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Locationsmart Gives Businesses a Smarter Way to Operate

In today’s day and age, the capability to efficiently manage mobile devices and electronic interfaces is paramount when attempting to operate a successful business. This demand for efficiency is a strong influence for developers of consumer applications. Today businesses need a better way to manage things such as location insights, access controls, transaction verification, device profiling, and fraud prevention. Fortunately, LocationSmart provides business owners with all of these services through a cloud-based approach that operates through an API platform. Their technology grants its customers real-time location insights for all forms of electronic devices. Whether it be smartphones, laptops, tablets, LocationSmart’s services apply to almost every form of connected devices around the planet.


Responsible for the industries’ most complex form of location as a service, LocationSmart is by far the biggest LaaS company in the world. The company offers location intelligence for businesses relying on mobile engagement services through devices that are connected to both customers and employees alike. With a wide range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to everyday start-ups, LocationSmart is considered to be one of the leaders in the cloud location services market for connected devices. A claim that is backed by the most comprehensive cross-carrier platform’s in the industry. Satisfying a range of needs and delivering on the promise of the farthest reach available in today’s market.


The expansion of both IP location and IP intelligence is essential when ensuring the prevention of online fraud. LocationSmarts IP based insights grant businesses information on the location of a device and whether it uses anonymous, proxies or hosting facilities. This service greatly increases a companies ability to both detect and prevent fraudulent activity before it’s too late. As a result, this increases the confidence customers have in that business’s ability to protect their private information. Overall improving the relationship and trust between the client and its respected customers.


It is safe to say that the role connected devices play in today’s business world is indisputable. LocationSmart offers access to real-time location data, a crucial necessity when establishing a successful company. Geo-targeted advertising, Copyright protection, management of traffic and network security, and I-gaming regulation compliance, are just some of the many services that LS offers. Making good use of the benefits that have come from technological advancements in asset tracking. Today’s level of connectivity almost sounds like something out of science fiction novel. However, LocationSmart is proof that regardless of how farfetched it may appear, the services they provide are a vital part of success for many businesses around the globe.


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LocationSmart: Meet 2019’s Number 1 Location Awareness Solution Provider For All Connected Devices Globally

The number of connected devices has rapidly increased over the past few years, thanks to the extensive internet reach and proliferation of mobile devices. As of this writing, there are over 15 billion devices connected in the world, with approximately 7 billion of those being the internet of things (IoT) connected devices. As a result, many smart technologies that allow companies and businesses to know the location of their connected devices, as well as devices used to connect to their customers, critical assets, and workers, have hit the market.

One company that has developed, perfected, and conquered the location awareness technology is LocationSmart. Now, businesses and organizations can take advantage of their cloud-based solution to ensure location awareness, manage communication for all their connected devices and track, monitor, and collect critical location-based data about their connected devices.


Types of connected devices (IoT)


The main types of connected devices used by customers and workers today are desktop computers and laptops. However, the explosion of mobile devices, such as Smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches, has greatly increased the number of those devices. Also, the increased need for convenience, safety, and security has driven the need to connect homes, cars, appliances, and entertainment systems. Companies invest a lot of money to buy assets like factory equipment and machinery, vehicles, industrial processing machines, ships, airplanes and infrastructure, and connecting these assets ensures their safety and security.

What LocationSmart’s Location awareness solution can do for businesses and organizations


LocationSmart’s cloud-based location awareness solution provides businesses and organizations with a secure platform to custom-build location awareness into their connected devices. This solution helps businesses and organizations to;


Track their assets


Keep tabs (monitor and track) on their assets that are spread across the world.

Monitor all their stationary assets around the clock

Track their mobile assets, such as ships, vehicles, airplanes continuously.

With this capability, companies and businesses can know, in real-time when their asset goes off route and when and where their asset has broken down to ensure quick repair, all of which improve the efficiency of the business or organization.


Monitor their workers


LocationSmart’s cloud-based location awareness solution helps companies and businesses to:

Know the exact location of their workers in real-time

Communicate, effectively, any changes in job status in real-time

Assure management that works are at the right place at the right time.


Keep tabs on and assist customers


LocationSmart’s cloud-based location awareness solution helps customers to;


Locate a business or organization’s brick-and-mortar location

Locate their business website

Discover the location of their new or nearest brick-and-mortar store


About LocationSmart


LocationSmart, Formerly TechnoCom Location Platform, is a privately held Location as a Service (SaaS) company that specializes in offering cloud-based location awareness services to companies and businesses across the world, including startups and fortune 500 companies.The fact that it offers cloud-based location awareness services in over 200 countries is an indication that it’s the domain force in the cloud-based location awareness industry.


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LocationSmart and AND: Changing The Layout

LocationSmart announced that it will use AND as its supplier of maps for use. AND is a worldwide distributor of digital maps as well as services based on location. Likewise, LocationSmart is the largest Location-as-a-Service (or LaaS for short) company in the world.

Recently, LocationSmart had been looking to expand its use into other markets, including those of gaming, lottery, and ecommerce. Their new partnership with AND and the use of AND’s maps will help them enter smoothly into these additional markets.

LocationSmart specifically chose AND’s Digital World Map Shoreline and their International Administrative Boundaries for use in new compliance APIs. LocationSmart’s Smart Zone API has expanded to include compliance checks with various boundaries, including global and country lines as well as customer-determined boundary option. The new API – the first to show development by LocationSmart and AND in conjunction – will be rolled out to customers across the globe beginning in the latter half of this year. Read more: LocationSmart | Owler and LocationSmart | Wikipedia

The CEOs of both companies were pleased with the deal and forthcoming output of the collaboration. Hugo van der Linde, the CEO of AND, commented on his happiness to fulfill the current market needs by offering them the highest quality mapping product possible.

Mario Proietti, the CEO of LocationSmart, focused on providing the best services possible to existing customers and proclaimed his hope that the increase in product quality would bring on new customers and businesses. Proietti also praised AND for their coverage which he called “comprehensive” and the “versatility” of their data delivery.

Now the market leader in Cloud Location Services around the world, LocationSmart provides the most comprehensive platform for application development. Their service can be used across various carriers rather than being limited to one, which helps to explain their worldwide popularity.

LocationSmart’s core location services are used by a range of companies spanning from the Fortune 500 to start-up small businesses at the ground level. Their services span both indoor and outdoor use with the largest global presence in the marketplace. They also offer a large amount of privacy consent methods in order to ensure easy user adoption and consumer security.

Founded in 1984, AND has a large array of digital maps that cover the entire globe and location-based services. AND focuses on automatic and manual updates to their maps in order to provide location intelligence and further the aims of businesses worldwide.

Within the Netherlands, AND is one of the oldest software corporations and have made plenty of advances in their field with such items as the LBS Platform and MapFusion. They currently offer a “road database” that connects over 200 countries across the globe with fully fleshed-out navigation maps of North America and most of Western Europe.

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