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Pre-Lovaganza Celebrations Getting Ready To Hit The Road In 2018

Wouldn’t it be nice, that in a world of such divisiveness and vitriol, based on cultural, political and religious clashes, there was something that would actually celebrate our differences – rather than continue to provoke them?

Enter: Lovaganza. A worldwide tribute and celebration of all the world’s cultures and societies. Set to open in May of 2020, Lovaganza is slated to be the greatest worldwide celebration ever experienced, featuring ground breaking entertainment and a bringing together and hands across the world of America, Europe, Asia, The Middle East, Africa and Oceania. The Lovaganza creators, Jean-Francois Gagnon and wife Genevieve Gagnon, have a stated mission to discover and unite all the nations of the world through an immersive and wonder filled entertainment extravaganza.

Preceding the 2020 festivities is the Lovaganza traveling show, featuring The Lovaganza Convoy movie trilogy, hitting the roads beginning in 2018, to promote the coming Lovaganza celebrations, missions and goals. In addition, the Lovaganza Convoy will give audiences a first look at Immerscope, an amazing new experience in 3-D entertainment, that features 180 degree glassless, curved wraparound screens.

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The Convoy Trilogy
“Lovaganza Begins Recording Musical Soundtrack for Animated Film Series, “”The Marvelous 12,”” at Historic Abbey Road Studios”

The trilogy is set as the story of a young priest who believes he can put an end to all war. He soon leaves on a journey to share his secret with others until he finds himself recruited by a secret organization with the intent of thwarting an evil plan to enslave all mankind by the dark and mysterious Invisible Hand.

Said to be another “crucial aspect” of The Lovaganza Convoy and 2020 celebrations is “The Marvelous 12” animated series. “The Marvelous 12” animated series provides the backstory to The Lovaganza Convoy films. Prominent among the animated series is the musical score composed by Jean-Francois and Genevieve Gagnon and recorded at the world’s best known and respected recording facility, Abbey Road. Musical arrangements are provide by Chris Elliot of “Moulin Rouge!” fame and orchestration is that of none other than the iconic Geoff Alexander, whose background includes the Harry potter films, Gravity and Planet Earth. Sound engineer Simon Rhodes, who did amazing work on The Jungle Book and Avatar, gifts with his skills and with more than 70 of England’s best symphony players and chorus singers this is a score that is sure to bless the world.

Get a sneak peek of Lovaganza 2020 on

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Status Labs is There To Manage Your Image Online

In this day and age, the entire world can look up your history, thanks to the world wide web. Mistakes that might have caused minor blemishes on one’s reputation are blown up for anyone to see with a Google search. In this hyper-connected climate, what’s a public figure or business to do in order to manage their reputation?

PR Week has an excellent article on Darius Fisher, the president and co-founder of Status Labs, an online digital marketing agency which also specializes in public relations, brand, imaging, and reputation management. The firm was established in Austin, Texas. Since then, Fisher has expanded the company’s staff to thirty people, and has also opened offices in São Paulo and New York.

Companies like Status Labs give second chances to businesses or public figures. The company’s services allow people and businesses to start fresh, move forward in light of past mistakes, and present a more positive image to allow public figures and companies to best serve their audiences.

Despite it’s relatively small size, Status Labs is currently serving an enormous client base looking to manage their reputations. The company serves more than 1,500 companies in over 35 countries. Among other services, Status Labs helps to modify search results on popular search engines such as Google. They also provide digital marketing and PR services, which have been enormously effective in helping businesses improve their sales and brand.

In a world that relies more than ever on public perception and a proper online presence, companies like Status Labs provide a vital need to people and companies looking to maintain their image on the internet. Their services allow well meaning companies to move on and continue providing excellent service to their client base despite their past mistakes. Status Labs can help show companies’ side of the story, and reassure customers that a few mishaps will not tarnish businesses’ dedication to quality in their fields.

Given his background as a copywriter and political consultant, Fisher is uniquely suited for this kind of work. His experience in both fields allows him to navigate the world of public perception quite easily, for many different kinds of clients.

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The Dorchester Collection Creates Sweet Dreams for Guests

For those who travel and enjoy the finer things in life, staying in an upper scale five star hotel is the only way to go. There are a number of establishments claiming to be the best but they fall short. When guests stay at one of the premium locations that are managed by the Dorchester Collection, they are privy to a grand experience. Each property is equipped with a highly trained staff. This exclusive and successful group of luxury hotels with restaurants and spas are located across the world.

This group of high quality hotels is managed by the Dorchester Group Ltd. They operate in such locations as the United States, Switzerland, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom. This business venture started in 1987 by Hassanai Bolkiah. He began with the Beverly Hills Hotel and the Dorchester Hotel. In 1991 he transferred his ownership to the Dorchester Group Ltd. The collection of hotels began in 2006 in the United States and Europe and has expanded to include ten high end spas and hotels.

In the United States, the Beverly Hills Hotel was acquired in 1995 and the Hotel Bel-Air in 2011. Fine dining at the Bel-Air is created by world renowned chef Wolfgang Puck. At the Beverly Hills Hotel visitors enjoy their meals at the Polo Lounge.

In Geneva Switzerland the Le Richemond is the luxury property that was acquired in 2011. For a luxury stay on a historic property, Le Richemond is the oldest in Geneva.

For visitors to Italy, the Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan has been taking reservations since 2003. Travelers who are bedding closer to Rome can enjoy a five star experience at the Hotel Eden. This hotel has been part of the Dorchester Collection since 2013.

Visitors to France can choose between the Le Meurice and the Plaza Athénée. Both of these properties have been recognized as palaces in Paris. They were attained in 1997 by this prestigious group.

The Dorchester was acquired in 1986, the Coworth Park in 2008, and the smallest of the collection is the 45 Park Lane which joined the group in 2011.

Spa services are available in the Dorchester, Coworth Park, Beverly Hills Hotel, Le Richemond, Hotel Bel-Air, Le Meurice, and Hotel Principe di Savoia.

When it comes to an unforgettable and pristine spot to rest, the Dorchester Collection of luxury hotels has everything you could need for a stress free stay. Enjoy the finest in accommodations and service with the Dorchester Collection of hotels.

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Cuba Tourism Increases

Since the President of the United States announced a relaxation of sanctions against Cuba which has been in place for decades, there has been a large surge in the number of people booking travel to Cuba. After the announcement that the United States would relax sanctions, bookings first increased by 57% immediately after the announcement, then 187% in February, and 250% in March.

Folks at Imaging Advantage have learned that the surge comes in part as tourists are looking to find and experience n unique place before the charm changes into a touristic vacation spot Globalization has provided increasing wealth for many tourist areas, but many have lost the uniqueness that set those locales apart in the first place. Cuba is one of the few places that was unique as a result of restrictions.

Cuba is one of the world’s remaining communist hotspots which, unlike China, has rejected many aspect of consumerism. Many of the increased surge in tourism comes not from the United States but from other nations who were not previously restricted to visiting the island. However, they noted that they want to view the nation before Americans do who may bring with them an added level of consumerism to the island.

Cuba was a traditional tourist spot early in the 1900’s before Fidel Castro’s communist takeover effectively closed the island to tourism. The island still has many American cars from the 1950s that were perfectly preserved and are in working order which adds to the charm and appeal of the island.

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Wine With A Flare

The Antique Wine Company
The Antique Wine Company is a well known merchant that does indeed specialize in rare wines that are more that just fine. This wine company is based right in London. Stephan Williams founded this company in 1982. This wine merchant does offer wine with a flare because they have well over 10,000 bottles of some of the most unique vintages right in its cellars. This is a company that broke the record for providing a large range of services to many. This company is well known for sourcing rare wines, cellar planning, and private master classes. This is more than an average wine merchant. This is a company that has exceeded the wine consumer’s expectations. The variety and style that this company provides has gone well above and beyond while offering wine with a flare.

Stephan Williams
Stephan Williams is not only the founder of The Antique Wine Company, he is also the CEO of this company. He has 25 years of exceptional experience in the business of fine and fabulous wines. Stephan has built a company up and turned it into a masterpiece. This company and Mr. Williams are known globally for being a leader and a well regarded expert in the rarest and the finest wines. Stephan Williams and fine wine go together well.

The Most Valuable Wine
The Antique Wine Company offers much to every wine lover. It should be noted that in July of 2011 this company broke a record. The record was that they had the top and the most valuable bottle of wine that has ever been sold. It was a bottle of 1811 Chateau d’Yquem. This had been sold for £75,000. This was bought by Christian Vanneque. It is said to be for the display in a restaurant in Bali called The SIP Sunset Grill. This wine will not be resold according to Christian Vanneque, the buyer. The most valuable bottle of wine was not purchased for an investment. The buyer of this valuable wine is said to hold the belief that wine is for drinking. This is a Fine wine business.

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