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Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Education Fund Gala

More than $900,000 has been raised ahead of the predictions made by the Ubuntu Fund these funds will go a long way to assist many of the low-income students pursuing an education to pay for their fees. Andrew Rolfe facilitated the fund charity in London as the chairman. Andrew Rolfe has a vision for most students who come from the remote parts of the African continent. These are the children who never secure an opportunity to get a formal education in the region. This money will be spent in South Africa as it is the hub of a connection of all needy students all over the world. Andrew Rolfe commenced the Ubuntu Fund Organization as a sign that the world needs to empower all the children as they are the light of the future economy, if we do not have children who don’t have the necessary education, we will not cultivate the better business solutions for the modern world.

According to Andrew Rolfe, some of the money raised for the Ubuntu fund will be used to develop a clinic for young children who don’t have enough money to attend the expensive national hospitals. The Andrew Rolfe uses their resources and money to serve more than 400,000 disadvantaged children in Africa. They have always needed this seamless capability to secure fast income for income intensities. The Port Elizabeth Campus is the hub of all these students who do not get their institutional money as fees. This means that the organization bridges between their needs and their solutions as they are unique from one another.

When the founders of the Ubuntu Fund realized that there were hunger and other epidemic diseases like HIV that hindered most of these children from acquiring the needed education, they also expanded their reach to have in it their inclusion for home stability, nutrition, health, and much more. More than 300 well-known philanthropists and socialites in London have attended the Ubuntu Fund Seminar that depicts the true nature of this industry. However, it was the personal story given by Rabidyani Sinesipho that captured people’s hearts.

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