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Gumps Will Once Again Be A Family Tradition

Anyone who has been in San Francisco, CA, during the holidays certainly has heard of Gumps Department Store. Gumps is famous for being a luxurious store offering things like fine jewelry, furnishings, housewares, and more. During the holidays the store would be decorated lavishly with the gold Budda being in the center of all the action. Gumps has been recently acquired by the Chachas family. Though the exact location of the new store has not been revealed, a new store in the San Francisco area will be opening in the fall.

Gumps has a special relationship with their clientele that spans over 150 years. Gumps newly named Executive Vice President Anne Chachas says that building relationships with past customers is high on the priority list, and hopefully, new friendships will be formed as a new generation experiences Grumps in either San Francisco or New York City. Not only will a new physical store will open this fall, but according to Chachas, customers will be able to shop Gumps online too.

The new Gumps website, which retains the company’s former logo, also promises a re-opening in the fall of 2019. The web site also offers email signup and links to Instagram and Twitter pages. The location for the new Gumps brick-and-mortar store has not yet been released.

The Chachas family did not stumble on this investment opportunity by accident. John and Diana Chachas have their own memories of visiting Gumps. They began investing in Gumps in 2007 with a handful of other investors. However, their three children are now the majority of shareholders and are in charge of relaunching Gumps.

According to Anne Chachas, the family will be redeveloping the store but will honor Gumps history and reputation. She is very excited that the store will be open for this year’s holiday season. The great-great daughter of Solomon Gump, Gumps founder, released a statement saying that the Gump family is pleased that the Chachas family will be taking care of Gumps. Find More Information Here.


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Gumps Re-Launch Autumn 2019


Gumps of San Francisco has been recently acquired and is scheduled to open under new leadership this fall. This unique, iconic home retail and gift business has a new owner John Chachas, a New York investor who began working with the company in 2007. Gumps once family owned by founder Solomon Gump is staying with its family tradition.

Gumps will be opening a temporary location in San Francisco for the holidays this fall as well as an online e-commerce business. Anne Chachas, Executive Vice President says, “We believe this iconic brand has a unique ability to curate an exceptional product that can once again delight clients for years to come.”

The company has served millions of clients since it was founded in 1861. As a home textile, home decor retailer, the company sells furniture, jewelry, accessories and features some designer goods such as Buccellati and Hermès.

Gumps has also kept collections of pearls, gemstones, crystal and china. For over a century, Bay Area families and tourists have stopped to admire some of the exquisite treasures that the store has to offer.

Antoinette Gump a great granddaughter of the business’ founder has helped with the re-launch and transition. The family of John and Diane Chachas will be in charge during this period. Johns three children Anne, Christopher and Jack will be available for Gumps during the 2019 holiday season. See This Page for additional information.

Shoppers may miss the stores famous Buddha. It used to display a bronze painted statue at the Post street location. Now that Gumps has moved to become e-commerce older customers will miss the old Buddha Statue seen in Gumps photographs.


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