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The Compassionate Doctor, Dr. Mark Holterman

Home is not where you were born or where your parents are originally from; home is where the heart is, or so it is said. For one, Dr. Mark Holterman despite being from Wisconsin resides in Chicago, and for this reason, he has dedicated his career to the place and the children there. Dr. Holterman went to the University of Yale as a scholarship recipient due to his constant hard work throughout his life. However, he got his medical degree from the school of medicine in Virginia four years after leaving Yale where he studied Biology. Holterman shifted from Virginia with more than a medical degree; he also met a woman who became his wife and is now a pediatric surgeon.

Dr. Mark Holterman’s love for children is best expressed in his work. He has devoted his life to saving their lives specifically in Chicago. He is continually looking to come up with better ways to improve the healthcare system in the field of pediatric medicine. Dr. Holterman is a crucial part of the Global Pediatric Specialists Alliance for Vietnamese kids. This is an organization that aims at assisting children from Vietnam access proper healthcare through a team of medical experts. Mark Holterman plays several roles in the organization including the role of fundraiser, coordinator, and financier.

Mark Holterman is involved with various medical societies and has worked for several hospitals in his lifetime. These hospitals include the Medical Center of St. Alexis, St. Francis, and the Carle Foundation Medical Centre among others. He is also an Illinois University professor and a supervisor for medical student’s residencies in addition to his numerous research work all aimed at providing better health services to children. His medical research pays keen focus on diabetes and cures for stem cell-related illnesses.

Mark’s recent focus is on his Mariam Global Health Fund which he established six years ago and is the CEO. The company finances starting medical institutions and research done by other medical practitioners including himself. Mark Holterman has authored multiple publications on the topics of his investigations. With a combination of hard work, innovation, creativity, passion and dedication, Dr. Mark is set to leave a legacy in his line of work.



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