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New Theories Tested In Dark Matter Shining Around Black Holes

The mysteries of dark matter and black holes have collided on a number of occasions as the way dark matter moves around a black hole has been questioned for many years. A theory from the 1970s known as the Penrose Principle explains that dark matter could survive being dragged towards a black hole when it smashes into another dark matter particle and produces a reflective gamma ray, Space reports. This shining ray is attached to one of the two dark matter particles that then escapes the pull of the black hole.

Jeremy Schnittman has now been charged with the task of looking for evidence of the Penrose Principle using evidence and data from the Fermi Space Telescope operated by NASA. The theoretical theorist has been working on a 3-D computer model that charts the movement of dark matter particles undergoing the Penrose Principle and looks for evidence of where they could move out of the black hole to. NJbiz suggests that a number of options are being researched, including the possibility of the particles passing through the black hole and being emitted from the exhaust area beneath.

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