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Gaming Fanatic: Scott Gelb

Scott Gelb completed his bachelor’s in Computer Sciences from the University of Kansas and then went to Washington University to complete his master’s degree in the same field. Scott Gelb had been a gaming expert since day one and he had developed an interest in developing games which he followed throughout his life. Read more about Scott Gelb at

He became the part of Riot Games and played a significant role in making the customers with his brilliant and innovative skills. He was also accused of not maintain gender equality and giving promotion to “bro culture” in his firm. Despite the allegations, he still kept up his work of making the customers satisfied with his work. Read more at Digital Mode.

In an interview, Scott Gelb was asked about how he brings ideas to life. He made that he builds a blueprint of the idea and then notes down the idea or save it somewhere. Then he looks for the important factors in the idea and sees how he can make them productive. Scott Gelb also told the viewers that if they want to be entrepreneurs they need to work on taking care of themselves. He said that a person can only be an entrepreneur if he or she has a healthy mind because ideas only come if your mind is working properly.


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