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Andrew Rocklage Is A Reputed Businessman

Andrew Rocklage always thought that he is would never settle on any single career. He is a native of Boston. Since childhood, Andrew has been curious about what all is happening in the world. Besides, he is known for his boundless energy along with enthusiasm too.

The career of Andrew Rocklage is just a decade long. Still, he has a reputation that he has built across many industries. He has a strong educational background. Besides, he has extensive experience too. This is spread across many areas. It is because Andrew Rocklage likes to get himself practically involved in everything.

There is a lot that he has done in his life. But Andrew Rocklage is especially proud of his trampoline park that is owned and operated by him.

He is the franchise holder of Sky Zone. He is a young entrepreneur who was born and brought up in the Boston area. So he knows the people and the region very well. He has important connections here in the field of education as well as business. This has served him well in his profession. He has now established himself as a leader, entrepreneur as well as an innovator.

He achieved exceptional grades in his secondary school. Then he joined the University of Massachusetts. He attended the Amherst’s Isenberg School of Management. He earned a degree in Bachelor of Science. This was in sports management along with a minor in economics. All this depicts his varied skills and interests.

Andrew Rocklage is interested in running marathons too. He used to enjoy running when he was in his college. Now he is able to run full marathons.

After the bachelor’s degree, Andrew Rocklage earned a Juris Doctor Law degree. This was from Suffolk University Law School. It is among the best law schools in the country. This was in 2013. Post that; he has embarked on a professional career full-time. He has also done some admirable internship while he was completing his degrees.

After earning his two degrees, Andrew Rocklage gained some valuable experience as he worked for different organizations. He has been the corporate counsel. This was for EPIRU Pharmaceuticals. In addition, he has been a legal consultant as well as a law clerk too. He has worked as a public relations intern too. This was for the Major League Lacrosse.

This way, he is well aware of the latest happenings in the technology world. This reflects his passion for innovation. He likes to make use of cutting-edge ideas to all that he is doing.

Andrew Rocklage realized soon that he did not wish to work for somebody. He wanted to work for himself only. This is why he opted for a Sky Zone franchise.

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