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Securus Has Been Awarded For Customer Service

There are quite a few people like us using Securus every day, and they are given incredible customer service as we are. We are excited to learn that the company will help us any time we have an issue, and we have called in many times to the prisons where our family members are held. This article explains how the Stevie Awards have given Securus a prize for their work.


#1: How Do They Help Us?


I started my account with someone on the phone, and Securus has helped me make many calls because I had to search for the person I was looking for. There are many people who will quite enjoy talking on a video call, and I enjoy the calls because of how simple they are. We see our loved ones, and they speak to us on the phone that is provided to them.


#2: Securus Posts The Cameras In Each Jail


The cameras from Securus are posted by their staff, and they have built the network to be as strong as possible. We speak to family on the network every week, and we all have the app on our phones. It is much easier to use Securus knowing they have provided for us in this way, and I feel comfortable using their service because of the customer service staff.


I know there are quite a few people who feel uncomfortable as they begin to do make calls to prisons, and they are not sure how they will make the calls work. They may trust in the staff at Securus because they are giving us something no one else can. We get to see the people we love on a camera that we installed by the firm, and they are improving their service every year for our benefit alone.


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Safe and Secure: Making Inmate Communication Something to Enjoy

In a world where crime is constantly rising, we often times forget about the loved ones of the incarcerated. Regardless of the crime, those inmates are someone’s husband, wife, or child, and being able to stay in contact with them is not always easy nor is it cheap. “Securus Technologies is the leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring.” (“Securus Adds Sales Executive”, 2016). Serving more than 3,450 agencies and over 1,200,000 inmates, Securus Technologies has found a way to make the experience better for everyone. 

Based in Dallas Texas, Securus Technologies has multiple platforms including: Securus Online; Securus Video Visitation; ConnectUs; Secure Call Platform; Investigator Pro; and SecureView ( all of which have recently been updated to resolve defects and provide additional patches. This is the first upgrade of 2016, and is expected to be a huge improvement. 

According to the New York Times, an average cost for inmate phone calls in a state or local prison is about twenty cents per minute before the fees. After fees are included, your call could reach upwards of $1.22 per minute, and with a typical call lasting about 15 minutes, that’s $18.30 for one 15 minute phone call. Using the Securus call platform however they keep the cost affordable at $3.99 for a 15 minute phone call.

Along with the calling platform you can also take advantage of the Video Visitation platform. You simply need to download Securus’ app, or visit the website from your computer, and you are able to have a video visit with your loved one from your home. This is also a much more affordable option when you have quite a distance between you and the facility your loved one resides at. A 10 minute visitation costs $5.00 and a 20 minute video visitation costs $10.00. It is important to remember that not all services are offered at all facilities. So be sure to check with your facility ahead of time. 

From my experience, Securus Technologies has been not only a more convenient option, but has alleviated some of the stress of an already stressful situation. I have been in the unfortunate circumstance of having to use these services in the past, and before I knew they were available, I spent almost $300 in just the first few weeks. Using Securus Technologies, I cut that bill what seemed like almost in half (still a lot of money, I know!). I was able to manage life without my loved one, and without completely losing communication. Letters are great, but because of Securus we were able to be there for each other on a much more personal level, at not break the bank in the process. 

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