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Southridge Capital -The Highly Growing Private Equity Company

Southridge Capital Group is a private equity company that has experienced an incredibly positive impact on its clients since 1996. Stephen Hicks, the founder of this company together with the executive team are very proud about themselves and the quality of financial services that they provide their clients and their great devotion towards the success of their business. This firm has invested 1.8 million US Dollars in developing various companies in conjunction with providing reliable and superior services that are required for financial analysis, advice on bankruptcy as well as legal settlements. This has enabled Southridge Capital Group to offer its clients and similar corporations with the relevant security measures which are in the most reliable and credible hands of Connecticut.


South Capital Group is a financial solution that is also renowned for its philanthropy. This company likes giving back to the society. Through Philanthropy, Southridge Capital Group has made a tremendous impact which has incredible effects in the entire nation. Steve and Mary hicks are the co-founders of Daystar Foundation. This foundation has incredibly supported all those who need them by donating some of their time and resources to improve and upgrade their lives. They have joined hands with various organizations such as the Ridgefield Fountain Landmark, the Save a Childs Heart Foundation as well as the Bridgeport Rescue Mission and many others. Both Southridge Capital Group and Daystar Foundation have brought about awareness for all individuals in need and prioritize on the commitment of their business. You can visit



Southridge Capital LLC recently invested 5 million Us Dollars into Elite Data Services Inc. which an online gaming and marketing company. The two companies merge very well since they have some things in common: they both have innovative, game-changing mindsets regarding maximum satisfaction of their customers within their industries. Southridge is highly devoted towards helping all its clients attain their goals when giving them the best banking and brokerage securities services that are available in Connecticut. They are aware of how to evaluate their clients’ assets and liquidity to offer useful and steps that can be easily implemented to advance their financial level and status. You can visit their website




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OG Juan Of Roc Nation Sports And His Close Connection To Jay Z

Roc Nation Sports is a branch of Roc Nation which is a part of rap mogul, Jay Z, empire. This part of Roc Nation serves the purpose of representing sports stars at the professional level. Roc Nation Sports provides professional players with high level agents who help to manage their career. This part of Jay Z’s empire is headed by one of his good friends. His name is Juan “OG” Perez and he is often referred to as OG Juan.

Jay Z has made many songs over the course of his long career. On some of his tracks he talks about the leading members of organization. They are not only leading figures within his empire, they are also his good friends. Jay Z’s empire is operated by Desire Perez who is the COO or Chief Operating Officer of his organization. She handles day to day business of Roc Nation to ensure that the whole empire is running smoothly.

OG Juan is Desire’s husband. He is the president of Roc Nation Sports. He has an important position overseeing the company’s business and operations. He has been working in this position for some time. Jay Z likes his friend OG Juan. He had recently treated OG Juan to expensive champagne for his birthday celebration.

Apparently, Jay Z believes that OG Juan is a competent individual since he is allowing him to run his organization. It is a good thing to have trusted friends sitting in positions of power over a person’s empire. Jay Z really likes OG Juan and wants him to be successful. OG Juan’s success ultimately means that Roc Nation will be a profitable and flourishing empire.

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OSI Industries: Manufacturing Quality Protein Products For A Century

The OSI Industries is a premier American company which was known for their high-quality protein products. The company is also listed in Forbes’ top 500 companies. The company is also one of the longest-standing business partners of McDonald’s Corporation, manufacturing burger patties for the fast food restaurant for decades. The success of the OSI Industries is attributed to their aim to become the top food manufacturer in the world. The present CEO of company, David McDonald, has exerted a lot of effort to make the company known all around the world. He actively drives for the expansion of the OSI Industries into other countries and looking after the operations of its satellite facilities.

The company’s history began when Otto Kolschowsky set foot in the United States during the early 1900s. He is an immigrant from Germany who wished to do business in America. He decided to settle in Chicago, where people are mostly German-descent. It was a challenge for his family to live in the United States because of the lack of job opportunities, so Otto Kolschowsky decided to establish a business instead. He chose to open a meat shop and sold it to the residents living outside the city of Chicago. It was a successful business, and he managed to sell a lot of meat, with the demand increasing year after year. He had to open another branch on the opposite side of Chicago to serve his customers living in the area.

In 1928, Otto Kolschowsky finally registered the business, calling it as Otto & Sons. Through the years, the meat shop flourished, one of the company’s most significant break came in the 1950s after McDonald’s Corporation contracted them to become one of their burger patty suppliers. The company had to borrow additional funding from several financial institutions because of the overwhelming demand from McDonald’s Corporation. They managed to supply restaurant with beef patties, and Otto & Sons managed to grow tremendously after the McDonald’s Corporation expanded globally.

Today, the OSI Industries has also expanded on a global scale, and they have been operating in 17 countries across the world.

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