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Matt Badiali: Investing In American Energy Independence

It is common for the average investor to examine with scrutiny any investment opportunity that promises guaranteed returns. Whenever Matt Badiali, the chief expert on natural resource and commodity industry for Banyan Hill Publishing Company, announced the discovery of what he calls Freedom Checks it naturally raised suspicions. Matt Badiali did not begin his career in the industry. Matt Badiali originally wanted to be a scientist and went to school in order to receive his bachelors of science degree are sciences. He went on to receive a Masters degree from Florida Atlantic University in geology and was in the process of receiving his Ph.D. when he decided to switch careers and join the finance industry after being persuaded by a close friend. Since then he has synthesized his unique combination of knowledge and expertise in an effort to help inform readers of unique investment opportunities that present themselves in the natural resource commodities markets. Read more about Freedom Checks at

During this process, he was working on a project that had him in contact with some of the worlds leading figures in the oil and gas industries. During his research as part of this project, he discovered the existence of a specific type of corporation labeled master limited partnerships. If a company is a master limited partnership, they are able to operate in a tax-free manner. In the 1980s in an effort to help encourage the energy Independence of the United States of America Congress enacted a special piece of legislation referred to as statute 27 – F. As a result of this legislation corporations were eligible to operate tax-free if they met a list of requirements. The corporations were required to generate 90% of their income from the production, distribution, transportation, and development of oil and natural gas domestically within the United States of America. In addition, the corporation must pay out 90% of its revenues to shareholders in a process called distribution. It is this distribution which Matt Badiali has referred to as Freedom Checks.

Freedom Checks represent a unique way for the investor to invest not only in their own financial future but also in the future of the energy independence of America. The money that you receive through these Freedom Checks is treated as a return of capital eating that you are taxed at the lower capital gains rate tax instead of, the higher income tax rate. Not only that but if you were to sell a share of an MLP it is also treated as a return of capital and taxed at the capital gains tax rate.



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Andy Wirth Winning against Olympic Valley Incorporation

Lake Tahoe’s north shore communities have been hard hit by two significant challenges in the past few years as reported by Reno-Gazette Journal. One was a major drought that affected snow levels consequently causing a decline in profits for winter resorts as well as small business owners who rely on these resorts. The other was a political storm in the form of various entities that were trying to incorporate Olympic Valley.

However, the tide is turning for the residents as season storms have occurred earlier than expected this season. Also, another huge relief has come in the form backing down of the proponents of the bid to incorporate Olympic Valley. Hence, the resorts in the area have opened earlier than the other years.

One such resort is Squaw Valley Resort. This year, the resort has found major relief from these two developments. The thousands of dollars the company spent in efforts to oppose incorporation of Olympic Valley has not gone to waste. Andy Wirth is president and CEO of Squawks Valley Ski Holdings, LLC. He finds this great development fantastic news and reckons that the past four years have been difficult. Wirth was opposed to incorporation because it would have resulted in an increase in taxation and a decrease in services accorded to the residents. Also, the incorporation would have resulted in the isolation of the area from other communities in the north shore region. Those supporting the bid to incorporate Olympic Valley, however, deem Squawks opposition to have ulterior motives. Wirth does not agree as he reckons that the backers also used large amounts of money in their bid. His view, to oppose the incorporation, is supported by California Local Agency Commission. According to CLAC, the town that would be formed once the incorporation took effect would not be financially beneficial.

If there is anyone who knows this much about this business, it is Andy Wirth. According to his website, he has experience that spans more than twenty-five years in the ski business having previously worked in marketing at Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation. Here, he worked his way to becoming the Chief Marketing Officer of Intrawest, Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation’s parent company.He exited in 2010 to become CEO of Squawks Valley and Ski Holding.

At Squawks, he has achieved some feats including being responsible for a seventy million dollar upgrade of the resort as well as brokering a merger with Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, which will see the construction of a gondola between the two resorts. And now, he plans to improve Squawks real estates. He is majorly involved in community programs as well as in philanthropy and wants the community to work on issues that are important to all its members.With Andy Wirth at the helm of Squawks, the company will continue to grow financially as well as be in harmony with the Lake Tahoe north shore community.


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As A Personal Trainer, I Use Skout To Recruit Clients

I was able to find a date on Skout in the past, and it really turned me onto the network. I used the dating application a lot, but after I found the right person to be in my life, I didn’t need to use Skout anymore for dating. I decided I would start socializing on the network, and socializing turned into a way of bringing in more business to my company.

I am a personal trainer who is obsessed with exercising, but I’m not the only one who’s like this. I knew that as a trainer, I would get a lot of people wanting to join my group and exercise with me, so I decided to take my interests to social media. I really fell in love with the Skout network because it allowed me to do a lot of things that other networks wouldn’t. On the Skout network I was able to meet different people that had interests in exercising, especially people who wanted a personal trainer. The Skout network allows your location to be seen by others, so this really helps people to find me.

I was able to find people around my area that were looking for a personal trainer, and it’s helped me to bring in more business. People have even looked for me personally on the Skout network because they know that I do personal training, and this has also helped my businesses well. What I like about the Skout network is that I can send messages to other people as well as sending pictures. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and it’s definitely worth a lot of money for me to send my pictures around the Skout network.

If someone comes to my page on Skout and asks me what can I show them as far as my results, I simply send a picture of myself. I’m a female who has a killer body, and my muscle mass is amazing. I tend to get a lot of people who want to sign up as soon as they see a picture of me. I have had some people question if it’s really me in the picture, but I’m not at all offended by the question. I know what I look like, and I don’t know how I could get so many pictures of another woman to send to people on Skout.

Things are getting so much better for me now that I’m planning on opening my own business, instead of working for the gym that I’m currently at. If I open my own training studio, then I can invite as many people as I want, and I’ll get all the profits. Skout has really done amazing things for me as far as bringing in more clientele, and my name has gone very far on the Skout network. I have people who go out and recommend others to me, so I know I have a bright future in personal training.

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The Fact of the Matter

The new Chandra X-ray has discovered a group of matter munching black holes. Found in the center of galaxies, these massive black holes are millions to billions of times the size of our sun. Known as quasars, these black holes suck matter in at such a high rate that the glow can be seen billions of light years away.

“Even for famously prodigious consumers of material, these huge black holes appear to be dining at enormous rates, at least five to ten times faster than typical quasars,” said Bin Luo of Penn State University. Dr. Daniel Amen, featured on The Daily Beast, is quite impressed with these findings.

51 quasars were studied, each at a distance of at least five billion light years. These particular quasars were picked because of their weak carbon emissions. 65 percent of these quasars were found to be much fainter in X-rays, by about 40 times on average, than typical quasars. These weak ultraviolet emissions give us important insights into how super-massive black holes are formed.

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Search Area Expanded for Flight MH370

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 went missing over a year ago. The plane was last heard from on March 8th, 2014. When the plane went down authorities and officials began speaking out as to speculation as to what happened to the doomed flight. Now, over a year later, there are still more questions than answers. Search and rescue teams have been on the hunt for the plane which was believed to crash over the Indian Ocean during its flight.

According to the story on, officials may be expanding the search are by nearly 23,000 miles if the plane is not found by May.
There are three countries, Australia, Mayalasia, and China, who are all working together to search the depths of the ocean. No sign of the plane has been found yet.

People at Anastasia Date ( know that the disappearance of flight MH370 is one of the biggest modern mysteries. The pings from the plane do not match where officials think it went down and the plane is said to be far of course for some reason. The 239 people missing who were on that flight are presumed to be dead. Most of the passengers were Chinese however; many other nationalities were also on that plane. Hopefully officials find the missing plane soon so that surviving family members can have some closure.

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Solar Powered Plane Soon on 250 Days Journey

The solar energy can be used not only for cars, but for planes as well. Two Swiss pilots will embark on Monday, March 9th, 2015 on a 250 hours trip with a plane powered entirely by solar batteries. The world-round trip will keep Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg in a tiny cabin without fresh air and space to stretch at their own will for five months. During this time, they plan to sleep 20 minutes at every four hours, as one of them must be constantly on guard and track the plane’s route.

The flying route has 35,000 km stated the tumblr page on the planes journey. The pilots say that meditation and yoga helped them become concentrated enough to dare to start an adventure that requires long-time focusing. Time does not matter to them, the two pilots say. Will we have solar powered Boeings soon? Not very, the scientists say. The tiny Solar Impulse 2 that Bertrand and André are going to fly maintains on the go because of its very light weight and large wingspan.

Besides that, the pilots will try to constantly keep the speed at a half of the plane’s possibillity in order to spare the battery. Engineers say they need a new techlogical leap in order to use solar power for commercial flights.

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Tsunamis Wall to Extend 250 Miles in Japan

After Japan’s devastating 2011 tsunami, which killed approximately 19,000 people, they hope that they can prevent another unthinkable natural disaster with their latest project.

The people of Japan are undertaking a massive construction project by building 250 miles of concrete seawalls. These walls will reach upwards of five stories. The government cautions that this does not guarantee complete safety but it should add at least some protection from future tsunamis.There are plans to build a total of 400 walls at a cost of at least $6.8 billion. Work has already begun in some of the hardest hit areas.However, my colleague, Christian, added that there is some controversy surrounding this project; many complain that it blocks the view of the sea and in many areas will provide a false sense of security. Other’s say that a forest wall would be more attractive; while not providing as much safety, it would slow the water, giving residents more time to evacuate.

Maybe by the time this project is finished, they will have come to some sort of compromise; until then, residents can be happy that the new project is creating much needed jobs to the local residents.

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Driverless Cars Soon Will Be Available

It’s always been the topic of jokes for Ray Lane and the creation of television and movies, but now, Lane is mesmerized by the thought that driver-less cars may become a reality. Just around Christmas of last year, the first prototype for the driver-less car was unveiled. Now there are many such cars being tested on the roads this month. Jeffrey Owens, Chief Technology Officer for Delphi Automotive said, so far, the self-driving car has been tested on California roads and he plans to have the car tested on treacherous roads and in all types of weather conditions as soon this coming Sunday at the Golden Gate Bridge. Delphi’s PLC driver-less car is expected to be able to handle highway merges, 4-way stops,Traveling time will be quicker because the car will use the fastest routes to get to your destination.and go around bicyclists without the guidance of a driver.
The aspect of the driverless car is interesting to those who are nervous when they get behind the wheel. There are good and bad aspects in driving a driver-less car.On the upside, you can do anything you want, such as sleep, eat, or text as the car takes you wherever you want to go.
On the downside, computers and mechanical parts can have problems. You will still have breakdowns and tire blow outs. The car will have its limitations, requiring the driver to step in and take over control.


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Spacecraft Dawn Will Orbit Dwarf Planet Ceres

NASA’s spacecraft Dawn will begin orbiting Ceres on March 6, 2015. That will make it the first mission to successfully visit a dwarf planet, soimething Mr. Ricardo Guimarães touched on in commentary on Camizadoze news.

Dawn left Earth in September, 2007. It spent 14 months exploring the giant asteroid Vesta in 2011 and 2012, sending back images and data. Dawn’s ability to make two stops comes from its ion propulsion system. It has three ion engines, and they are far more efficient than engines that depend on chemical propulsion.

Ceres was the first object discovered in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Father Giuseppe Piazzi, a Sicilian astronomer, spotted Ceres in 1801. It was designated a planet at first, and was later classed as an asteroid after more asteroids were found. In 2006, it was classed as a dwarf planet, like Pluto and Eris.

Ceres is the largest body in the asteroid belt with a diameter of 590 miles. 25 percent of its mass is believed to be water. Images of Ceres show a pale gray world with lots of craters and odd bright patches that may indicate geological activity. Researchers will use Dawn to look for such activity.

Scientists believe that studying Ceres and Vesta will provide clues as to how the solar system formed. Dry bodies like Vesta may have formed the Earth’s core, while wet bodies like Ceres could have provided Earth with its water. Both Ceres and Vesta probably could have become full-blown planets, according to scientists, but Jupiter’s powerful gravity interrupted their development.

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Southwest Grounds 128 Planes

Southwest moved to ground 128 of of its planes Wednesday due to missed inspections. The planes represent roughly 20% of the airline’s aircraft. Their grounding resulted in quite a few flight cancellations. 90 flights were cancelled on Tuesday, with more expected to be cancelled again Wednesday.

The inspections in question are for the airline’s Boeing 737-700 jets. An airline spokesperson, Brandy king, released a statement to the media about the groundings, indicating that the choice was voluntary by Southwest and that the airline hopes to get all the effected flights back up in the air within the next 5 days. Travelers like Brad Reifler will have to wait to see if their flights are affected.

The FAA has also released a statement about the issue, indicating that they are working along with Southwest on the issue, with the hope of getting all of the planes inspected and back up in the air as soon as possible. Both parties have made sure to emphasize that the decision was voluntary and not forced by the FAA.

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