espírito que incentivo enquanto empresária e que espero ver chegar a todas as empresas do continente africano. Leia mais no meu blogue #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Mulheres #WomenEmpowerment #Liderança I don’t often come across women in top management positions. I am often the only one in the meeting room. Can we not change this reality? I believe we can! We have to take a good hard look at our companies and implement real actions that will shift mindsets. As a manager, I have nurtured the empowerment of women from very early on, ensuring that hiring numbers are balanced, salaries are equal and that career paths are equally open to both genders. This is the spirit that I embrace as a manager; and the one that I hope to see prospering in all companies on the African continent. Read more in my blog

A post shared by Isabel Dos Santos ( on

Forbes ranked her as the first African woman billionaire in 2013. Her various assets were mostly responsible for the impressive rankings. The success of Isabel Dos Santos in the industry has gone beyond the expectations of most of her peers. This success has not kept her from seeking more ground in the business world. She desires to see more African women follow in her steps.

She has taken part in various business engagements where she brushed shoulders with high-ranking businesspeople. The $1.5 billion takeover of Portuguese Telecom is one of the high-level meetings she has handled. Isabel Dos Santos has also interacted with investors from all walks of life. Such interactions have enabled her to take great strides in her business endeavors.

Isabel Dos Santos has made it a point to empower other ladies. A good number of women empowerment projects have her footprints written all over them. Women in Huila benefit from the strawberry plantations in their area. Appropriate gender reforms may be the answer to the transformation of Africa according to the seasoned entrepreneur.

The ultimate goal of women empowerment is to step up the wealth creation capacity of the continent. She has dedicated most of her time and efforts to bring this vision to life. Isabel Dos Santos is keen on changing the back-seat role that had been designated to women for a very long time now. She believes that it is only a matter of time before the state of the continent changes for the better.

She spent her formative years in London where she attended school. She moved back to Angola with a bid to grow her business scope.


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Ashley Lightspeed’s Career of Prototyping

Ashley Lightspeed grew up wanting to emulate her father and become an architect. She spent many hours of her childhood building and drawing designs. After going to Duke, Lightspeed decided she wanted to go into business building rather than architecture. After graduation, she landed a consulting job at Bain.

Bain gave her several year of experience and the drive to want to learn something in Silicon Valley. She joined Thumbtack as a Category Manager supporting customer growth in Weddings and Events. Prototyping was a big part of both Bain and Thumbtack for Lightspeed, and she believes that prototyping allows one to “fail fast and iterate faster”. See more of Ashley at

Ashley Lightspeed’s next business move was towards venture capital. The idea of being able to see and support trends before they happened piqued Lightspeed’s curiosity, so she studied at Stanford and focused her attention as a consultant to startups and thinking about starting her own business.

At Lightspeed, Ashley Lightspeed’s role is in consumer investing, which allows her to work with start ups to achieve their growth strategy. Her early interest in craftsmanship allows her to create and build start ups but also put care into creations and business helping start ups. Lightspeed’s insights into the female-driven consumer retail market, which is the core of the United States economy, have been invaluable to boot.

Ashley Lightspeed works full time at Lightspeed, but still gets to flex her consultant role muscles while she meets with entrepreneurs throughout her work week and helps them achieve growth goals and sustainability. Lightspeed uses journaling as her way to self reflect, organize her thoughts and make sure her life is lived in a purposeful way. Lightspeed believes that being flexible and being able to pivot are two essential skills of an entrepreneur. Lightspeed credits the ability to pivot as one of the marks of a successful entrepreneur.



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Deirdre Baggot’s Career At Large

Deirdre Baggot has more than ten years’ experience in healthcare, payment bundles, and business strategy. She has also worked in various companies and organizations in the United States of America. She is currently living in Denver, Co with all-round education aimed at improving the state of the organizations. Explore on to discover more about this icon plus her career achievements. Learn more on

Deirdre Baggot’s educational background

Deirdre Baggot graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Southern Illinois Edwardsville. She then went ahead to pursue her master’s degree in Business Administration from Quinlan School of Business, Loyola University Chicago.

After the master’s degree, Deirdre got a scholarship to pursue her Doctor of Philosophy from University of Colorado, Denver.

Work experience

Deirdre Baggot began her healthcare business in 1997 immediately after graduating from the university. She started her career at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She was open to challenges. Though she was hired as a resource coordinator and staff nurse she gladly accepted the role of the hospital’s administration group manager. As the hospital manager, she helped the hospital to gain funding needed to obtain additional resource vital to patient care and cared for the needs of the patients and employees.

Deirdre took on another role as a business administrator in the University of Michigan Health System. She was therefore responsible for improving efficiency, quality control, and safety. Surprisingly, she managed to bring out changes that led to improvements in her area of specialization. Besides, the university gained Learn/Six Sigma certification. Derdre was given an award recognizing her for Outstanding Leadership in Safety.

She was employed at Cardiac and Vascular Institute as part of SCLHealth as a senior Administrator supervising 450 employees and overseeing marketing, payer contracting, business development, acquisitions and recruitments among other vital areas of the organization. She also managed to lead the company to open 11 new clinic locations in the area. For this, she was highly credited.

Other fields

She is a regular visitor to the National Public Radio where she contributes to shows like ‘’All Things Considered Morning’’ plus ‘’Morning Edition’’. She is also the chairperson of the National Bundled Payment Summit. She, therefore, helps people to find innovative solutions to the many complexities associated with the modern payment system.



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Doe Deere—when luck turns the table around!

Some events can be very life changing, there were many in Doe Deere’s life as well. Especially in the spring of 1999, Doe, her mother, and sister met the social worker who introduced them to a non-profit legal organization named as Sanctuary for Families. The organization helped women immigrants who were in a bad situation.

Dorchen Leidholdt, the leader of the organization helped them get back onto their feet. She provided Doe’s mother a good job of an accountant, Doe Deere soon got into a Fashion Institute of Technology, from there her walk of achieving her dream started. Her sister also got enrolled in Columbia University and graduated on scholarship.

By the following year 2000, the family was able to afford a home of their own and run a life they once wished of. By late 2000’s Doe adopted a moniker, “Doe Deere” and followed her passion of becoming an entrepreneur. By 2008 she founded her own make up company and named it as “Lime Crime” and no doubt it was a huge achievement. She initially hired 35 women from Los Angeles and gave them the opportunity that every woman dreams of while working a job. For twenty long years, the famous and one of the most successful business owners, Doe Deere, achieved her dream that she dreamt of in her teens. She is heartily thankful to America, and the people she was surrounded with at the most vulnerable stage of her life, who helped her to the extent that a homeless became a CEO.

She considers herself a lucky lady because she along with her family emigrated from Russia to America and received so much affection and help by the society which they risked all at once while leaving Russia. They enjoy the best luxuries in the world now. If a homeless, like Doe can make herself capable of achieving goals and dreams, being a CEO currently, what’s your excuse then?

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Meet the Change behind Healthcare Industry: Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre Baggot is a reputable icon in the healthcare sector and an accomplished expert in bundled payment sector. Today, she works with the Camden Group as their vice president in Los Angeles, California. The transformation Baggot has brought to the healthcare industry has given her an international recognition.

The academic accomplishments of Deirdre Baggot are admired by thousands of people across the globe. She has a bachelor of science in Nursing from the University of Southern Illinois University. She later went to Loyola University where she pursued her Masters in Business Administration course. Within some time, she went ahead and pursued a Doctor of Philosophy degree. Very few people have such an amazing academic journey and this is the reason why many admire Ms. Baggot. Connect with Deirdre Baggot by visiting her linkedin account.

The career journey of the amazing Deirdre Baggot started in 1997. Since then, the construction of her career has been an inspiration to many especially most women from all over the world. She kicked off as a resource coordinator, a staff nurse, and a hospital administration at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital. After her services to the organization for almost six years, she proceeded to work at the Ann Arbor-based in Michigan. Here she worked as a business analyst and an administrative manager.

She has slowly become the most notable icon in the entire field because of her impressive performance in all the organizations she has worked in. In 2006, she went to Denver in Colorado where she worked as a senior administrator at the renowned Cardiac and Vascular Institute. This is a subsidiary to the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth health.

Within four years, Baggot had secured another position at the GE Healthcare Partners based in California, Los Angeles. She left a remarkable legacy from her expertise in the entire payment consultancy and processing in organizations. She grew the company’s revenue to over $6.6 million. In her entire career, she has implemented and designed more than 200 hospital establishments.

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