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TJ Maloney: The Man With A Plan

After reading an article that relates to a Q&A with TJ Maloney, there have been many interesting facts about him. He is currently the main man behind Lincolnshire Management. This company is one of those private equity firms in the great city of New York that focuses on investing their profits to multiple middle-class market businesses.

The article mentioned that growing up, TJ Maloney studied, multiple laws relating to acquisitions, security measures, and merging processes as well.

This company started back in 1986 and seven years later, TJ Maloney joined the team and focused on the company’s investment portfolio at that time. Ever since then, TJ Maloney maintains the company’s primary goal, which is to ensure growth in their daily operational growth.

Looking back on his life before becoming a CEO, TJ Maloney was the former leader of the Boston College Wall Street Council. He also represented the Board of Trustees at Fordham University, Boston College, and Tilton School. Before that, he was a representative for the Board of Directors and was part of the Executive Team for the English Speaking Union of the United States of America.

After earning his Bachelor’s Degree at Boston College, TJ Maloney also earned his Juris Doctor Degree at Fordham Law School. By 2007, he earned the Richard J. Bennett Memorial Award while working on his Juris Doctor Degree.

Outside of business, he enjoys being with his beloved family, he likes to read books, he loves to play golf, and go for a swim.

To conclude, TJ Maloney has taken Lincolnshire Management by storm while being part of many committee teams and boards. He has earned respect from his college peers. He has earned a great award while during his college studies. He has helped build a foundation for a private equity firm.

And let us not forget to mention that he still takes the time to be around his family and have other hobbies. This man with a plan has not stopped producing the best outcomes and the best for him is yet to come. We will be looking forward to what other accomplishments he or his company may achieve next.

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Alejandro Betancourt Lopez

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is known as a global entrepreneur around the world. His leadership skills have landed him to be extremely successful throughout his life thus far. He tends to surround himself with trusted individuals who tend to share the same mind frame and influential skills like he does.

The first step in Alejandro Betancourt Lopez journey was self-improvement. He knew there were things that he needed to work on within himself in order to be successful. Even though he was born into a wealthy family, he had his own sense of personal development. Intending to make a name for himself, Lopez obtained a double major in economics and business administration from Boston Suffolk University. Having this strong educational background has helped Alejandro Betancourt Lopez with innovation. Still residing in London, England he has work opportunities for people in the farming, real estate, finance, and international trade areas.

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Starting small, and with numerous hardships, mistakes, and struggles Lopez has grown through lessons. Personal development, learning from others, and sharing his experiences with others make him unique. His circle contained people who had the same intentions. For instance, if Alejandro Betancourt Lopez wanted to start a business, he surrounded himself with others who wanted to start businesses. This helped him a lot to stay positive and have a positive environment as well.

Embracing change and technological innovation has helped Lopez to succeed even after his failures and struggles. Accomplishing so much already and continuing his grandfather legacy Lopez doesn’t take anything for granted and has always expressed how grateful he truly is. Life is a challenge and he did not see his success over night. It did take a lot of hard work and dedication. However, he doesn’t mind sharing his journey with others because he wants to see everyone succeed and live a happy life.

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How Sheldon Lavin CEO, OSI Group is Leading in Innovation

Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer of the prestigious OSI Group. He is also the current chairman of the board of directors of the company. For the last forty years, Sheldon has been involved in the daily operations of the company. He has sacrificed all his sweet life for the growth of the now multinational company with branches from across all parts of the globe. The company started as a very small butchery at Illinois, Chicago intending to supply meat to the residents of that small city. The owner of the small business was a German immigrant whose motive was to feed his small family. The business was able to expand at a good speed. He was very patient and very keen to details. Visit to know more.

The young business was able to become a family business after the two sons could help their dad. They were very hardworking and this enabling swift business. The business establishment was given a name, Otto & Sons and thus starting to have wide coverage when it comes to supplying meat. After being in the business for around six decades, the company took a new dimension of meat supply when McDonald’s opened a restaurant in Chicago. They were given a contract to supply them with meat products.McDonald’s rate of growth was very happy and was able to continue expanding business with Otto & Sons. The business needed professionals to help them because they were on the expansion verge.

Sheldon Lavin was one of the most famous consultants in the downtown of Chicago. They approached him when they needed advice on financing. He was the best person because of the previous experience in the banking industry before establishing Sheldon Lavin & associates. He was a very professional business advisor by then and was very fast to help them get a loan. After a few years, Sheldon Lavin joined the company as a partner. After another decade, he bought all the shares and thus changing the company to OSI Group. His mission was to help the company as much as possible towards reaching new heights of growth and expansion. Learn More:

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Scott Gelb: Atonement

Scott Gelb assumed the leadership role of Chief Operating Officer after founders Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill scaled back their involvement in the company, to pursue other passions, explicitly stirring their interests back to game creation and production.

Gelb, though honored to be promoted to the COO position, found it challenging to conduct himself in a manner that was conducive to his new job. He allowed his bias and demeaning ideas to shine through.

As a result, Gelb jeopardized the safety of those he was appointed to guide and instruct. Gelb has since been atoning for his actions, by participating in leadership training courses at the advisement of his colleagues.

League of Legends, allowed Scott Gelb to pull from all of his skills, and funnel them into one project. Scott Gelb spent a short stint in the healthcare industry before finally settling into Riot Games. According to Riot Games, League of Legends for the “right project” for Gelb to showcase his expertise. League of Legends is just as much Gelb’s baby as it is Riot Games’ development team’s prized creation.

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CEO Oren Frank Helps Over 1 Million Get The Help They Deserve

Oren Frank, who is a CEO as well as a Co-Founder to the Talkspace company, has invested a lot of his time in helping others. He has worked hard to make sure that his company is recognized as being one of the best to go to for clients in need of psychotherapy.

The platform that he helped create was intended to aid those who were not financially, emotionally, physically, or otherwise able to make it to regular appointments with a licensed therapist. There are many individuals around the world who are just not capable of paying their bills on time, or who don’t have transportation and therefore cannot go to a physical office for their treatment. However, Talkspace is now providing those individuals with the help that they need, as well as the support that they deserve.

In case you haven’t already noticed, it has become quite popular to see a therapist regularly. That is due to the rise in stress, disabilities, and addiction. However, everyone deserves to get the help they need, no matter what their problems are.

Talkspace has been helping their clients by saving them time and money for a years now. In this day and age it can be hard to find the time or money to do anything, and the last thing people tend to think about is how important their mental health is to their well being. That’s why a place like Talkspace is so great!

There are over 1 million clients who have been on the receiving end of help thanks to the licensed therapists working at Talkspace. The individuals that have helped out are one who had already given up on the hope of one day being able to get the help that they need. Everyone can benefit from se time at Talkspace, from single moms with hardly any income to those with disabilities that make it hard to leave their houses. Read More:

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Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is an entrepreneur who loves private jets. Not only does he love jets, he also has a passion for the private charter jet industry.

Petrossov got started at an early age with his venture. After realizing that he was interested in technology while in college, he got involved with his first startup. A few years later, he was advising in the industry while he observed how things operating and developed ideas on how to make it run more smoothly.


His ideas turned into his business, JetSmarter. This app-based system involves becoming a member and booking private jets, group charters and travel on a private jet shuttle. There are offices London, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Zurich, and Moscow, as well as its headquarters in Fort Lauderdale. The jets take members on flights to Europe, the United States, and the Middle East, as well as plans to expand to South America, India and China.

Members can book flights around their own schedule with the greatest of ease by using this app. Petrossov views this as one of the best parts, the most rewarding thing about running such a business. He can improve the industry with his know-how and great understanding of it. Little did he know after only a few short years of experience with aviation that he would grow to be this excited and build a successful enterprise. He saw the frustration many people had with the way booking private flights and how it was all underutilized. With just a few ideas and talking to the right people (including support from entrepreneurs like Jay-Z), Petrossov was flying high with a truly worthy business model.

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Sheldon Lavin: From humble beginnings to CEO

Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, a food conglomerate overseeing operations in 17 countries around the world. Sheldon Lavin attended the University of Illinois, Northwestern University and later Roosevelt University, learning accounting, finance and business respectively. He later found himself doing finance work for Otto & Sons Inc in Illinois in the early 1970s. When the company expanded to purchasing a meat processing plant, Sheldon Lavin found himself more involved with Otto & Sons’ ventures outside of just financial consulting. The company eventually began going by its abbreviation OSI, which is what its known by to this very day and eventually a partnership with McDonalds was formed.

Lavin became full operator and CEO by the mid 1980s as OSI continued its expansion around the globe including Asia and Latin America. Over the decades, successes continued to mount under Lavin’s leadership and guidance. As a result, OSI found itself the recipient of numerous awards, including the Sword of Honor and the Globe of Honor from the British Safety Council in 2013, 2015 and 2016. OSI’s growth continues as more acquisitions and partnerships such as the partnership with Impossible Foods in order to cater to vegans and vegetarians with the rise of meatless alternatives, showing a level of awareness and needs of the everyday consumer.

Sheldon Lavin was also presented the Global Visionary Award in 2016 as a result of OSI’s numerous awards and rapid yet consistent growth around world. This newly prestigious award honors visionaries and business leaders who have revolutionized their respective fields and lead their ventures to prosperous in addition to life changing results. Mr. Lavin became just the fifth person to receive this soon to be historical award, as he continue his decades long leadership taking OSI to even greater heights than previously seen.


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A Great School With Great Staff And Diversity

Once upon a time, a man with the surname of Stevens established a school called Academy of Art University in 1929. The place has been in operation ever since then. The student body has grown, and it is now one of the most well-known art schools in the United States, as well as in the entire world. This beautiful, wonderful place houses students from all over the world.

Nobody is kept out on the basis of age, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual identity or gender identity. This shows in the numerous student clubs that have been set up to address the needs of specific demographics of the student body. There are various clubs that show a presence of minorities on campus.

San Francisco, the location of this top-rated school, is a prime location for artistic individuals. The infrastructure and architecture of the city are great to draw, sketch and make renditions of. The local vibes and culture are mentally stimulating—especially to those who are new to the city.

The estimated price of an undergraduate student’s annual tuition is about $26,000.00. Of course, it is generally more expensive than many community colleges and state universities. However, the resources and connections that you have access to make it worth your money.

The teachers are top-rated in their fields. You will not get a bunch of inexperienced, academia related individuals voicing their invalid opinions. Academy of Art University understands the importance of stocking their staff with people who have valid credentials and a good amount of work experience in their fields. Teachers who do not have real work experience may not be able to provide their students with realistic insights of the industries that they are teaching about. This is a problem for students who are serious about having real world knowledge.

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Global Visionary Award Recipient And OSI CEO Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin, within the 1970s, made a fateful professional alteration, and that alteration was to leap from financial consultations into the sphere of the mass food production. Before ultimately gaining the Global Visionary Award, and also before joining up with his current food corporation, Mr. Lavin’s initial background was in financially oriented consultations. Learning of business practices while a Roosevelt University student positioned him perfectly for the founding of Sheldon Lavin and Associates; that was the firm that eventually allowed Mr. Lavin to come into contact with OSI Group, although they were titled differently back then, Otto & Sons, to be exact. In the prosperous years since, Sheldon has proven himself to actually be a decades long leadership success, who is clearly deserving of the admiration coming his way.

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What transpired, with regards to the OSI involvement from Lavin, was that his initial financial wisdom turned into full blown company leadership. Sheldon Lavin made the unthinkable rise, which ended up with him as Chief Executive Officer at this massive food and meat processing organization. Expansion came both rapidly and boldly with Sheldon Lavin at the OSI Group helm, and there exists a particular company environment within OSI that is clearly a direct result of stellar but unique manner of leadership which Mr. Lavin’s presence has ushered into the firm.

Man have praised, justifiably, Sheldon Lavin’s efforts concerning philanthropic contributions. Two prominent cases were his involvement with Ronald McDonald House and also his involvement with the deserving Jewish United Fund. No wonder the Vision World Academy bolstered his already wonderful leadership reputation with the bestowing of Sheldon’s prestigious Global Visionary Award. Clearly, that entity took notice of Sheldon Lavin for his unbending influence as a food industry leading individual and also for his ability to envision, as well as move towards, change. Read:

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Nitin Khanna Builds HIs Life And Career From Portland. Oregon

The path to entrepreneurial success usually takes us out of our comfort zone, a statement proven by the career of Indian-born entrepreneur Nitin Khanna. Born and raised in India, Khanna comes from a family where business and academic success was expected from a young age. At 17, Nitin Khanna was given the chance to attend Purdue Unversity in Indiana leaving his family behind to pursue a new life in the U.S. Eventually, Nitin Khanna completed his studies at Purdue with a Masters in Civil Engineering.

After working at a paper manufacturing company and Oracle, the pull of working as an entrepreneur proved to string for Nitin Khanna to ignore. Nitin Khanna joined his brother in the establishment of Saber Software in Portland, Oregon in 1999 as the chaos of the 2000 Presidential elections between President George W. Bush and Vice-president Al Gore. The battle in Florida over the legality of the Presidential vote gave the Khanna brothers their entry into the big leagues of the software industry.

Basing Saber Software in Portland, Oregon proved a fortuitous move for Nitin Khanna as the state was the first to act upon a congressional requirement to update the voting software used in state elections. The state of Oregon awarded the contract to Saber Software and helped launch the career of Nitin Khanna as an entrepreneur who was destined for the top of various industries. By 2008, Saber Software was providing its skills in updating the election software used in all elections to 21 states in the U.S. and was having a global impact on this industrial sector. Nitin Khanna would eventually employ more than 1,500 people at Saber Software producing annual revenues of $300 million. The sale of Saber to EDS for $1,200 million led to Khanna becoming one of the leading figures in the mergers and acquisitions sector of the U.S. economy.

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