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Sharon Prince Spearheads Grace Farms’ Vision in Fighting Human Injustice

Sharon Prince, the founder of Grace Farms, paints a clear picture of what visionary leadership should be. Leaders are now trying to emulate the attributes demonstrated by Prince in her achievement of building a dedicated leadership team. The visionary leader says that the future belongs to those who can foresee many possibilities, commit themselves into the journey, and work tirelessly into realizing the outcome of the vision.

She founded the farms in 2009 intending to improve livelihoods through connection with arts, nature, justice, faith, and community. Prince continues to impact society tremendously. Previously, she served at the Next Generation, Nepal’s Board as an aid committed to re-uniting fatalities of child exploitation back to their families.

In 2015, Sharon Prince opened an 80-acre natural land space in Connecticut’s Fairfield County. Since then, she continues to expand on a team of committed and creative thinkers in various fields. Such areas include the fields of community, faith, nature, arts, and justice. She affirms that bringing together such a strong team has contributed much to form a unique culture that maintains peace and excellence.

Through Prince’s leadership, we learn the power resilience in the utility of a multi-disciplinary approach. It is clear that such an outlook can be the ultimate solution to the existing societal issues, and can as well restore the uncomplicated nature of the society.

Sharon Prince sets a great foundation. The basis of enjoining multi-disciplinary leaders from essential areas such as that of nature, justice, arts, and faith can help bring together diverse and significant thoughts from forward thinkers. The same can lead to global actions towards raising awareness of society’s most pressing issues. From this, we can all manage to better our society and improve the overall living standards.

Towards holding the banner for the Grace Farms’ vision, Sharon Prince Grace Farms continues to become influential in the strategic-thinking public space. Due to her creative initiation of the Grace Farms, she received an honor for various deeds. Such includes her selection into the AIA Institute Awards of Honor for Architecture Jury- 2018. The strategist continues to work determinedly against human trafficking, child abuse, and women violence. She focuses at an all-rounded local, national and global community levels.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms’s social Media:

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Isabel dos Santos on Working as Hard as She is Able

One of the primary reasons for Isabel dos Santos’s success in the Angolan market is that she does not take no for an answer. Unless she feels that an interaction would harm others or impact other businesses in a negative way, she does not stop pursuing her ideas. In her mind, it is important to stay up to date with what is happening around you, and one of the best ways to do this is to follow the threads you find until they run out. Isabel dos Santos believes that people are far too comfortable in the modern world with lacking knowledge on the current affairs of business.

Because of this, they tend to lose sight of what matters most to where we are headed as a planet. If they do not have access to this information right in front of them, it can be hard to imagine just how important it is that we all stay on top of things. Isabel dos Santos has been working to counteract this trend of business ignorance lately by encouraging people in her country to educate themselves as much as possible. In her opinion, because of the modern world of technology, it is only logical to keep yourself familiarized with the inner-workings of the world around you. If you do not, then things will not stop progressing simply for you. This is the ideology Isabel dos Santos demonstrates with regards to technology as well.

When she sees that something is headed down a new path, she follows it. It is important as a businessperson to be aware of where technology is headed, as every business is affected by these developments. This may be why technology companies are generally the most profitable in the world. Isabel dos Santos has been staying up to date with the developing world around her not because she believes that she needs to necessarily but because if she does not, she knows she has a lesser chance of staying afloat within business. This is something she absolutely refuses to face, and because of this, she will work as hard as she is able for as long as she is able.

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Richard Liu and Creating A Steady Ground

Richard Liu created a strong foundation in his life by always working. First, Richard Liu was born to hard working business parents. Richard Liu would learn much from these individuals and would always work hard. As such, Richard Liu has gotten to where he is today. This road was not easy, Richard Liu could have taken the easy path and simply just went and worked for someone else.

Instead, Liu Qiangdong did something different. He did it because he knew that he could make it in business. So, he used his sales skills to sell products and then moved to selling products he sourced.

This is what helped him to create a better life. He first created a solid foundation that allowed him to grow and expand and because of this Richard Liu was able to build Jingdong.

Remember, you can be like Richard Liu, all you have to do is make certain that you have a good foundation.

Remember that this can be done in a variety of ways. One can do it by investing in real estate and building value on top of that. One can do it by investing in properties to rent.

Invest in Properties to Rent Out

If you think that you have got the whole temporary landlord thing sorted out and could do with a more challenging position, then buying properties with the intent to rent them out would be the next step.

Granted, you might have to go through the day to day business of managing the property. While doing so is still very manageable if you have a single property to rent out, it could be a full time job if you have more than a few properties at hand.

But even then, it doesn’t have to be so tiresome.

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Bhanu Choudhrie Gives Insight on Entrepreneur World

Bhanu Choudhrie is an entrepreneur and investor who has become a household name in India and the world at large. The 35 years old man has an eye for development and is on a constant lookout of where to develop. His skills runway deep after he graduated with a master’s in business and marketing from the prestigious University of Boston. This has seen him spear head one of the most known real estate firms in India, C &C Alpha Group Company. Besides real estate, Bhanu Choudhrie has several hospitality firms that add to the spark in his businesses.

Mr. Bhanu Choudhrie is not confined within the walls of his people. Many are the times that he interacts with different people from different countries, where he gets new ideas from. Bhanu Choudhrie believes there is so much to learn from different people of different races.

Bhanu Choudhrie has not had it easy. Through hard work and resilience, he has been able to conquer hard times that proved to train him on how to face problems rather than run away from them. He has learned that teamwork is essential for a firm to stand firm and be successful. This he borrowed from sports, where he was a football lover since childhood. Another important lesson that he has learned from games is the ability to rise again after falling. The enthusiasm of the sportsmen always gives him the determination and the morale to work hard and to research before venturing into any new project.

Mr. Choudhire’s hard work has not gone unnoticed, and as a result, he has won several prestigious awards among them being Asian Entrepreneur of the year award. This has seen him give back to the community where he is involved in several charitable works, to better the lives of those around him.

Bhanu ones surprised the world when he invested in a relatively low airline. He had so much faith in it, and today, the airline boasts of over 200 airplanes to its name. Mr. Choudhire believes that hard work and resilience can see a person get great results at the end of the day, no matter how difficult a situation may seem to be.

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Alec Sellem is the CEO and founder of Sellem industries limited, which is located at London, England and United Kingdom. His website is He has established partnerships with energy conservation and people who are professional’s business minded. He is based in London.

He was honored to be among the panel to speak about the state of energy law and to give possible solutions in Africa. He is interested in the current happenings in both artisanal and small-scale mining. Alec said ASM had grown tremendously in some rural areas. He said ASM differs with that of Large-scale mining because of the low amount invested and use of little mechanization.

Local communities provide ASM labor. It is also a source of employment approximated to be 80 countries. ASM is a source of mineral and metals significantly. It produces 20% each of Gold and Diamond supplied in the world and 80% of Sapphire.

ASM is profitable to investors and the communities because it employs. Improvement and investors should be made in the ASM mining areas before mining. They include educating workers and communities and improving infrastructure or creating new ones because it is a significant challenge in the areas that are developing. ASM generate job opportunities in places with very little or no economic activity.

ASM consists of unskilled workers and those who work from site to another. Though ASM is recognized as helping to alleviate poverty, the materials used put the miners and the people in the surrounding at risk. New Technology has been introduced to minimize the impact of dangerous mining properties used, such as Mercury. Though there is a challenge of those concerned not willing to invest in Technology, thus there is the need for practical use of Technology to show miners the advantages of using the Technology to help achieve the needs of both human and environment.

Organizations have been put up to ensure the integration of ASM to ensure maximum use of mining and production and ensuring responsible practices are applied. ASM can have a positive impact on the areas that are economically deprived when proper guidelines and standards have been followed. Communication is also essential between those investing, miners, and the communities.

Alec Sellem’s: Twitter.

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Serge Belamant Is A Creative Software Developer Who Was A Part Of The Earliest Blockchain Technologies

Serge Belamant is a brilliant software developer who is a patent holder of blockchain technologies. He was born in Tulle, France, but he moved to South Africa as a teenager. He studied at The Highlands North High School for Boys and learned how to speak English while there. Belamant is known for being a part of the creation of multiple cryptocurrencies, and he has also worked with many different banks to offer them helpful software and ideas.

Serge Belamant decided to attend Witwatersrand University as well as The University of South Africa as an adult. His studies were centered around information and computer systems and engineering during his time in college. Instead of finishing his degree, he went to work with Matrix, where he worked on IBM computers. His work led to the development of computer models for The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. In the process of creating different computer models, he learned a lot about digital mapping and statistical methods. Read his full interview at

Serge Belamant eventually went to work with Bancorp, where he served as a special consultant. He helped the company look into risk management and was able to create a program that analyzed business stability and risk. His work led to him being accepted into the RSA computer society as a member. Belamant later teamed up with SASWITCH, where he served as its head of the IT division. He helped the company to become one of the most well-known ATM switch on Earth.

Serge Belamant founded Net1 in 1989 after making the decision to stop working with SASWITCH. It was there that he created the Chip Offline Pre-Authorized Card, which helped people to complete transactions in a more efficient way. The South African Social Security Administration later extended a government contract to Net1, and in 1995, Net1 agreed to create and develop an application for Visa. Today, Serge Belamant is focusing most of his energy on his new venture Zilich Technology Limited. The company is in operation to develop more blockchain technology, which goes to serve the cryptocurrency sector. Looking back, Belamant has been a huge part of creating the modern IT world.

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Why Nina Vaca Is a Source of Inspiration to the Next Generation

In an apartment with only $300 and a simple Dell computer, Nina Vaca knew the power she had to change her destiny. With no entrepreneurship experience or the massive capital to launch a big company at once, Vaca established her business and started cold calling corporations. She offered IT services that she believed she could deliver. Her company, Pinnacle Group, began making tangible revenues and winning more clients.

In between marriage and raising kids, Vaca had to focus on building her empire. Although she had a few struggles along the way, she was determined to make a story out of it. Today, Pinnacle Group has grown into the status she envisioned and has broken into the billion-dollar club. Pinnacle ranks among the fastest growing women-owned companies in the world. Vaca earned recognition, and Barack Obama appointed her Presidential Ambassador of Global Entrepreneurship.

Vaca is Ecuadorian by birth. Her background exposed her to real struggles long before she made it. Vaca is determined to empower minorities, women, and youth to succeed in their careers or establish businesses. Through her involvement with the Dallas ISD STEM program, Vaca has reached thousands and helped them find their strengths.

In 2016, when earthquakes hit her home country, Vaca rose into action. She channeled donations, support, and other resources into saving lives and helping the victims rebuild their lives. Recently, she built 40 houses in honor of the homeless victims of the earthquake. Vaca has demonstrated the art of kindness and even founded a charity organization, Nina Vaca Foundation. The organization specializes in charity activities in different parts of the world.

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Things you need to know about Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a well-known investor that is based in the United States. He is also a former hedge fund manager, and during his early days in the career, he helped a vast number of people identify various opportunities that they could invest in for the success of their companies. He is also an editor at the Banyan Hill Publishing firm. He has gained respect for the insights he offers his readers on investments. Dedication is the primary trait that has enabled him to achieve successes in his career. Paul Mampilly continues to guide people on the lucrative deals they can invest in for a successful career.

The ability of Paul Mampilly to surround himself with people that show a positive attitude towards life is one of the significant things that has enabled him to continue pursuing his passion. He believes that such people have helped him overcome negativity and acquire tips to eliminate burnout. His career is one of the most outstanding ones due to the various measures he has taken towards meeting all his goals.

The duo believes in the abilities of his clients and he continues to equip them with tactics on how they can survive the highly competitive market. According to him, entrepreneurship is a harsh journey that could see one easily give up If they do not stay strong. He believes that preparedness is key when it comes to the field of investments. By being prepared, an investor gets to be ready for any upcoming issue regardless of its nature. The guidance that he offers to his clients through his journals has played a key role in helping the problem, chive a breakthrough in investments. Besides, Paul Mampilly also updates his clients on the new lucrative deals in the market that can help them travel miles in their careers. His advocations have changed many lives and as a result, many people give him credit for his excellent work. Paul Mampilly also learned to put other people first. He is never selfish and he strives to shape up the lives of others through advising them and guiding them on important life principles.

Paul Mampilly’s : Facebook Page.

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Jeunesse Global’s Reaction to Unethical Business

Diversity is something that Jeunesse Global took into careful consideration when first constructing their business. Back in 2009, although it was not too long ago, there was a significantly more prevalent amount of prejudice in the world, and to ensure that they remain on good terms not only with their customers but with their conscience, Jeunesse Global made sure to put in employee-hiring regulations that would prevent anyone from being discriminated against.

Equality is one of Jeunesse Global’s most important statures for proper business. Everyone they work with, regardless of what they look like, where they come from, or what opportunities should have, ought to be treated the same in the eyes of Jeunesse Global. After all, they are a humble health and wellness company, and they do not take well to any sort of prejudice-driven harassment, whether it takes place in the workplace or outside of it.

Having been strong proponents of ethical business since their conception, Jeunesse Global is one of the most prominent philanthropic health organizations in the world. They work hard to ensure that their community and the communities surrounding them are kept healthy and well-treated. Without them, after all, they are aware that there would be no Jeunesse to begin with. As such, they treat their customers with the highest amount of respect possible, careful to address them and their time with decency. After all, no one is thrilled about having to waste their time, especially when it comes to dealing with businesses.

Being in the health business specifically, Jeunesse Global runs into many competitors that practice unethical business, manipulating their customers just for the purpose of increasing their profit margin. Whenever they see this practice, they have the initial reaction of recoiling in disgust just like any of us would have. However, they take their actions a step further and make sure that the businesses who treat their clients poorly are exposed to the public as fraudulent. Being passionate workers themselves, the board of directors that makes up Jeunesse Global does not tolerate any sort of dishonesty, whether it happens within their own walls or within the walls of their niche.

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Who Is Carsten Thiel?

Many are familiar with the name of Carsten Thiel, but few know exactly how deep the meaning of him and his influence truly is. Too many people fall short in analyzing an individual’s worth, and they end up summing them up to their bare minimum rather than viewing them as human beings. This is a practice that ultimately ends up devaluing the way we view one another, yet we often have no issue with perpetuating the culture.

While Carsten Thiel is an undeniably renowned name, it does not always one hundred percent of the credit truly deserves. His movements and developments made in the medicinal field of health were simply tremendous. They ended up pushing forward the entire structure of technology as we know it, forcing people to revamp their views on the world and adjust to live life in a more sophisticated fashion.

This is the type of individual Thiel is. He makes you want to become a better version of yourself. You hear his success story and your own story suddenly feels weaker by comparison because of the sheer amount of effort that Thiel put into building up his own life and business. It is due to this effort that we continue to view his works and monumental in this day and age. Too be frank; they are still completely relevant. Although her businesses are not commonplace in the mainstream, those who truly understand the development of medication and medicine will be able to testify that Carsten Thiel’s products and businesses have simply pushed the boundaries forward for the medicinal industry.

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