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How Dr. Johanan Rand Treats Patients With A Time-Tested Diet

Dr. Johanan Rand, MD, is the founder and president of his own New Jersey health clinic, Healthy Aging Medical Centers. He says that he treats his patients using research he finds in his peer-reviewed medical journals. He takes a proactive approach to medicine where he helps people avoid age-related conditions before they occur. This includes using Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Programs and helping patients lose weight among other measures. He has been in practice for the past 15 years, most of which has been spent in his own medical clinic. He is a graduate of the Albert Einstein Medical Center.

As a weight loss expert, Dr. Johanan Rand has helped many New Jerseyites attain healthy weights in a safe and effective manner. His diet is called the HCG diet program. He says that when women are pregnant they secrete. This hormone helps to supply nutrition to the growing embryo. He says two benefits for men and women eating a diet with this hormone is that it can stop degenerative muscle deterioration and it can also help people swiftly lose weight. Dr. Johanan Rand says that those on his diet can lose anywhere from a 1/2 pound to a full pound each day. His diet is low in calories but he says that being hungry isn’t really as challenging as many people think because his diet has a lot of fiber which prevents hunger.

Dr. Johanan Rand says that most fad diets don’t work. They’re also often dangerous, he says. He says his proven diet takes advantage of the body’s natural instincts. His diet has also been around since 1954, proving that it is no fad diet and has been proven to work over decades. He also talks to his patients and provides them literature in order to help them relearn eating habits.

He says that when a new patient arrives in his offices he has their blood work done and he goes over their diet and exercise habits. Dr. Johanan Rand treats some of his patients with IV Nutrient Therapy as well. This involves feeding minerals, vitamins, and amino acids directly into the patient’s bloodstream.


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