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Lawrence Bender’s Hollywood Life

Lawrence Bender is a Hollywood producer responsible for some of the most notable independent films of the 1990s and the 2000s. Known predominantly for his collaborations with director Quentin Tarantino, Lawrence Bender had his first breakthrough hit with Tarantino’s debut, Reservoir Dogs. The film is a classic piece of cinema involving a group of loosely aligned criminals dealing with the chaotic aftermath of a jewel heist gone wrong. While the movie’s avant-garde direction and nonlinear timeline made the film a gamble, Bender’s gambit paid off and kickstarted a lucrative career as a producer.

Tarantino continued his partnership with Lawrence Bender through much of their respective careers which includes Pulp Fiction (where he cameos as “long-haired yuppie scum”), the Kill Bill series, and Inglourious Basterds. Lawrence Bender would also have multiple collaborations with Robert Rodriquez on projects such as From Dusk til Dawn and Four Rooms which also involved Tarantino. During this period, Bender also served as producer for Good Will Hunting which launched the careers of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. All through the 90s, Bender showed a knack for taking on projects with independent filmmakers and making stars.

As Lawrence Bender moved into the 2000s, he produced the Al Gore documentary An Inconvenient Truth which has since become synonymous with climate change awareness. Other Bender-produced documentaries include The Youngest Candidate in 18-20 years running for public office and Countdown to Zero on nuclear proliferation during the War on Terror. Moving into the 2010s, Bender produced Mel Gibson’s gritty war piece Hacksaw Ridge and Martin Scorsese’s spiritual epic Silence, again demonstrating a desire to produce films somewhat out of synch with the rest of the Hollywood trends. Bender also returned to produce An Inconvenient Sequel and the upcoming Kill Bill: Vol 3. Lawrence Bender has made a long and profitable career in Hollywood by embracing enthusiastic independence in filmmakers, wowing audiences and shaping cinema for three decades.

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Crystal Hunt: Shaking Up The World Of Reality TV

If you ever wondered what happened to One Life to Live’s Stacey Morasco the answer is simple – real life personality Stacey Hunt has taken on the task of creating and pitching a made for TV drama, and the footage of all this was captured and turned into a reality TV show. Sound like a lot? The girl makes it look simple. Come on…the soap opera princess takes on the world of reality television. That’s entertainment!

Crystal and five other actresses of soap shows are live on location filming the steps to make their drama series creation turn from pitch to picked up. Dark haired lovely Lindsay Hartley – you may remember her as Theresa from the show Passions is one. West Coast cutie Vanessa Marcil – played as Brenda Barrett on General Hospital is also on. African American heart throb Chrystee Pharris – Simone Russell on the Passions soap and girlfriend of Zach Braff aka Dr. Dorian on Scrubs is another. Sizzling hot Hunter Tylo – also known as Dr. Taylor Hayes from the show The Bold & The Beautiful has still got it. Donna Mills – most of us know this ageless beauty from the night time drama Knott’s Landing,is in full effect.

It’s exciting to see the camera crew set up their tripods, crew using the cameras, action charts, light blocking screens and professional equipment being used. You actually get to see the girls during the writing process and even see them read the lines during rehearsals. Watching the wardrobe their stylists selects and seeing how the whole team works together makes you feel like you’re actually there on the set with them.

Seeing these former soap characters that we tune in to during prime time TV hours, keeps you on the edge of your seat. We used to sit with baited breath waiting for the next scene and now get to see these ladies work together in real life. It’s phenomenal.

Although acting is her first love, Crystal Hunt decided to expand her repertoire and add producing to it. For Queens of Drama to be her first reality show, she’s doing a terrific job.

As this interview captures, Crystal’s acting career goes beyond One Life to Live, she’s even played on Guiding Light, and with Zac Efron in the movie The Derby Stallion. For someone as young and gifted as she is, Crystal sharing talent with us is wonderful.  Make sure to follow her on Instagram to keep up with her career as she goes along.

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Sergio Cortes Brings Michael Jackson To Life On Stage

Michael Jackson’s personality and career as the King of Pop have created a larger than life persona that many seek to impersonate, but few come quite as strikingly close to bringing him to life as Sergio Cortes. Sergio has a successful career in the entertainment industry as a celebrity impersonator, and is often described as one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators in the world. From a young man in Spain to a world famous performer,

Sergio became enamored with Michael as a young child watching the Jackson Five on TV. He never missed an opportunity to watch the group, paying particular attention to the youngest in the group. The “Bad” era found a then middle school aged Sergio copying the singers’ style and practicing his dance moves, ultimately giving him his start in the celebrity impersonation industry when he was recognized for his talent and a snapshot went viral of his likeness. Since being discovered, he has traveled the world sharing his talent and uncanny ability to bring Michael Jackson back to life.

Currently Sergio Cortes‘ career is managed by the Destiny Projects entertainment company and resides in Brazil. His performances are one of a kind, delighting fans of all ages and truly captivating the audience, bringing the former King of Pop to life. His appearance, actions, voice and talent so closely resemble the former pop stars that people refer to him as Michael Jackson’s body double even. Between Facebook and Twitter, he has over seventeen thousand adoring fans, all eagerly awaiting his newest project “Human Nature Live Show” to be held in Italy.

To really grasp the perfection that is his performance, you must see it in action. The lights, sound effects, image, his dance moves, the back-up singers, and music combine to make an intoxicating, almost unreal experience. Check YouTube for videos of his performance and see it for yourself. If you ever have the opportunity to catch his shows live, you will not be disappointed. Be prepared to be awed at his ease on stage, and to forget that you are not watching the late King of Pop himself, but a celebrity impersonator.

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