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Adam Goldenberg: Entrepreneurial Prodigy

Like many young, successful businessmen, Adam Goldenberg started his career at a very young age. When he was thirteen, he used his Bar Mitzvah money to start an online bulletin board service. Within two years, he had turned the small company into a gaming website called Gamer’s Alliance.

In 1997, Gamer’s Alliance got the attention of Brett Brewer, President and Founder of Intermix Media. When Brewer acquired the company, he had no idea that Goldenberg was just seventeen years old. After some consideration, Brewer decided to hire Adam Goldenberg and bring him into the Intermix family. At 19, Goldenberg was named COO, the youngest COO of any public company in history.

A year later, Goldenberg was introduced to Don Ressler after Ressler’s company,, was acquired by Intermix. After meeting, the two became Intermix’s top revenue generators. They built an e-commerce advertising company called Alena Media. Alena was the most successful company at Intermix.
In 2005, News Corp acquired Intermix. Despite Goldenberg and Ressler’s success with Alena, they were being ignored. They watched as their once-profitable, successful e-commerce business being contorted without their input. Furious about being left out, they left the company and decided to explore other opportunities.

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They didn’t have a wide array of skills, but they were both experts at excelling in online performance advertising. They decided to create a brand-building enterprise. Still unsure of exactly what kind of company they would create, they gathered some former Alena team members. The group spent two weeks brainstorming in Goldenberg’s living room.

Eventually, they created Intelligent Beauty. The first of the brand’s creations was DERMSTORE, an online skincare and cosmetics company on DERMSTORE was a success; and two years later, they launched SENSA, a weight-loss program. To create the best products, they brought in Dr. Alan Hirsch and Brett Brewer.

Initially, Intelligent Beauty was bootstrapping all of its funding. Two years after being founded, it began catching the eye of some very interested companies. Soon, Intelligent Beauty was getting tens of millions of dollars in funding.
The two most popular of Intelligent Beauty’s companies are JustFab and Fabletics. JustFab was the third company launched by Intelligent Beauty. It’s a subscription-based e-commerce fashion retailer. Fabletics is also a subscription-based e-commerce fashion retailer that focuses on ‘activewear’. The brand was created in collaboration with actress and model, Kate Hudson.

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The Life of Bruce Levenson

If you want to make an impact on others, you need to make sure you are doing things they need. Bruce Levenson is someone who is working hard in the world of business to help others. Not only that, but he is working with the Do Good Institute to make an impact in his local area. After leaving the Hawks, he wanted to start investing in the lives of other people instead of his own team. Bruce Levenson is the type of person to always work hard on something that he is focused on.

Bruce Levenson

If you were to tell Bruce Levenson ( that he would be working in the field of community service several years ago, he would have probably laughed. However, things did not work out for the Hawks, and he wanted to make sure he was using his time wisely. Over the years, he developed a lot of great business knowledge that he uses to this day. This is one of the most important parts of helping others. You have to be able to use the capital effectively if you are going to help others.

Future Plans

If you are ready to change what you are doing in life, Bruce Levenson is the person to model yourself after, says PR News. He changed what he was doing for a career, and he is now excited about some of the things that are going on in the world. If you want to learn how to help others, go out in your community and see what people need. This is a great way to take your life to the next level in helping others over time. Bruce Levenson has proven that it is never too late to start helping people get to the next level in life or in your career.

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The Achievements of Rona Borre


Rona Borre acts as the chief executive officer

Rona Borre is a female entrepreneur from the US city of Chicago. She is famous for establishing a company called Instant Alliance which has recorded significant revenue since them. The company was established in the year 2001 and Rona Borre acts as the chief executive officer to date. She is passionate about helping other women in the community grow and often advises them on the issue. Among the things that Rona Borre believes in is the acquisition of talented workers and says that they are the difference between performing and non-performing companies. For companies to realize their full potential, they should employ talented individuals.  Read more on


According to,  Instant alliance is known for many things, but the most notable one is fostering a good environment with its clients. Because of her good work in business and community leadership, Rona Borre has received several awards such as the most influential woman in 2009 by business ledger as well as an award by the enterprising women magazine called the enterprising woman of the year. She received this award in the year 2011.


Bona Borre holds a degree in administration specializing in marketing from the University of Arizona. Rona has acquired skills in marketing, leadership and technical recruiting over the years. For her good work, she has appeared on several media platforms discussing her achievements such as USA Today, CNBC and CNN.

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