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Eric Pulier Believes in Business and Philanthropy

Eric Pulier grew up in Teaneck, NJ. Pulier took interest in computer programming when he was in fourth grade. He established his database computer company when he was in high school. Eric Pulier majors in Harvard were English and American literature. He excelled as an editor and was the writer for The Harvard Crimson. In addition, Pulier also attended some classes at MIT. Eric Pulier graduated from Harvard in 1988.

As an adult, Eric Pulier greatly influenced the world of technology. Pulier is an author and his articles are featured in renowned publications. In 1991, Eric Pulier started People Doing Things; was his first company to focus on medical and educational technology. In the years that followed, Eric Pulier participated in the startups of Arkana, Desktone, MediaPlatform, and U.S. Media Interactive. Companies he worked at attracted great investments due to his influence and results.

Eric Pulier is not only an entrepreneur but also a philanthropist with a considerable number of charitable efforts to help young people suffering from diseases and long-term illnesses. Pulier founded Starbright World, which aids children in safe online communication. Eric Pulier is a board member at Painted Turtle which is a non-profit summer camp and at XPrize as well.

The globally renowned Forbes, as well as Harvard Crimson, have featured articles written by Eric Pulier. He is a co-author alongside Hugh Taylor of a book with the title of “Understanding Enterprise SOA”, which was published in 2006. This book covers and details service oriented architecture with valuable insight and has received many great reviews from readers. This book can be found at major retailers as well as mainstream online distributors.

Eric Pulier currently resides with his four children in Los Angeles. His activities are mostly directed toward many charitable and commercial goals since both are important to Pulier. This year, Pulier founded yet another start-up company called vAtomic Systems. This company focuses on tracking digital products and making trading these products online for its clients. vAtomic Systems is very likely going to have a strong impact on how enterprises do online business and even with apps.

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A True American Unsung Hero: Eric pulier

When it comes to doing progressive things for society, Eric Pulier should be at the top of this inspirational list. This 1988 Harvard University Graduate has created many innovative products that are very beneficial for people and businesses. He is the epitome of the word ingenuity as many of his innovative creations have been used on a daily basis around the world. The genesis of Mr. Pulier began back in his hometown of Teaneck, New Jersey. Eric Pulier was very aspirational compare to his friends and as a fourth grader, Pulier programmed his first computer. He expressed his creativity through his inventions (so-to-speak) and by high school he had formed a data computer company. While studying at Harvard University, Eric Pulier took additional classes at MIT. There is only so much time in a day, but this guy certainly pulled it off without a hitch. During this time Pulier wrote a column for the prestigious Harvard Crimson. He was also the editor of this prominent publication and by 1988 this brilliant mind Graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Now finished with school, Eric Pulier moved out West to California and started his professional career. During this time many companies would be created and founded and each one had a specific purpose. (PDT) which stands for People Doing Things, was Pulier’s first founded company and the innovation technology that was used at the time addressed many issues of the healthcare and education field . Here are a of the companies that Eric Pulier’s hand has been in below:

  • Founder of Starbright World
  • Co-Founder of Service Mesh, Inc
  • Director of Media Platform, Inc
  • Innovative Board Member of XPRIZE
  • Founder/Managing Partner of FLF
  • Chairman/Co-Founder of US Interactice, Inc

With so many accomplishments under his belt, this guy’s life story could be made into a movie. Mr. Pulier made invest in start-up businesses and has raised funds for charities as well as personal ventures. His hard work and values will certainly be ingrained in his four children and maybe they’ll grow up to be as intelligent as their genius father.

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