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Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Empowerment of Women For Independence

One of the common words you hear in this environment is empowerment. One of the reasons that this word is constantly being uttered is that there are tons of positive things being associated, especially when it comes to women. Women are among the groups of people that need a lot of empowerment. Fortunately, 2017 has turned out to be the year that has seen the beginning of empowerment for women. One of the things that women are going for is independence. Once they achieve this independence, then they are going to be able to enjoy their lives in the way they were meant to.

One person who is making tons of efforts towards the empowerment of women is Whitney Wolfe Herd. She has done it through online dating apps. One of the ways that she has empowered women was by challenging dating norms. One of these rules is that women are not supposed to approach men. Instead, they are to wait around for a man to approach them. However, they can leave signals that allow men to approach. This rule has went online with dating apps. One thing that is common with dating apps is that men are not only initiating, but they are giving women a ton of messages.

Even though this apparently makes dating easier for women, it does come with its disadvantages in that women are often approached by men they don’t really fancy while ignored by men that they do fancy. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe Herd has decided to configure Bumble so that women are made to initiate conversation with the men if they are matched. A similar model has been created for women in the form of BFF and Bizz.

One thing that Whitney Wolfe Herd is encouraging women to do is be proactive in their lives. She wants to show women that it is not only okay, but sometimes even necessary for women to go for what they want in their lives. People who take control of their lives are more likely to achieve the goals that mean the most to them. People who wait for others to dictate what they do are going to have a smaller chance at fulfillment.

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Lime Crime’s Newest Release Sparkles

If you haven’t heard the name Lime Crime it’s time you looked into this spectacular makeup line. It’s one of those companies that is all about satisfying the unicorn in each of us. The owner Doe Deere has crafted her line to be all about color and being an individual with her rainbow of makeup colors. One of the most popular makeup lines introduced by Lime Crime is the Diamond Crusher’s Lip Topper. An unreal look of glitter over amazing shades of lipgloss.

When fans of Lime Crime heard that a new release was coming out the excitement and guessing started a bit of craziness on social media. Lime Crime hinted with a picture of the new line but no description. Finally on November 7th all the questions were answered and the new Diamond Dew Liquid Eye Shadow was released. With colors like Chocolate Diamond, Chameleon, and Dragon this line is going to make fans very happy.

What is most amazing about the Diamond Dew line is that it really isn’t for just eyes. As with all things Lime Crime this line two can be used however the unicorn in each of us feels like expressing ourselves. The lightweight, reflective particles go on in liquid form and dry quickly. With ten shades of fabulous it will be hard for fans to pick just one.

The price point for the Diamond Dew is $20 per piece or $170 for the entire set. Buying the whole set will actually make the cost $30 cheaper than buying each piece one by one. There is no doubt that this line will be wrapped under lots of trees this Holiday Season or in stockings. Lime Crime and it’s dazzling color choices and products make a great gift for anyone looking for something new to express themselves.

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