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OSI Industries’ Hand In Today’s Meatless Burger

It seems as if everyone is going meatless to a certain degree. These plant-based products have taken over the market since they exploded onto the scene nearly two years ago. Meatless burgers of past decades didn’t possess a classic burger taste. These cardboard-tasting solutions are a thing of the past thanks to modern ingenuity. Today’s foods, including pure beef, has its drawbacks. The raising and harvesting of cattle has also been a concern on the environment as well as the consumers. Impossible Foods is looking to buck the system by introducing meatless burgers that are healthier. In addition to that, the company’s premier meatless burger is being sold at Burger King as the Impossible Burger. Connect Linkedin to see all updates at OSI Group.

On the other hand, Impossible Foods needed an efficient way to meet the huge demands of the masses. This is where OSI Industries enters the frame, and this American-based food manufacturer has a ton of capability to do so. OSI Industries is a long-standing food provider that produces a variety of foods, including veggies, fruits and meat. McDonald’s was the company’s first prominent business client back in the day. As of 2019, OSI works exclusively with top-tier food retailers, such as KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut and Starbucks.

Mass-production of the meatless burger is the next step, and Impossible Foods already has a long line of eager clients. Impossible Foods will be serving these plant-based foods in a number of restaurants if mass-production goes accordingly. This includes the clients of White Castle, Red Robin and Del Taco. OSI Industries will utilize its strength via high-capacity production lines. These innovative and expensive pieces of equipment can churn out copious amounts of products in a shorter period of time. Since the market for meatless burgers is looking to explode over the next few years, OSI Industries will certainly play a large role in the burgers’ success.


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Profile of OSI Group Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin currently serves as both the Chairman and chief executive officer of the leading food processing and distribution company known as OSI Group. Before he became the top executive of this company, Lavin worked as a financial consultant. This allowed him to provide advice and guidance to companies who were looking for ways to better manage their resources. His educational background in accounting and finance enabled him to attain employment positions in the financial services industry.

As a finance professional, Sheldon Lavin worked closely with OSI Group for a number of years. He was involved in helping the company arrange financing for new facilities. As he worked with the company for an extended period of time he was offered the opportunity to become a part of the company. As a result, he joined OSI Group and gradually worked his way up to the top managerial position he has now.

Since taking over as the chairman and chief executive officer of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has emphasized growth and expansion. He has said that the company is always looking to grow so that it can remain as the top food processing and distribution company in the world. Over the past few decades, the company has grown with lots of expansion. It has established dozens of new facilities as well as locations in 17 countries throughout the world.

One of the keys to the company’s success has been its wide selection or products. According to Sheldon Lavin, the company offers a number of products that help restaurants and grocery stores stock up on quality inventory. OSI Group offers products such as pork, beef, chicken, vegetables, baked goods and some seasonings. All of these products have enabled OSI Group to meet the ever changing demands of its customers.

Part of what has made OSI Group one of the leading food distribution and processing companies is its culture. Lavin has said that OSI Group has an entrepreneurial culture. This consists of employees and managers working on flexible terms to interact with customers, manage operations and also help with the company’s expansion. With this entrepreneurial culture, many of the employees are able to thrive and help the company reach its goals.

OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award

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OSI Group McDonalds Meat Processing Factory

McDonald’s boasts of serving seventy-five hamburgers a second; this makes them the highest peddlers of burgers in the world. The popularity of their burgers makes some to wonder, what are their burgers made with? To answer this pertinent question, it is important to know how the burgers are made. The OSI Group McDonalds has a meat processing factory in Günzburg, Germany, which supplies millions of burgers to McDonald’s every day.

Hygiene is of utmost importance when it comes to preparing burgers at the OSI group factory. Employees with stomach bugs are relieves of their duties until the cause of their ailment is established and treated. They must also wear protective clothing when in the factory to prevent loose objects from falling in the meat. Bacteria and unwanted additives are kept at bay at all costs.

Boneless meat is used to make burgers, and for this reason OSI Group McDonalds orders large pieces of meat from slaughterhouses. In addition to being ideal for making burger patties, large pieces of meat are not easily contaminated by bacteria owing to their small surface area. Meat that has passed the initial check is stored in containers of around 500 kilograms, which are then taken to the mincer. The blenders mince the meat until it takes a spaghetti-like look, while there is a machine that separates out small pieces of bone simultaneously.

The minced meat is then shaped into burger patties by another machine. The OSI Group McDonalds factory does not use binding agent to hold the meat in shape, but it instead mixes frozen and fresh meat to help in bringing the meat to the ideal temperature faster. Despite the mindboggling number of five million hamburgers being made every day, the factory does not have a lot of overhead costs in terms of human capital. Only about fifty employees are needed per shift to run the entire operation although McDonald’s and OSI point out that they have extra staff on call in case a rise in demand warrants more workers.

OSI Group McDonalds are realistic and practical in business practices. The machines at the Günzburg factory can be configured to make vegetable burgers, meaning that the factory can easily switch its earning model in the future if the demand for meat decreases.

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Where Beneful Dog Food Differs from Other Pet Food Brands

Look more closely at the way that your dog eats their pet food. Are they gobbling down every ounce and then bursting around like they are a ball of energy? Chances are you are feeding your dog foods that are packed with fillers like corn and grains that offer them very little nutritional value. That is not the case when it comes to Beneful brand dog foods.

Compare your dog food with one of the more popular Beneful brand dog foods, and you can see those huge chunks of real farm-raised chicken accented with vegetables like spinach and pumpkin. Now sprinkle in some real blueberries and you can see why Beneful Walmart brand dog foods offer your pet 23 essential minerals and vitamins. Grain-free means you get abundant nutritional value without compromising taste.

Now take a look at how the Beneful brand dog foods are produced at the Purina facilities of wet food based here in the United States. Those workers who are aggressively performing quality checks on every bag that moves down the assembly line are pet owners just like you, and they only want the best for their dogs too. This is why Purina workers only feed their dogs the same as they are producing.

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