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“End Citizens United: End Corruption and Profiteering in America!”

It is conclusive now that a KGB associate in Russia was involved with the interference of last year’s Presidency campaign through the illicit purchase of advertisements that was intended to sway voters. We all know this is highly illegal, yet it nonetheless still occurred. It is not the first time another nation has sought to influence the American voting system before and instead of pulling up our bootstraps and ending this atrocity, it continues to plague the political system like a reccurring bad flu. Robert Mueller has been appointed to determine whether a member of congress looked the other way or not. Democratic Party members and associates have always had their hand caught in the legislative cookie pot for eons now stacking the odds in their favor. One can say, “so much for land of Liberty,” when the system is actually rigged.

Citizens need to understand the larger game and implications here. If a foreign party can buy their way in, then any big money conglomerate can do the same and thereby accrue an inside to lobbying in Washington. Money for favors is what it really boils down to. It seems to get more bold and brazen as time goes by, with each impending campaign, to the point where one has to wonder how much this really has to do with politics or good of the nation over personal interest and gain. One thing that drastically has to be done is cracking down on loopholes in the law, especially legislative. If this can be accomplished, perhaps those guilty of breaking it can be unequivocally prosecuted. We must become transparent in our nation so that the criminal elite can be seen for whom and what they’ve done and not be able to hide behind a donation they made. What we do know and no one can be sure that it is the whole truth being safe to say it is not; is that since the beginning of the year alone, there are fifteen known times of foreigners cash found on the campaign trail. This information has been released just by the FEC, let alone any intelligence reports.

End Citizens United has a noble and huge undertaking of eliminating foreign and wealthy contributions for political gain out of the voting system once and for all. They have dedicated themselves and their manpower to exposing corrupt power players in a heavily stacked system and thereby progress our great nation back to the equality standards it was found on. Their name is aptly appointed because their biggest mission is to “End Citizens United,” the laws and loopholes that permits untraceable “contributions” in the voting system. Let us help them, help our nation!

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