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Fortress Investment Group Smashes Its Secured Lending Fund Target

There are many indicators or growth in an institution; one is valuation. It can be obtained from its financial reports which are matched against its performance in the previous season to show loss or profit. Fortress Investment Group, an investment firm based in the United States of America has experienced sporadic growth in recent times. It can be attributed to the effective management of investment, a pool of seasoned experts, market knowledge among other things.

Well, Fortress Investment group had set a secured lending fund target of US$ 500. It now celebrates after it was able to close a deal estimated to cost US$ 590 million. This agreement brought together 56 investors interested in the funding pool, out of which 30 investors were new to the firm. Since inception, Fortress Investment Group has experienced growth through its lending function. It is established that there is an annual growth of 13%. Secured loans are advanced to customers with investments that are attractive and likely to yield better returns.

About Fortress Investment Group

It is an investment firm with expertise in asset management, liquid markets, credit, and private equity. It was established in 1998 by Randal Nardone and Wesley Eden active principals to date and Rob Kauffman who has since left to pursue his interests in sports with its head offices in New York City.

Fortress Investment Group is ideally a manager of other managers. For instance, it has helped solve some operational challenges with financial institutions such as Mogo Finance Technology, Small Bone Innovations, OnDeck, Layered Technologies, Marathon Patent Group, and Supercom among many others. It has also preceded over acquisitions and mergers to help other institutions expand, grow and in some instances diversify risks if it was in a distressed position.

It is ranked among the best-managed investment firms in America and is listed in the New York City Stock Exchange which means it is trading publicly. It enables it to raise capital from stakeholders. Its management has also had a value input to make it shine. In 2014, the HFM Week termed it as the Management Firm of the Year.

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Greame Holm Uses Expertise in Finance to Revolutionize Debt Reduction Services

Graeme Holm is a Top 100 MBA broker with over a decade of experience playing in the Big 10 banking market. An expert in finance Holm was shocked to observe the amount of clients who lived from paycheck to paycheck. Families all over Australia were trapped in long-term loans and only able to pay the minimum monthly amount. So Graeme Holm decided to do something about it. He formed his own company Infinity Group and offered a new type of debt reduction service to the masses. Infinity Group has a sparkling reputation. Its clients are able to payoff $41,000 dollars in debt on average within the first year. Those who are trapped under home loans experience a 100% success rate of paying said loans off in three months. But Infinity Groups does not just aid its clients in paying off debt, it stays with them afterwards and helps them grow wealth. It even aids it client base in property investment and retirement planning.


Graeme Holm spent six months studying the mortgage market to research where the problems were being created. What he found was a lack of ongoing support and guidance. So Holm decided to merge finance management with the spirit of a personal trainer. Personal trainers do not just tell people how to exercise, they also get into their daily life and rearrange their diets. So Holm decided that his company would get into its client’s lives and rearrange their finances. First step, swap out cash for credit. Infinity Group operates under a mandate that everything a client buys has to be with cash. Their budget is planned and the money allocated in cash. If the client does not have the cash, then they cannot afford the purchase. This allows clients to avoid spending more money than they have, and build up the money that they do have.


This unorthodox approach to finances has garnered much success for Infinity Group. Currently, they are the fastest growing debt reduction company in Australia. Their success rate is through the roof, and client satisfaction is very high. This is because Holm goes out of his way to serve the client, and because Infinity Group sticks with them after the debt is paid off. Infinity Group uses personal bankers to constantly check up on clients, provide them with goals, and ensure that they do not fall back into the same pitfalls. Just like a personal trainer, once they whip finances into shape they keep them that way.

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