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Barbara Stokes Has Impacted The Disaster Relief Sector

Barbara Stokes is a leader in the industry of disaster relief. She studied Physics and Biomedical Engineering at Mercer University prior to gaining experience at Boeing and the Pisces Corporation. She established GSH of Alabama and supports the United States Government and the FEMA mission. She actively volunteers for the community of Huntsville in addition to taking care of her three children. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Chronicle of the Week.

GSH of Alabama is a construction contractor for disaster relief. The company constructs buildings and modular homes in every size. Their design meets the federal guidelines for quality of construction and materials, accessibility and safety. The comfortable homes include mobile housing unit access ramps requiring just a few days for assembly, suppression systems and fire sprinklers. Read more at Business Insider.

Barbara Stokes runs GSH of Alabama with her husband Scott. She serves as the CEO and Scott is the COO. The company is located in Huntsville, Alabama and was established in 2008. The rapid expansion resulted in facilities being built in eight states. The company has a FEMA contract for $28.5 million and has been awarded $45 million in competitive contracts. during the last few years.

The company contracts with the United States Missile Defense Agency, Homeland Security and the Department of State. Barbara Stokes has a lot of experience with government contracts.



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