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Rocketship Education- A Philanthropic Network of Chatter Schools in United States Of America

Rocketship education is an organization with a network of schools around the nation in united states of America that is aimed at helping the less advantaged people. It is basically nonprofit and its categorized as an Ed tech, E-learning, Education industry by the licensing board of united states. The head headquarters are located in Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area in the west coast. However, other outlets are distributed all over the nation.

The network of chatter schools was founded in the year two thousand and six by Preston Smith and John Danner. Ever since Rocketship education was founded, the operation has been active. Since its conception, it has facilitated opportunities for around five hundred to one thousand employees. Its owned by shareholder thus defined as a private company.

The mission of Rocketship education is bridging the gap between the underserved communities and the rich family in the education scaling to ensure every student has equal chances to propel their educational career. The chattered group of schools has managed to propel students and also come up with a school model that is sustainable and eliminates the gap in the achievement of students.

Rocketship education has managed to do the above through the incorporation of technology and a Teacher-led model which ensures that every student learns what is relevant and the right content reaches the student at the right time. Personalized learning has also been enhanced thus ensuring that every student is attended to individually using the right method of instruction.

The charter schools have also ensured that parents are engaged fully in the school community and learning of their children. It calls upon every parent to be an advocate for their children in the school community. Though the cooperation of parents, districts, community organizations and also other charter schools, Rocketship education has managed to bridge the gap as it has always intended.

The organization has done four funding projects where they have raised approximately three million dollars. They did their last funding in the year two thousand and twelve December fifteenth. Additionally, Rocketship education uses eighteen technology services and product and twenty-five technologies in their website.

See some of the products used by Rocketship Education in this article

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Dick Devos: Hometown and Education Advocate

Richard Marvin Devos Jr. or Dick Devos is a businessman, entrepreneur, and author. He has shown his support and appreciation to his hometown, Grand Rapids, countless times. One event that stood out to him and the people close to him was when a multi-purpose arena was supposed to be built in the downtown area of the city.


The year was 1991, and Dick Devos learned about the project. The future CEO of Amway Corp immediately tried his best to put a stop to the plan. For him, there were several reasons why the idea should not materialize.


He recalled the time when momentous constructions in Detroit hurt the city. The Palace of Auburn Hills and the Pontiac Silverdome were controversial buildings in Detroit. They caused great changes in the town and among them included driving famed sports teams, namely the Pistons and the Lions, back in the 70s.


Devos who became the CEO from 1993 to 2002 of his family-owned business Amway could not forget what the event taught the people of Detroit. He did not want the same thing to happen to those in Grand Rapids. Campaigning against the convention center required dedication, but he found support from other wealthy individuals who were not in favor of the construction as well.


The group of business leaders formed the Grand Action to halt the building of the sports facility north of downtown. It was a successful campaign, and the residents are thankful for the result. Instead of the convention center, better buildings took the space, including the Grand Rapids City Market, the medical school of the Michigan State University, the Van Andel Arena, and the Devos Place Convention Center.


Supporting Education


One of the top priorities of the Devos family was to reform education in the country. Betsy Devos, Dick Devos’ wife, is the current Secretary of Education of the US. Together, their efforts led to the growth of a public charter school in Michigan. In 2010, Betsy encouraged her husband to start a charter school, which is now called the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The outstanding public high school began with only 80 students.


This particular nonprofit charter school had a simple location, which was at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. From the derelict office space to its own building with more than 600 students who hail from seven counties, the Devos family is proud of what the educational institution has become as they look back to its humble beginnings.


Hometown Appreciation


For decades, Dick and Betsy have been trying to bring change to their hometown. As heirs of affluent families, they used their fortunes to donate to the Grand Old Party (GOP). The Devos’ influence on the Republican Party resulted in a few significant changes in labor and education laws throughout the state.


Together with Betsy, Mr. Devos aimed to help make Grand Rapids International Airport recognized in the country. He talked to the CEO of AirTran Airways and asked for a meeting. It was a success, allowing Grand Rapids to receive incoming flights from the Ford Airport.


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Betsy DeVos and Educational System Adjustments

Betsy Devos isn’t ever a pushover. Her husband Dick isn’t one, either. They know that they cannot afford to be like that. They know that people who are determined and who don’t care what others think are the ones who actually get things done in this tough world. DeVos could easily relish a life that’s simple and devoid of stress. That’s honestly not her style, though. She wouldn’t ever be comfortable not doing invaluable things with her day. There are so many subjects that captivate DeVos. There are so many subjects that make her feel like she has to do something tangible.


DeVos has a full-time job that keeps her on her feet all of the time. There are few people who can hold a candle to her in the scheduling division. She barely has any time to collect her own thoughts. President Donald Trump gave her a strong opportunity when he asked her to work as the Secretary of Education. She’s a widely known member of his administration. People who see her walking up and down the street often recognize her practically instantly. She’s a hard person to miss. Although she’s a petite lady who is hardly “larger than life” visually, her personality tells another story.


DeVos is a motivated woman who gets things done. She doesn’t have a demeanor that’s overwhelming in any manner, though. People who are able to talk to her face-to-face may even think that she has a low-key vibe. She’s a person who does a lot of thinking. She doesn’t say anything until she’s fully confident in her word selection. She knows just how imperative word selection is in this fast-paced society. She knows that making mistakes that involve word choice can be detrimental and problematic.


Mrs. DeVos is Dick’s wife. Dick DeVos is an American man who is just as recognizable as Betsy is. People often spot him when he’s in Michigan. They often spot him when he’s in other parts of the huge country as well. He’s concentrated on so many things that involve locations that go beyond the Midwest.


Betsy and Dick are two parents who believe in the goodness of Michigan. It’s a state that has impacted them significantly. Betsy graduated from Calvin College in the state. Dick set aside a lot of time to making Grand Rapids in the state a much better and more vibrant location for everyone. He’s so enthralled by Grand Rapids that he does whatever he can to safeguard it from unpleasant results. It’s a place that brings out his strong and undeniable protective streak.


DeVos knows that there are American children who need strong educations. She knows that there are parts of the school system that are lacking, too.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on Facebook.

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Life-Changing Lessons You Can Learn at the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre has been in operation since 1984 and has been providing people of all ages and backgrounds with the divine wisdom that they need to navigate through this lifetime. Kabbalah Centres around the world are open to anyone who is ready to discover these ancient teachings and receive healing spiritual guidance.

Kabbalah is not a religion but the mystical interpretation of Judaism. Instead of focusing on rituals and rules, Kabbalah aims to educate people about the ancient spiritual truths of the world so that they may lead better and healthier lives.

There are many ways that learning Kabbalah can transform your life for the better. We have picked three ways that Kabbalah can benefit you and even change your life forever.

  1. Find Your Soulmate

With so many online dating websites floating around the internet, it’s clear that many people are single and looking for that special someone. However, many of us feel that we may never truly find our soulmate.

However, Kabbalah gives us the tools we need to attract our soulmate and build a healthy relationship with them. Kabbalah teaches us that we all have a soulmate and that finding them is a matter of shedding our egos and reconnecting with our spiritual source.

  1. Learn to Live Life to the Fullest

Many of us are brainwashed by society to submit to stress and focus on superficial desires. Kabbalah, however, teaches us the realities of existence so that we can experience gratitude for what we have every single day.

  1. Discover Your True Life’s Purpose

So many of us feel unfulfilled in our careers. Through Kabbalah, we learn that we were all put on this planet for a specific purpose. By reconnecting with our spiritual source and studying the ancient practice of astrology, we can discover what our purpose is and begin living life in a more fulfilling way.


If you are ready to transform your life, contact the Kabbalah Centre today. Every Kabbalah Centre is filled with teachers who are ready to show you the secrets of the universe.

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