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How Angela Koch Has Made An Impact At The U.S. Money Reserve

The U.S Money Reserve has long been one of the largest private distributors of platinum, silver, and gold coins issued by the government.

Throughout its history, it’s gone through a variety of leadership changes, with each of these leaving an impact on the company as a whole. Currently, its CEO is Angela Koch, who has been in the position for several years and has had quite a large impact on the company during this time.

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As the only CEO in the precious metals industry, Angela Koch has had to overcome a variety of hurdles to get to the position she’s in now. However, her journey to the U.S. Money Reserve has been a somewhat unconventional one. Koch’s journey first began when she dropped out of college for various personal reasons. Not long after, she found herself married with several children with the family’s income being relatively tight.

As a result, Angela Koch found herself working two or three jobs at a time to ensure that she was able to make ends meet. During this time, she aimed to ensure that she understood as much as possible about the role she had, as well as how it fed into the company as a whole.

This meant that she understood how to perform her job to the highest level possible, which soon attracted a significant amount of positive attention.

By doing so, Angela Koch was soon able to receive a variety of notable positions and an increasing amount of success. During this time, she worked with a variety of companies, including a Jewish Foundation, despite being Christian, and KLA-Tencor, among others. Throughout this time, she never forgot her philosophy of learning everything she could about the company she was working with.

This is an approach that Angela Koch brought to the U.S. Money Reserve and which she’s passed on to each of the employees who work there.

As a result, she’s had a large impact on the company’s culture, much of which helps to set it apart from many other precious metals firms. In contrast to these businesses, which primarily act as sales organizations, the U.S. Money Reserve doesn’t.

One of the primary ways that the firm differentiates itself is through teaching its employees to be more than just sales agents. Instead of just selling, Angela Koch has led the firm to train them to go above and beyond for every client that they work with. To do so, there are a variety of things that employees will have to learn while at the company.

Some of the more notable of these include knowing the business inside and out, as well as knowing everything possible about the precious metals that they sell. Alongside this, Angela Koch has ensured that each employee knows how to run a system and how to ensure that they go above and beyond for their clients.

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As a result of this, Angela Koch believes that the majority of the employees at the U.S. Money Reserve could lead the business should she ever depart.

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