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The Bottom-Up Investing Approach

By capitalizing in an S&P 500 passive index fund, Warren Buffett has wagered $1 million to a charity claiming that he will make better returns to his investment compared to a group of hedge fund managers. The bet is to be decided this year, and it is likely that Mr. Warren will collect. His investment strategy is correct since the expensive and mediocre funds can short-change investors. Through his bottom-up investing approach, Mr. Buffet gets to analyze companies and later come up with a durable, satisfying portfolio to learn more: click here.

However, Mr. Buffet is not entirely correct. It is true that in most industries, consumers need to be aware and keep away from product labels. In most cases, most mutual funds will end up providing poor services thus making poor returns. This gets to happen when the clients have not fully understood the risks they will be exposed to or even what they ought to expect. The availability of these unknown risks is something which can also be noted when using the passive index investments.

For most people who might be considering retirement, this will not be the safest option. The markets get to change from time to time thus leaving passive index investment vulnerable, thus not making it a favorable cushion for down markets. Over the years, trillions have been invested in the passive index; however, only a few of these investors know of the risks which they are exposed to. It would be much better that when planning on investing, you consider something which will make you money even during the bad times.

Tim Armour’s Perspective on the September Market Selloff

In the recent years, the global stocks tumbled, this is due to the investor concerns about the slow economic growth in China. The sharp decrease in the Chinese stocks and the currency devaluation has brought about fears that China might be deteriorating.

Mr. Tim, therefore, has his perspective on the selloff which was triggered by China woes. He claims that, since China accounts for more than 15% of the world’s GDP, this was a great impact on the global economy. Therefore, most of these negatives end up lowering commodity prices and well as oil.

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