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Mikhail Blagosklonny Research Addresses Medical Issues

As a main source of dreariness and mortality on the planet, growth has been a danger to the restorative club. The new instances of death caused by tumor have ascended to roughly 70% over the previous decades. Keeping in mind the end goal to manage the instances of death caused by malignancy, researchers, analysts and additionally givers from various strolls of life have united their thoughts with the point of producing treatments that have a corrective nature. The fundamental target of meeting up is concocting arrangements. One such researcher who has been instrumental in the fight against malignancy and age-related ailments is Mikhail Blagosklonny.


As a specialist in growth science and treatment treatments, Mikhail has been creating diverse treatments with the point of contacting the influenced patients. Combined with a solid scholastic foundation, Mikhail has investigated distinctive treatment alternatives because of his broad involvement in inquire about. Through his encounters, he has possessed the capacity to create fruitful treatments. Blagosklonny has demonstrated to the medicinal field that present day treatment strategies can be executed to cure maladies. The greater part of his treatments have delivered progressive treatment alternatives.


Blagosklonny is an examination researcher and eminent oncologist who has become famous in the therapeutic field. He is conspicuous for having created and co-composed many book parts. He has additionally wrote more than 170 articles concerning growth and in addition age-related sicknesses. The themes of talk incorporate the era of malignancy cells and their dynamic change in the host. This theme covers their cycle and in addition apoptosis and autophagy. Blagosklonny’s works concentrate on the hypothesis of maturing called focus of rapamycin.


Additionally truncated as TOR Signaling, Blagosklonny states that this hypothesis assumes an instrumental part in the treatment of disease. It draws out life by deferring autophagy and also advancing cell union of proteins. This procedure is essential since it backs off the maturing procedure of human cells. This thusly controls age-related sicknesses. In a similar situation, Blagosklonny demonstrated that the over-articulation of focus of rapamycin would repress autophagy. This thus prompts the development of harmful tumors. To Blagosklonny, it is key to comprehend the whole procedure of autophagy. This is on the grounds that with a reasonable comprehension, it is anything but difficult to control treatment.

Instruction and Career

Beside being an exploration researcher, Mikhail Blagosklonny is a researcher. His experience reaches out past essential research. He directly fills in as an educator at the Institute of Roswell Park, a growth inquire about foundation. He has been serving in that foundation since 2009. In 2002, Blagosklonny was designated as a lead expert in trial and in addition inside prescription. This saw his arrangement as a partner teacher at the New York College of Medical Studies. As a former student of the University of First Pavlov, he has a great deal of accomplishment to appear for his experience. By and by, he is the central supervisor of Oncotarget. This is an associate looked into diary that delivers logical issues identified with different therapeutic diaries. Through Oncotarget, Blagosklonny has tended to different therapeutic issues concerning growth and its treatment.

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Top Insight on USHEALTH Organization

The USHEALTH is an organization offering health and insurance services to its clients. The company has two subsidiaries; National Foundation and Freedom Life, the two insurance firms that handle its insurance operations. With more than five decades of experience, the organization provides insurance covers for dental cases, accidents, certain ailments, disability and even life. These covers may range from daily charges to unpredictable medical conditions that are quite dire. With their varied options that are aimed at addressing the issues of different clients, they are well known for affordability and credibility.


The organization last year got accredited by the Better Business Bureau. This means that their operation and business culture met the standards for that accreditation. The inspector said that the staff of USHEALTH is dedicated to their jobs and display honest efforts especially when they are attending to clients. Better Business Bureau only outlines the quality of a business’ product and their performance and the USHEALTH group passed. The staff seems to be motivated by their intent to help other people and also by the great salaries they earn. For instance, on average- annually, account managers earn $52,078 while the insurance agents receive $72,038 annually. The insurance sales agents also have their good share of salary, earning $43,667 annually. Their dedication and motivation, especially in the customer care department, won them Gold In the 11TH annual Stevie award for sales and customer service.


They have a site where their regular customers can log in to manage their account and look at their private information. They could log in to check their health statuses and the status of their insurance covers and the benefits of each. They could also check out the pharmacy services, treatment options among others. The organization also uses crunch base to offer tips and advises to other people on their health and ways to improve it which is part of its mission of helping people daily.


About USHealth Advisors


It is health and insurance organization that has been operational for over five decades. The organization has two affiliates that perform its insurance operations, the Freedom Life and National Foundation. The organization is located in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas in the U.S. Its physical address is suite200,300 Burnett Street. They can also be reached through their email address which is

The company’s mission is to assist people on an everyday basis. This created dedication in the company employees. The company this year won gold in the CEO world awards. Last year, they won Gold in the Stevie 11th annual awards.

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A Scion of Quality Health Insurance Affordability and Accessibility

The success of USHEALTH Group, Inc. as one of the leading providers of health and life insurance policies in the United States is built on three fundamental pillars: effective leadership, customized services and niche marketing. The company’s multi-tiered management is marked by highly experienced and visionary leaders led by Troy A. McQuagge. The multiple award winning executive has guided the company as its president and chief executive officer. Executive responsibilities and duties are then diversified to several dockets down to the subsidiaries level where the company has appointed executive leaders to oversee their operations.

These leaders have combined their experience and knowledge to help USHEALTH Group develop unique strategies. These strategies have been crucial in the company’s ability exploit numerous niche markets within the insurance industry with unrivalled success. In addition to the general insurance landscape, USHEALTH Group is a specialist in insurance services provision within the small business sector. Moreover, they offer comprehensive health and life insurance coverage for self-employed individuals who have been maligned by most of the mainstream health and life insurance plans offered by many key industry players. Their comprehensive plan for this industry cushions their clients against financial uncertainties, which are common within the niche market. Additional, their clients enjoy all the benefits of insurance cover including coverage for disabilities and preexisting conditions. This niche marketing is an example of the company’s commitment towards delivering high quality insurance services that are customized according to the needs of the clients.

Award-Winning Service Delivery

The health and life insurance industry in the United States is very competitive. It is marked by numerous large corporations with remarkable talents and huge financial muscle to stake a claim of the market shares. To carve out a name for itself from the crowded field, USHEALTH Group has adopted strategic management policies centered on its motto of giving hope of a better life for its clients. The company ensures that their customized services are not only affordable; they are also accessible and dependable. Quality, affordability, accessibility and dependability are achieved through the establishment of numerous subsidiaries and affiliates spread across the country. USHEALTH Group also has several licensed insurance agents who are found in several counties and cities across the country.

As a believer in diversity, USHEALTH Group has also customized its customer care services. Each individual client as treated a unique entity with needs specific to them. Across its numerous subsidiaries, the Group has developed customer care initiatives that have been feted for their positive impact on customer satisfaction and experience. The excellent work of its customer care desk saw the Better Business Bureau award it a BBB accreditation of A + in addition to several high profile industry awards. Indeed, USHEALTH Group has joined an elite group of companies that have adopted a customer-centered management approach.


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USHEALTH Group, Inc. Has Won the Hearts of Many for Their Exemplary Work in Providing Quality Healthcare Insurance Solutions

USHEALTH Group Inc. is a chief insurance solutions provider strategically centered in Fort Worth Texas. The firm is well known for its continued efforts in insurance covers innovation that are made with their client’s needs in mind. For over 50 years, USHEALTH has been ardent in providing healthcare solutions that are affordable, secure, reliable, and flexible to people of all lifestyles. Having served over 15 million customers successfully, USHEALTH has continued to be a reputable firm in their area of expertise. The company’s dedication to personalize each product has made it a global leader in areas of innovation, business growth, and customer care. The firm has several subsidiary companies under its wings namely Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and the eminent National Foundation Life Insurance. These branches act as their underwriters. Their wide ranges of products are marketed through their marketing arm, USHEALTH Advisors.


USHEALTH Group, Inc. incorporates the know-how of their highly qualified personnel and the ability of their agents to distribute high-end insurance products that compete at the top of the market. The agents take their time to guide clients through their portfolio, ensuring that customers settle for the best plan. Their products include interest-earning health savings plan, additional cancer products, fixed indemnity medical insurance, Specified Disease/Sickness and Accident coverage, Critical Illness, Accident, Short Term Accident Disability Income, Dental and Vision Plans. In their continued growth, USHEALTH recently created a plan that allows existing customers to supplement their existing plans without forfeiting their existing benefits. Click here to know more.


USHEALTH Group led by its President Troy McQuagge has been actively investing time, labor, and money in positively influencing the communities. The staff, agents, and management hold a mission dubbed Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE). Since its inception in 2010, the mission has been involved in many initiatives, including helping victims of Hurricane Katrina. In collaboration with Phoenix of New Orleans, they rebuilt houses for the victims in the areas that experience most damage.


USHEALTH Group excellent customer care was recognized as the 2013 Top 50 North American Call Center. The firm was also given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). USHealth on Linkedin.

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USHEALTH Group Inc. is a One Stop location for Health Care Insurance Plans

USHEALTH Group Inc. is an insurance coverage plans provider based in Fort Worth Texas, keen on easing the financial burden of their clients in times of sickness or injury. With over half a decade in this field, USHEALTH is a trusted organization by the many clients they serve. Together with its affiliates, the firm offers a wide variety of plans that are affordable, reliable, secure, and flexible, as well as made specifically to fit their customer’s individual needs.


USHEALTH Group Inc. is driven by professionalism and is dedicated to innovating more appealing products that compete at the top of the market to their clients. Through its reputable divisions, the firm offers products that include Accident Insurance, Critical Illness, Life, Short-Term Accident Disability Income Insurance, and Vision, Dental Coverage, and Specified Disease or Sickness cover. Since its initiation, USHEALTH Group Inc. has helped more than 15 million clients, which make it the most sought after healthcare insurance provider. The clientele base includes small business entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, employees, families, and investors.


USHEALTH Group Inc. under the USHEALTH Advisors, the firm’s fully-owned insurance distributor, launched an initiative that aims at giving back to the society named Helping Other People Every day (HOPE). One of the major projects they did was rebuilding houses for New Orleans Residents after the severe Hurricane Katrina attack in collaboration with the Phoenix of New Orleans (PNOLA) organization. The company also makes cash donations in supporting organizations, like HopeKids Arizona, which deals with children who have cancer and other illnesses. Click here to know more.


Under the watchful eye of its President and M.D., Troy McQuagge, USHEALTH Group Inc. has grown to an award-winning level. The firm was named the 2013 Top 50 North American Call Center, an honor that stamped the companies excellent customer care service. USHEALTH Group Inc. is celebrated for settling claims in the shortest time possible.

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How USHEALTH Group is Making a Difference in the Field of Healthcare

USHEALTH Group, Inc., is a Fort Worth, Texas-based insurance company that sells health insurance plans, specialty policies, and life insurance policies. These plans are designed for self-employed people as well as business owners who need coverage for themselves, their dependents, and their employees. The policies they sell through their subsidiary, USHEALTH Advisors, are provided and underwritten by other USHEALTH Group subsidiaries.

USHEALTH Group a 10-year term life insurance policy. Depending on the customer and their needs, this can be written through one of the two life insurance companies that are subsidiaries of USHEALTH Group; Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Foundation Life Insurance Company. Their policies are designed to be flexible and affordable options for their clients that provide peace of mind in case they die in order to take care of their dependents needs.

The Essential Health Benefits plan that USHEALTH Group provides is compliant with the requirements of the Affordable Care Act put into place by former President Obama. They offer bronze level plans in 30 states across the country as well as silver level plans in two states, Nevada and Colorado. The plans are sold outside of the government-run health care exchanges and so they are not eligible for subsidies, as such they are designed for higher income people who wouldn’t qualify for subsidies.

There are a number of specialty health insurance policies offered through USHEALTH Group. These include PremierVision for vision insurance, Secure dental for dental coverage, Accident Protector for specified accident insurance, and Income Protector which provides people with money should they become disabled.

USHEALTH Group has, as its mission statement, Helping Other People Everday, or HOPE. This mission statement underlines the company’s commitment to providing their clients with outstanding customer service and affordable policies that can be customized to fit their individual needs. This mission is also carried throughout the company’s network of captive insurance agents across the United States. The company is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of not only their clients but also their employees and partnered businesses.


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