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How Isabel dos Santos has Redefined Economic Sustainability in Angola

Isabel dos Santos is a popular figure in international economic forums. She is one of the professionals that have reshaped the global conversations on sustainability and more importantly — on poverty eradication measures. Isabel dos Santos is a believer in policies and more significantly better implementation of economic policies. Her journey signifies hard work, determination, and love for humanity.

Isabel dos Santos is a product of the best education systems in the world. Studying in Angola and then in Europe reshaped her view on life and more notably — the importance of good leadership. During her education journey, she interacted with children from around the world. She attributes these interactions to her global view on different factors (BBC).

Although she is from Angola, her global view is still unmatched —, especially on women empowerment. The exposure and socialization during her education life assisted Isabel dos Santos to set up some empowerment programs for women and young people in his native country.

Isabel dos Santos also has one of the best views on work. As a leader in the corporate world, she is a believer in productivity. However, productivity according to her is multifaceted. First, she points out that ideal policies are critical to any productive company. A company must design policies that encourage people to work hard and more importantly motivate them. Second, Isabel dos Santos understands the importance of remuneration in the corporate space. Her speeches in different forums have pointed out the importance of good pay in the competitive corporate space. She believes that well-remunerated employees are more productive — compared to employees under the minimum wage.

Finally, she is part of different charity events in Africa and around the world. According to Isabel, taking part in philanthropy is one of her best contributions to humanity and more importantly to a better world. In Angola for example, she is one of the highest contributors to medical charity events. In the last three years, she has invested a lot of her resources on funding Malaria eradication projects. These programs assist Isabel to reach more people. In a recent feature on BBC, she was identified as one of the few women in Africa, redefining charity in the medical niche.

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Anti-Semitism on the Rise, Asserts Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is an author who sometimes contributes to the Jewish syndication In one of his blogs he has asserted that anti-Semitism is growing and becoming more commonplace in America in both the college system and just in general. Historically, he states, Muslims have always blamed Jews for being “overly powerful Zionists” who are the “cause of all the problems in the Middle East”. Piggybacking on this idea, someone at even the highest ranks of the “Women’s March” in America, Linda Sarsour, has made many many extremist positions and statements. This used to only exist on the extreme right of the political field but now it has extended even to the extreme left with Linda Sarsour. Adam Milstein asserts that she should not be at the forefront of the Women’s March because she has led a “Jihad against Trump” speech in which she has praised the extremist Siraj Wajjah, one of the co-conspirators of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City. On top of that, Sarsour even praises the Saudi Arabian treatment of women.

As if this were all not enough in the world, Adam Milstein asserts that some campuses across America have even taken on anti-semitic positions themselves. At Tufts University there is typically what is called a “disorientation guide” for new incoming students, that calls for a condemnation of Israel as a state of white supremacy”. At NYU also, Israel is condemned 55 times in compared with the number of times with which Jihad extremism or even condemnation of Trump exists. The anti-Semitism also occurs in Chicago at the Dyke March for LGBT members and the “SlutWalk” which condemns sexual harassment. Anyone who was caught wearing a Star of David or displaying a Star of David on an LGBT flag were thrown out of the rallies, says Adam Milstein.

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George Soros, Donald Trump & The Ferguson Protests

It seems like there is a seminal moment for every generation when it comes to the fight for equality and justice. For many younger adults that moment came in 2014 in the city of Ferguson, MO. Michael Brown was an unarmed man who was shot to death by a police officer named Darren Wilson. The case immediately grabbed nationwide attention as the case further highlighted the issue of police brutality toward minorities. Protesters hit the streets to march, speak their mind, and push for justice and an inquiry. The protests captivated the nation and they couldn’t have happened without a man named George Soros. Learn more about George at Biography.

George Soros is an activist, philanthropist, and billionaire progressive activist. His work has come under an increasingly stronger microscope because he is one of the few billionaires out there actively fighting for justice and equality at all levels. Soros isn’t a household name among most people but then again, he doesn’t have to be — his work stands for itself. Where does George Soros come into play in terms of the Ferguson protests? Well, it all goes back to his philanthropic arm — the Open Society Foundations.

The Open Society Foundations has worked closely with grassroots activists all around the world for the better part of the past 30 years. During that time span the OSF has donated nearly $12 billion to these activists in order to help promote social justice, equality, transparent government and more. In the year leading up to the 2014 Ferguson Protests the Open Society Foundation had donated nearly $33 million to established groups within the area. This money went straight into organizing and networking the protests that would capture the nation’s attention. Visit to know more about George.

The American political machine has grown increasingly clunky as of late with a more rigorous stress test than it is probably used to. The election campaign of Donald Trump put several things into motion that will surprise most people. Perhaps the most impacting of those things is the return of George Soros to the political realm. George Soros had largely been staying out of the public spotlight but the rise of Trump, the degeneration of national discourse, and the reality of a Trump-dominated Presidency spurred him into action.

George Soros has done it all throughout his career in politics. He has worked closely with presidential candidates and he has done his best to make sure that progressive policies are pushed going forward. When Soros saw how popular Trump was becoming, he knew that he had to act. Soros jumped full tilt into the 2016 Presidential Election by donating nearly $25 million to progressive and Democratic candidates. His effort helped to ignite a late push for progressives around the country.

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Thor Halvorssen Discusses The Pitfalls Of Democratic Socialism

Democratic Presidential Candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders’s political agenda is the subject of much speculation. Running on the Democratic Socialist platform that promises free college education, free healthcare and overhauling the election system, Sanders is making promises that his detractors say he may not be able to keep.


On a recent episode of Fox Business News’ Intelligence Report with Trisha Reagan, Human Rights Foundation front man Thor Halvorssen explained the pitfalls of socialism and why it would never work in the United States. As Halvorossen explains it, certain countries such as Sweden and Denmark have governments that can function under socialism because human rights violations do not exist. However, under authoritarian governments, socialism will quickly collapse because the government will be looted and citizens will not receive help.


Halvorssen went on to say that many people don’t know the difference between a socialist country and a socialist government. Halvorssen says his main objection to socialism is what happened in Venezuela. The price-setting by the government caused massive shortages, which led to a humanitarian crisis.


Halvorssen went on to say that despite Sander’s position, he gave money to his campaign. When asked why by Trish Reagan, Halvorssen responded that Hillary’s campaign is supported by a number of countries that have many human rights violations. It is his opinion that the better option would be Sanders. He also stated that Republican front-runner Donald Trump has many of the same issues.
Halvorssen goes on to reveal his own personal history with Venezuela, which shaped his viewpoint. He stresses that Democratic socialism is not a bad idea as long as the installed government is working in the best interest of the people and not using it as a ruse to take advantage of the system. He also says that ending poverty can only be done by creating wealth not re-distributing it. Follow Thor on Twitter @thorhalvorssen to keep up with his news and events.

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