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Ian King: Offering Investing Insight To Banyan Hill Publishing

With so many business opportunities and investment offers, a lot of people get confused on which ones are worth looking into. The primary motivation of investors is all-common–to achieve financial freedom so that they can leave the unending climb to the corporate ladder, give more time to their families, and create wealth that will sustain them for generations to come.


However, a strong asset of any investor is having the right mentors who can guide him in profitable financial decisions. Such a company is Banyan Hill Publishing, which is known as a powerhouse newsletter offering financial advice for old and new investors alike. Follow Ian King at

Banyan Hill started in 1998 known as The Sovereign Society. One of the company’s main focus is to provide information about asset protection and organizing investments through making oneself knowledgeable in profit-making principles. The website targeted readers who are interested in international investment, diversifying their portfolio, and making profitable offshore businesses and bank accounts. Additionally, they also offered advice to other investment-related procedures such as having a second citizenship, protecting one’s privacy, and so forth.


The Sovereign Society was renamed as Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016, as they dug deep to give more actionable insights given by a team of investment experts. They include topics on asset protection, the creation of businesses and investment opportunities. These experts include Ian King, who is known for his expertise in the newest investments such as digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Visit Banyan Hill to know more about Ian King.



About Ian King

Ian King is a known former hedge fund manager. Throughout his career, he eventually became a cryptocurrency trader, after more than two decades of experience as an investment analyst. Mr. King’s innovative insights in the digital currency market have been featured on several financial news sites such as Fox Business News, Seeking Alpha, and Zero Hedge. As a senior analyst in Banyan Hill Publishing, he also started his own cryptocurrency investment product for the Investopedia Academy.


Ian King joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017 to give insight on his knowledge about the cryptocurrency market. This is a very valuable information since the digital currency industry is relatively new and is highly profitable when done right. He serves as the editor of Banyan Hill’s newsletter called Crypto Profit Trader Service. Crypto Trader Profit Service is made for investors who want to keep up with the digital currency trends and learning how to secure their digital assets. Additionally, Ian King is a contributor to the Sovereign investor daily, by giving specific knowledge in cryptocurrency developments.


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