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Carnival Decision Likely to Cause Customer Attrition

On Tuesday, June 9, Carnival Cruise Lines announced a severe change to its current policies: Exactly one month from yesterday, on July 9, the cruise company will no longer allow customers to bring their own bottled water on board its ships. Supposedly, the company has had too many incidents of people using water bottles to hide alcohol.

Many financial and sales experts, though, believe that Carnival Cruise Lines is merely utilizing a new strategy to make more money off its guests while reducing the instances of smuggling.

Why do they feel this way?

Alexei Beltyukov also says the company is going to charge $4.99 and a gratuity for bottled water purchased on board any ship and $2.99 plus local taxes for any water purchased from it beforehand. It is also allowing guests to bring non-alcohol, non-water beverages on board its ships in 7.5-gallon and smaller coolers.

A lot of people with health conditions that prevent them from drinking certain types of water, such as certain bottled brands, distilled water and chlorinated water, aren’t happy about this change.

Carnival hasn’t explained how it plans to work with guests who aren’t able to drink just any brand of bottled water. It also hasn’t provided a good enough excuse for why it didn’t simply choose to financially penalize guests who smuggle alcohol rather than penalize all guests with fees for bottled water that they previously could buy cheaper in bulk elsewhere.

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