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New evidence shows Tyrannosaur’s were cannibals

The knowledge that life in the time of dinosaur’s was difficult is known to almost everybody, but the full extent of this dangerous period of history is only now being revealed, The Telegraph reports. A group of scientists from Queen Mary, University of London has recently been studying the head of a Daspletosaurus, one of the Tyrannosaurus species of animals. Folks at Bulletproof Coffee ( have learned that the skull of the dinosaur was found in Alberta, Canada and has been reported for many years to have shown bite marks consistent with an attack from a fellow Daspletosaurus.

Despite the scientists backing up the claims of a cannibal attack they have revealed the dinosaur did not die from injuries inflicted by a fellow Tyrannosaur. Instead, they believe that after the adolescent dinosaur died the body was partially eaten by a fellow Daspletosaurus who took a huge bite from the back of the head and neck of the dinosaur. Dangerous fights and other cannibal attacks have been known about for many years by scientists studying dinosaurs who have believed the Tyrannosaurus species was a cannibal who attacked its own species and other dinosaur species at regular intervals.

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